News from Uppsala Health Summit
August 2016
Childhood obesity - What happened over the summer?
Pokémon Go- "Pandemic or Prescription?"
pokemon go
Wherever you spent your summer you may have encountered some virtual monster hunters...or tried it out yourself. Either way you probably pondered over its role in getting kids to exercise and even reducing obesity rates. The Johns Hopkins Pokémon Prepardeness Team, which includes upcoming Uppsala Health Summit speaker Professor Bruce Y. Lee, gave the public health perspective in an article for Global health NOW on the augmented-reality game with worldwide popularity. At Uppsala Health Summit 2016,  in a workshop dedicated to how to empower individuals towards healthy behaviors
the potential of supportive technology will be discussed.
Malnutrition - The new normal
Global Nutrition Report
In June, the Global Nutrition Report 2016 was launched simultaneously at venues around the world. The reports co-chair, professor Corinna Hawkes, who is joining us at Uppsala Health Summit, presented the report at the Stockholm EAT forum.
That malnutrition is "becoming the "new normal"" made big headlines as the report points to rising rates of obesity across the world. Overnutrition coexist with persistent undernutrition in many poorer countries, across the society and in individuals over the life course. We will hear more about this double burden of malnutrition from Dr. Hawkes at our meeting.
Falling short on commitments...
Another study, published in the World Health Organization (WHO) Bulletin in July, reviewed the progress by countries and the top 22 global food companies on enacting the 2010 WHO recommendations on restricting unhealthy food and beverage marketing to children. It found that that progress in general was very "slow and patchy". Co-author Professor Boyd Swinburn, of the University of Auckland, will be at Uppsala Health Summit and tell us more.
World Obesity Day
The campaign for World Obesity Day on the 11th of October, 2016 has started and will focus on childhood obesity, aligning with the WHO Commision's report on Ending Childhood Obesity. For information on how to get involved contact the World Obesity Federation and follow @WorldObesity and use #WorldObesityDay to help spread the message! 
Applications closed: Stipend to Attend Uppsala Health Summit
Many thanks to those of you who submitted applications for the Bosch Stiftung scholarship, offered to encourage participation of delegates from African nations at Uppsala Health Summit 2016 on Ending Childhood Obesity. Applications have now closed and we are currently reviewing the proposals of the many qualified entrants. Applicants will receive notification by the third week of August. 
Sweden tests incentive model to fight antibiotic resistance
Article ImageThe Government of Sweden has initiated a review of a new economic model to promote prudent use of antibiotics, while at the same time secure long-term access to essential drugs. The economic "renumeration model" was orignially drafted and proposed by the Trade Association for the Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry in Sweden (LIF) and was thoroughly discussed last year at Uppsala Health Summit on the theme "A world without antibiotics".
The Public Health Agency of Sweden is responsible for the study together with the Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency, TLV, and conclusions will be presented to the government in December this year.
Let's Talk...
We created a group on Linkedin to support the conversation around the themes for our summits. Please join in and extend the invitation to your networks.
Who would you like to nominate?
to Uppsala Health Summit 2016...
We are still accepting nominations for delegates for Uppsala Health Summit 2016 with the theme: Ending childhood obesity - Actions through health and food equity. Do you know somebody who is professionally involved in issues related to children´s nutrition and obesity - either through research, policy, or industry - and is keen to discuss solutions? Please send a message to
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