December, 2017 
eNews for Hillians
Warm wishes for this holiday season from a winter wonderland!
Upcoming Events...
Saturday, January 27
Betty Snell Birthday,
Langstone Home - Kingham
Mrs. Snell, former French teacher from the 1960's will be celebrating her birthday.  Please join us on the day.
Friday, 16 March, 6 pm
KHS Play - Oliver
The drama department presents Oliver.
Join us for a VIP drinks reception at 5:30,  show at 7 pm.
Saturday, 17 March, 11 am
Founders Day Lunch and Hillian AGM
An annual event to celebrate the history and heart of the school with Hillians of all generations. 
Saturday, 2 June, 11 am
Chill on the Hill! (change of date)
Join us for a summer party on the green.  The weather will be nice, so drive your favourite classic car or motorcycle.  The day will include a BBQ, family activities and sports matches.  It's a new event for us, so please give it a try. 
Friday, 29 June
A 50th (ish) Reunion!
Hillian Mike Tadman is keen to gather friends from his time at school who are celebrating around the 50 year anniversary mark. Please help to spread the word and get in touch.
Saturday, 30 June
Speech Day
The end of year celebration for puils, staff, parents and alumni.
For further information and to book for any of the above, please contact Nanci Austin at or  01608 731 880.
Keep in Touch
Both the school and the Hillians have an active social media presence.  For the latest Hillian news, please like our page on Facebook at Hillians Facebook News
Please also join our closed group for general banter and networking between alumni Hillian Private Facebook Group
Not interested in Facebook?  please give it a try.  There are hundreds of Hillians of all ages out there in contact.
Find current school updates on Twitter @kinghamhillsch and and like us at Kingham Hill School page to keep up to date with all the current school news.
Leavers?  You must be joking.  
Despite this article from February 1998, Both Mr. Fox and Mrs. Fowler are still 
with us and are part of our long serving
staff at KHS.   Both will be with us at the Hillian events in March and June.
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Dear Hillian,
Our pupils have celebrated their last day of term with a carol concert in the chapel and are now headed home.  Snow is still on the ground and the tone is set for a lovely Christmas break.  We wish you a happy holiday and hope to see you sometime later this year at one of our events, or even just a visit.  Please be in touch.  

From 1947
The recent news reports of record snowfall in Kingham had Hillian Eddie White (1942-1950) reminding us of his time on the Hill in 1948 when it snowed constantly for a few weeks.  Fortunately there was a pony club back then and Eddie was sent by pony to Kingham village to collect bread for the school.  Here are the lads from that club in better weather and looking dapper.
Pony Club 1948
The Lost KHS Tapes
Audio files from 1955 and 1970
Article Image
A taped recording of the chapel Christmas Carol service from 1955 was found by then pupil Lloyd Silverthorne (1957-1965) in a trash bin at school.  Years later Lloyd salvaged the tape and compiled a CD with this concert and another from a BBC Oxford recording at the school in 1970. 
There are a mix of hymns, carols and spoken tracks featuring Warden EC Cooper and Rev H Wilkinson.  A link to these audio files can be enjoyed here:
'The Crown' is nothing new...
Pupils in ITV show from 1979
Article Image
Hearing the news of our current pupils being part of the Netflix series The Crown,  Hillian Kevin Sheppard (1978 - 1983) got in touch to share the story of a group of pupils from 1979 who were recruited to film as extras in an episode of the ITV series Danger UXB.  Wadham Sutton chose a group from the school choir to be in the funeral service scene.  You can catch a glimpse of them from the link below (fast forward to minute 47 - it's quick!)  The boys were each paid £24 for their work, kindly donated half of it to the school...and enjoyed a day off from their studies. 
p.s.  to see our curent pupils in The Crown, check out Season 2, Episode 9 and look for boys in shorts and long socks.
Digital Archives
We have content!
We owe a massive thank you to Hillian Tony Middleton (1963-1968) who has helped us to create a digital archive by scanning thousands of images and documents.   If you are on Facebook, you may have started to see black and white photos from 1940 - 1980 that slowly being shared. Tony has done a great job with creating digital versions of school magazines, house photo's, sports teams, clubs and events from that period of time. 
We have a real gap however when it comes to more recent years.   We need photo's from 1980 - 2010.  Can you help?  We would grateful if you could share your photos with us.  Our aim is to have an Alumni portal available in the next few months.


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