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Tishrei 5776 | September 2015  

Welcome to the September edition of our Foxman Torah Institute monthly e-newsletter.
With gratitude to Hashem, the new 2015-2016 school year has gotten off to an electrifying start. The sweet sounds of davening and learning permeate our Bais Medrash from early morning until late at night. With new record enrollments again this year, our classrooms are brimming with cheerful talmidim who are learning intensely, being taught by their very talented Rebbeim and teachers. Our General Studies department has officially launched its honors tracks in both Math and Science, further challenging and honing the minds of our students
We welcome you to please peruse the email below to see, hear, and read more about the dramatic growth happening at FTI.

D'var Torah Corner: יג מידות
by Rabbi Chananya Kramer, Associate Menahel
During these awe-inspired days, we arise early to greet the morning with Slichos. The 13 character traits of Hashem are proclaimed repeatedly, deliberately, and in unison.
The apparent weight given to the 13 attributes begs the question: What is the significance and importance of these 13 Middos?
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Annual Dinner 2015: Another Successful School Year Celebrated
At FTI’s 15th Anniversary Dinner on June 17th, we paid tribute to the honorees and celebrated another successful year of learning Torah.
CLICK HERE to see and read more about our Annual Dinner and enjoy the full photo gallery.
Faculty Focus: Introducing Mr. Matthew DeBarger
FTI is proud to welcome Mr. Matthew DeBarger, who will be teaching our honors Math and Physics classes.
CLICK HERE to learn more about Mr. DeBarger
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Upcoming Events
Sept. 21 - Annual עשרת ימי תשובה visit with Reb Shmuel Kamenetsky שליט"א
Sept. 22-23 - Yom Kippur in Yeshiva
Sept. 24-Oct. 7 - Sukkos Vacation
Oct. 4 - Simchas Torah in Yeshiva
Oct. 8 - Classes Resume
Nov. 15 - FTI High School Open House
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Photo Gallery
Article Image
Yeshiva enjoying lecture by guest speaker Rabbi Powers
Article Image
Rabbi Kramer talking to bochurim after delivering his daily D'var Halacha
Article Image
FTI staff and faculty discuss new school year goals on August 27th
Article Image
Shacharis at FTI
Article Image
High School night seder with Bais Medrash bochurim at FTI - Feel like you're there: click to watch 10 second clip!
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FTI Welcomes New Staff and Students
2 new Rebbeim, 3 new teachers, and 29 new students join FTI
On Monday, August 31st we kicked off the new school year here at our high school division, Mesivta Bais Dovid. Our freshman shiur this year is the largest in the history of the Yeshiva with 17 students ba"h.   
Article ImageWe proudly welcomed our new Associate Principal/Menahel and 9th grade Rebbe, Rabbi Chananya Kramer. We also welcomed a new 10th grade Rebbe, Rabbi Shmuel Wise from Lakewood.
On the General Studies side, we welcomed Mr. Matt DeBarger, teaching honors Math and Physics (read more on sidebar). Rounding out the new faculty roster is Mr. Michael Nealis, teaching honors Biology and Chemistry, and Mr. Matt Carr, teaching 9th and 10th grade English classes.
It is with great excitement and gratitude that we start this new year, seeing so many new faces that reflect the continued growth and achievements of our Yeshiva.

Bais Medrash Program Begins with 20 Bochurim
Bochurim excited for another year of learning
On Sunday, August 23rd the FTI Stein Bais Medrash Program started its second year. We happily welcomed back our bochurim and introduced new members of the program. We were also joined by four "Branch Guys" as Bais Medrash Fellows for the month of Elul. 
Article ImageThe bochurim started seder the next day with Rabbi Max giving the second and third year shiur, and Rabbi Harris teaching the first year Bais Medrash shiur. Also joining the program is Rabbi Shmuel Wise, our afternoon seder Shoel u'Mayshiv, and Rabbi Aaron Juni giving a bekious chabura. Rabbi Harris continues as the Mashgiach of the program and giving the night seder Shoel u'Mayshiv. 

Esteemed Former FTI Rebbe Returns to Inspire Students 
Rabbi Powers prepares Yeshiva for Rosh Hashana davening
FTI talmidim and bochurim enjoyed the opportunity to learn from the now retired Rabbi Avrohom Powers, who honored our Yeshiva with a talk at our Wednesday night Mishmar on September 9th.
Article Image
The entire Yeshiva gathered as Rabbi Powers provided valuable insights into the Rosh Hashana Musaf Shmoneh Esreh. The lessons helped the students feel more prepared for the introspective days ahead and invigorated them to enter the ימים נוראים‎ with proper kavanah in their prayers. 

FTI Launches Honors Program
Select students join higher level Math and Science courses
An important part of our continued growth is to provide all of our students with the highest quality Judaic and General studies programs, that properly match their skill levels and learning styles.
Therefore, we are proud to open our new honors level Math and Science classes to Mesivta students this year. We are honored to welcome Mr. Matt DeBarger, teaching honors Math and Physics, and Mr. Michael Nealis, teaching honors Biology and Chemistry. The classes are being offered to all students at all grade levels. 

School Stats
  • 9th grade HALACHA class focused on how one can fulfill שויתי ה לנגדי תמיד through the שש מצות תמידיות, the Six Constant Mitzvos that one can always fulfill, as listed by the Sefer HaChinuch.
  • HONORS BIOLOGY students planned and conducted theoretical experiments by collecting and evaluating evidence. BIOLOGY students continued studying botany using their laboratory results of bean germination.
  • ECONOMICS students learned to appreciate the correlation of efficiency, increasing opportunity cost, and economic growth.
  • 11th grade GEMARA got down the very complex Tosfos Lefichach and made a leining on the first blatt of Bava Basra, Gemara, Rashi, Tosfos, Maharsha, and Maharam.
  • HONORS PHYSICS students studied Motion by constructing position-time graphs and determining average velocity of objects.
  • HONORS PRE-CALCULUS students studied Linear Equations, Functions, and Function Graphs.
  • HONORS CHEMISTRY students received instruction on how to identify matter. CHEMISTRY students determined the density of water and various coins.
  • U.S. HISTORY students began their study of the English colonies and the impact of the Quakers on Pennsylvania.
  • 10th grade CHUMASH delved into the p'sukim of malchius to get a deeper appreciation of the meaning of Rosh Hashana Musaf.
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