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Iyar 5775 | May 2015  

Welcome to the new Foxman Torah Institute monthly e-newsletter.
So many great things are happening here at FTI in our Mesivta and our new Bais Medrash program. We plan to highlight them for you each month so you can be informed and also share in the nachas from our Yeshiva.
We hope you enjoy, and welcome your thoughts and feedback on what you would like to see in our newsletter as well.

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Upcoming Events
May 24-25 - Shavuos in Yeshiva
June 17 - Annual Dinner 
June 18 - End of School Year
June 21 - Graduation
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School Stats
  • Rabbi Juni's 9th grade GEMARA class nearly finished the first Perek of Bava Metziah in Iyun.
  • ENGLISH students submitted their final essay on Twelve Angry Men.
  • Yoel Abrahamson (10th grade) continues to impress major talmedia chachamim with his insightful kasha on arbah amos konos CLICK HERE to read and try to answer his kasha in a comment.
  • WORLD HISTORY class explored the Birth of Ancient Greece and its geography.
  • Rabbi Harris's HALACHA class is now well-versed in all the exact shiurim for bracha achrona.
  • The PHYSICS class built and tested parallel and series circuits.
  • 12th grade CHUMASH class was so engrossed in tumah's metzorah, they learned right through break!
  • AP U.S. HISTORY class learned about the Revolutionary War.
  • Rabbi Max's 12th grade GEMARA is sweating hard to answer many of Rebbe Akiva Eiger's difficulties in the beginning of Perek Eilu Metzius.
  • Senior ENGLISH students submitted and defended their final thesis on Hamlet.
FTI Daily Minyan Schedule
Sun 8am
M-F 7:45am 
Sun 1:30pm, 2:30pm
M-W 1:50pm, 2:30pm
Thu 2:05pm, 2:30pm
Sun 10pm
Mon 9pm
Tue-Thu 10pm
Erev Shabbos Mincha15 min. before Candle Lighting
Shacharis 8:30am
Mincha 5pm (summer schedule)
Photo Gallery
Purim at FTI
Snow couldn't stop the fun
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Inter-Yeshiva Basketball Game: FTI vs. Chofetz Chaim Staten Island
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Morning Seder in the Bais Medrash
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FTI Football on our Landsburg-Adleman Campus
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Rabbi Harris delivering a shiur to Bais Medrash bochurim
FTI welcomes Rabbi Chananya Kramer
Introducing our New Associate Menahel for 2015-16!
Rabbi Chananya Kramer is the newest addition to our staff and he comes with a wealth of experience in teaching Mesivta bochurim. 
Rabbi Kramer has served as a Rebbe at Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim in Queens since 2008. There, he became a legendary teacher, satisfying each student's individual intellectual appetite, and connecting to them with his magnetic personality and palpable concern for the needs of each talmid. He also holds administrative positions at several other youth-related Mosdos.
Rabbi Kramer sees an incredible opportunity to help bring FTI - already a fast growing yeshiva - to a whole new level, and turn it into a premier Yeshiva which will positively impact the community at large as well. 
Rabbi Kramer is married to Hindy (nee Luban) and they have 4 children ka"h. We look forward to welcoming the Kramers to our Yeshiva and to the Cherry Hill community!

Shabbaton at Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva in Queens
The FTI Yeshiva Family enjoys Shabbos in NY
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The Mesivta and Bais Medrash talmidim enjoyed our annual shabbaton to the Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva in Queens, NY on shabbos Parshas Tazria-Metzora. 
After a Friday afternoon enjoying famous New York kosher pizza in Brooklyn, and B-ball in the gym at the Rabbinical Seminary of America (RSA), they got the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in an intense yeshiva environment of over 500 talmidim. 
We spent a wonderful, ruach-filled shabbos with the bochurim and Rebbeim of Chofetz Chaim. It was an honor to learn from both Roshei Yeshiva: Rav Dovid Harris and Rav Akiva Grunblatt, who shared private audiences with FTI. 
The weekend would not have been complete without the annual treat of Olympic Shwarma before the drive home to Cherry Hill. Until next year...

Senior Trip to Israel
Students traveled throughout the Holy Land
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The members of our Senior class, along with Rabbi Max, recently enjoyed a week-long journey visiting and learning at the holiest sites of Israel, as well as touring yeshivos that the talmidim are considering attending next year.
For some students, this was their first visit to Eretz Yisrael, but even talmidim that had been there many times before commented that they will remember the amazing trip and treasure the memories made for years to come.

Rabbi Yosef Yoffe speaks at Thursday night Va'ad
Inspiration for the new FTI Bais Medrash z'man
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Rabbi Yosef Yoffe addressed the Bais Medrash bochurim at a recent Thursday night Va'ad and discussed his chidushim on the word z'man (time) and making each moment count. An especially important message as we start off a new z'man.
Rabbi Yoffe has been coming to Cherry Hill for 4 decades and being marbitz Torah to the community at large in Congregation Sons of Israel every Thursday night. It was an honor to welcome him here at FTI, and we look forward to honoring him with the Amud Ha'Torah Award at our annual dinner this year on June 17th.

Rebbe Development with Rabbi Levy of TU
Halacha, Chumash & Gemara Education for Today
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On April 20th, Rabbi Joshua Levy, Executive School Consultant for Torah U'Mesorah's Department of School Growth and Development, trained our Rebbeim in the latest best teaching practices.
By integrating these modern teaching techniques into our current Judaic curriculum, FTI Rebbeim are now better equipped than ever to transmit Torah and its lessons to our talmidim.

Yearbook 2014-2015
Send us your photos!
Graduation is in the air as school yearbook preparations have begun. Student yearbook photos were taken recently by our yearbook editor, 12th grader Ben Olitsky, and yearbook staff ask that if you have any photos from your favorite FTI moment from the 2014-2015 school year, to please send them to: 
FTI seeks to engage the intellect and emotion of every student and produce talmidim distinguished by their dedication to ongoing Torah study, commitment to personal character development and responsibility to Klal Yisrael.

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