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December 2016
We would like to thank the delegates who came to Uppsala Castle in October and contributed to our summit on Ending Childhood Obesity - Actions through Health and Food Equity.
183 delegates, from 36 different countries, participated in thought-provoking plenum sessions and workshops, which resulted in inputs to a WHO action plan on childhood obesity and enabled new partnerships and further actions such as laying the foundation for multi-sectoral ECHO-zones. Read the conclusions here. The summit  generated good media coverage, notably in Swedish media, which contributed to a deeper understanding of the global epidemic.
A post-conference report is currently produced and will be published in the beginning of the new year.
For those who participated and for others interested in the topic, please continue to interact by joining our LinkedIn group.
The presentations in plenum can be viewed at our website.
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THEME 2017
Management of Infectious Disease
The program for Uppsala Health Summit 2017, currently under development, will take a one-health approach and invite perspectives from veterinary and human medicine, ecology and the social sciences to discuss the tools we have for preventive measures such as surveillance, vaccines, diagnostics and behavioural change. Under these broad themes we will identify and select areas where policy is weak or where practices can be improved by bringing different actors together to discuss solutions in dedicated workshops.
As always at Uppsala Health Summit, the discussions will be inspired by best-practice examples from around the world and by keynotes in plenum, this time highlighting some of the drivers behind the infectious disease such as climate change, urbanization and globalization.
Are you already thinking of someone who should be there? Please drop us a line and nominate your delegate:
Save the Date! for a seminar on:
Behavioral Science and nudges: environmental protection and sustainability
with Harvard Professor Cass Sunstein, author of "Nudge".
Nudging book cover
To date, more than 200 governments worldwide use elements of so called behaviorally based regulation or nudging. In the past years, nudges have been increasingly and successfully applied by governments, international organizations and businesses to promote more sustainable markets. In this seminar, one of the founders of the concept, top regulator and consultant to president Obama, will share his insider knowledge on how environmental policy and sustainable development can be supported by this instrument of liberty preserving nudges. Dr Sunsteins talk will be followed by a panel discussion with Dr Lin Lerpold of Stockholm School of Economics, Professor Lucia Reish and Professor Mette Morsing of Copenhagen Business School.
Date and Time:  Wednesday, January 11, 16.00-18.00
Venue: AULA, Stockholm School of Economics, Ground Floor, HHS, Sveavägen 65
Organizer: Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets (MISUM)
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