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Shevat 5776 | January 2016  

Welcome to the January edition of our e-newsletter.
As we reach the halfway point of the school year, we stop to reflect on the great gifts Hashem has given, and continues to give us, here at FTI.
Our High School talmidim are learning, growing, applying themselves to their studies, and reaching new heights daily. Bais Medrash bochurim are delving into sugyas hashas, and living the mussar they study. Parents are working closely with us, monitoring their sons’ growth with our new Gradelink software, allowing them access to real-time student information as it happens. And, of course, we are  thankful to our dear friends and supporters who make it all possible to seamlessly operate the Yeshiva and make such a Kiddush Hashem. Thank you!

D'var Torah Corner
Adapted from a rececnt shmuess Rabbi Shimon Max, FTI Rosh Yeshiva, gave in Yeshiva to the Bais Medrash
In Parshas Bashalach the Torah says that when the Jewish people left Mitzrayim they were scared, being chased by the Egyptians on one side and facing the Yam Suf on the other. In Perek 14, Pasuk 10 the Torah states “Vayitzaku Bnei Yisrael el Hashem” -Bnei Yisrael cried out to Hashem.  The very next pasuk states however they complained: “Hamibli Ain Kevarim B’mitzraim L’kachtanu Lamus Bamidbar”  - Are there no graves in Mitzraim that you needed to take us to the desert to die?
The Ramban explains that the same people who cried out to Hashem for help could not possibly be the same people that complained to Moshe Rabbeinu, and it was in fact different groups among the Jewish people acting very differently. The question is, what caused the Ramban to say this novel pshat in the Pesukim?
Hakaras HaTov:
Student Donates Microscope to FTI
Our deepest gratitude goes out to Benyamin Gelbman, FTI class of 2019. Benyamin and his family generously donated a professional level, high-powered electric microscope to our Science lab.
The new microscope will allow our students to study objects at a higher level of magnification.
We look forward to sharing what advances our science department makes while utilizing this amazing gift. Todah Rabbah Benyamin!
Student Leader Awarded
Congratulations to Yaakov Horwitz, class of 2017, on being selected to receive the Widener University High School Leadership Award.
This award recognizes high school students like Yaakov who embody the university’s commitment to develop and inspire leaders to affect positive change. Way to go Yaakov!
Faculty Focus: 
Mr. Michael Nealis
Michael C. Nealis, Jr., received his Bachelor of Science degree from Saint Joseph’s University with a concentration in Biology.  He worked as a teacher for Black Horse Pike Regional School District since 2008.
Mr. Nealis has experience teaching Biology, Physical Sciences, and Anatomy and Physiology.  He has worked with students of varying academic levels, from the highest achieving to those with individualized needs. Mr. Nealis believes that as a science teacher it is his obligation to make sure students look at the natural world in a way that they have not before.
He currently resides in New Jersey with his wife Jessica, and their  two sons Oliver and Atticus.
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Upcoming Events
Feb. 1 - Classes Resume after Mid-Winter Break
Feb. 5-7 - 8th Grade Shabbaton
Feb. 17-18 - High School Ski Trip
FTI Daily Minyan Schedule
Sun: 8:00 a.m.
Mon-Fri: 7:45 a.m. 
Sun - Thu: 2:15 p.m.
Mon-Thu: 6:00 p.m.
Sun, Tue-Thu: 9:15 p.m.
Mon: 9:00 p.m.
Erev Shabbos Mincha: 15 min. before Candle Lighting
Shacharis: 8:30 a.m.
Photo Gallery
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Winter Storm Jonas Monday "Snow Day" at FTI
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Rosh Chodesh Kumzitz
Article Image
Chanukah was wonderful here at FTI. We celebrated a joyous mesiba with the honored Rabbi Dovid Max, brother of our own Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Shimon Max, read more on our blog.
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Weekly Saturday night community Father & Son learning program continues to please. Learn more. 
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Early morning learning before Shacharis
Article Image
Bochurim enjoying a game of Friday football at the park
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Scene from Bais Medrash
"winter z'man - slopeside"
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Bais Medrash chevra grabbing a bite at Carlos & Gabby's Restaurant in NYC before attending the annual yahrzeit shiur of Reb Dovid Leibowitz ZT"L, founder of the Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva system.
Rabbi Gedalya Glatt Inspires our Yeshiva
Talmidim and Bochurim Receive Emunah & Bitachon Chizuk
Rabbi Glatt is a world class storyteller who has inspired audiences of all ages to strive for better middos through his uplifting stories. FTI was honored to hear from Rabbi Glatt on Tuesday, January 26 at a special presentation before morning seder. Later Rabbi Glatt gave a demonstration and interactive shiur with our Bais Medrash bochurim on how to learn mussar b'hispailous (with feeling and emotion).
Article Image
Rabbi Glatt is Director of Jewish Legacy, a multifaceted Jewish outreach organization. He is also the author and presenter of the Hidden Treasures Middos Program, a method which utilizes interactive stories to help children learn the principles of good character. Rabbi Glatt currently resides in Florida, so we truly enjoy when he comes to visit his sons, our own Rabbi Yehoshua Dov Glatt - FTI Residential Life Program Director, and Avner Glatt, a bochur in our Bais Medrash.
We can't wait to welcome Rabbi Glatt back to the Yeshiva in the future!

Rabbi Ephraim Epstein Mussar Vaad to Bais Medrash
Bochurim Enjoy Inspirational Lessons with Local Rabbi
Our talmidim have the good fortune of having excellent and dedicated Rebbeim to learn from on a daily basis, and occasionally they are zocheh to hear from guest speakers, including local Cherry Hill Rabbanim. Rabbi Epstein talked to the bochurim about how to maximize the precious time they have in Yeshiva, and to make every moment count. 
Article Image
Rabbi Epstein is Rav of Congregation Sons of Israel, He also oversees the local Cherry K Vaad Hakashrus, the Eruv, and the Mikvah, as well as the Chevrah Kadishah. We thank Rabbi Epstein for taking time out of his busy schedule to come and inspire us!

FTI Reaches Out to Students from Across the Region
Rabbi Kramer Visits with Prospective Families in NY and NJ
We are incredibly excited to report that a record number of applications for the incoming 9th grade, the class of 2020, have been coming in like never before!
Article Image
As we review the applications, we are continuing to increase our efforts to connect with more prospective students.
Starting in December and continuing throughout January, our Associate Menahel Rabbi Chananya Kramer traveled throughout the tri-state area meeting local principals, rebbeim, and prospective families to share FTI's unique philosophy and approach to Chinuch. His itinerary included visits to Passaic, Queens, and the 5-Towns.
In addition, our famous annual 8th grade shabbaton is scheduled for Shabbos Parshas Mishpatim, February 5-7th. If you are an 8th grader and would like to come and have an incredibly fun Shabbos, contact Rabbi Kramer at 347.848.5678, or email the yeshiva office, by Wednesday, February 3rd.

Oorah Chill Zone Comes to Cherry Hill
National Program Run Locally by FTI Bais Medrash Bochurim
Now officially underway!  FTI has hosted this exciting learning program, NEW to Cherry Hill, on motzei Shabbosim since the end of December.
Article Image
Some local parents requested that an Oorah Boys Zone branch be opened in Cherry Hill. FTI was contacted to see if any of our boys would volunteer to run it, and our Bais Medrash bochurim agreed.
5th-8th grade boys, of all affiliations, are welcome to join us each Saturday night from 6:45 - 7:45. They enjoy learning, pizza, serious prizes, games... and COMING SOON basketball following the program.
Contact Oorah at 866.843.9663 for more information. See you then!

FTI Bnei Torah Remain Undefeated
Our Team Recently Hosted Mesivta of Greater Philadelphia
Last we reported on the FTI Bnei Torah basketball team, they had just played their first game of the season against Yeshiva Kesser Yisroel of Staten Island back in November. Today they remain undefeated at 7-0!
Article Image
The Bnai Torah recently played their rival from across the river, the Mesivta of Greater Philadelphia. The game was a good one, well fought and close until the end. Who won or lost wasn't important, but the exemplary middos displayed was the real nachas and accomplishment for the Yeshiva. Our boys look forward to playing more games against other yeshivos and local league teams before the season officially closes. If anyone is interested in setting up a game to try to unseat our victors, please contact Rabbi Kramer to work it into their game schedule.

WIN Big & Make a Difference: Support our Scholarship Fund
FTI 25K Raffle Drawing will be held on February 13th!
We invite you to join us in our critical mission of transmitting Torah to the next generation by participating in the Yeshiva’s annual scholarship raffle.
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Once again, this year, we are offering a $25,000 grand prize, plus a minivan lease, a trip for two to Israel, and 22 additional great prizes.
ENTER NOW! - Drawing will be held on February 13th! - Support FTI and win big! Click here to purchase your raffle tickets securely online. 
Thank you for supporting our Yeshiva's Scholarship Fund and Jewish Education!

School Stats
  • 11TH GRADE BEKIUS finished the sugya of whether or not Megillas Esther was written with Ruach HaKodesh.
  • HONORS BIOLOGY students assessed the impact of environmental factors on a plant’s ability to photosynthesizeCOLLEGE PREP BIOLOGY students continued their study of mitosis and meiosis.  In addition, the students began studying embryology.
  • 9TH GRADE MUSSAR discussed the contradiction that another person has bechira to affect me, yet nothing can happen without the gezeira of Hashem.
  • HONORS GEOMETRY students solved problems dealing with parallels and angles, parallel proofs, and slopes. COLLEGE PREP GEOMETRY students explored the angle relationships involving adjacent angles, vertical angles, linear pair angles, complementary angles, and supplementary angles. Algebra was used to solve problems.
  • 10TH GRADE HALACHA finished the Halachos of Shiur Ikul - amount of time one is still able to make a Bracha Achrona after food and drink.
  • HONORS PHYSICS students continued their study of Newton’s Laws. Projectile vectors were investigated along with centripetal acceleration and force. COLLEGE PREP PHYSICS students learned Newton’s Laws of Force and Motion.
  • BAIS MEDRASH BEKIOUS bochurim finished the first perek and skipped to Chezkas Habatim to learn the same perek as they are doing in Iyun. 
  • WORLD HISTORY students explored Ancient China, Confucius, and China’s first emperor, Shi Huangdi.  The class also engaged in discussions about current events.
  • 9TH GRADE GEMARA took a test on nearly 300 words.
  • HONORS CHEMISTRY students learned how to justify data accuracy using mathematical calculations and knowledge of concepts to substantiate findings. COLLEGE PREP CHEMISTRY students learned conversion factors involving different units of measurement.
  • 11TH GRADE GEMARA went through many rishonim and achronim to get pshat in Chezkas Gimmel Shanim - with a focus on whether the ketzos is correct that the Ramban really holds it's not a takana.
  • HONORS ALGEBRA II students learned systems of equations by solving problems with graphing, elimination, and graphing inequality
  • 10TH GRADE GEMARA students began to delve into the Rashbam's 3 pshatim in how a Itrah, or a document of division, impacts how partners can make a chazaka on their shared asset.
  • HONORS PRE-CALCULUS students solved problems involving polynomialsCOLLEGE PREP PRE-CALCULUS students learned how to convert between different units of measure.
  • 11TH GRADE HALACHA students are learning the laws of Bishul on Shabbos. They measured the Yeshiva urn's temperature to get a practical feel for yad soledes (the temperature at which point Bishul occurs).
  • ECONOMICS students completed an examination on elasticity. Afterwards, they learned about about consumer surplus and demand.
  • 9TH GRADE CHUMASH discussed the Aseres HaDibros and if the count is as simple as it seems.
  • Upperclassmen ENGLISH students analyzed Act One of Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller.
  • MORNING DVAR HALACHA has been exploring the unique, and somewhat mysterious, mitzvah of Kiddush Levana.
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