Every girl deserves a life of possibilities.                    ´╗┐December 2016
Article ImageWe are pleased to announce Teri Button as our Board Member Spotlight!. Teri has served on the YWRC Board of Directors for six years, and currently serves as our President. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have such a strong leader and role model. 
“She shows up. Whether it’s a fundraising meeting or a special event, she’s always willing to go above and beyond.”
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The YWRC relies on individual donations from supporters like you. This year, you can DOUBLE your impact. Because of a generous matching gift, your donation of $100 or more before December 31st will be DOUBLED!
That means we will be able to offer therapy and a support network to girls who have experienced abuse or trauma. We will be able to help young moms facing homelessness find shelter. We will be able to reveal sources of inner strength and resiliency to girls who feel they just aren’t enough. We will be able to make sure every girl we work with pursues the respect, opportunity, and love she deserves. 
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In this blog post, Tara, Empowerment Program Coordinator, breaks down what 'rape culture' is, how it's cultivated and what we can do about it. 
"The first steps are to define it, recognize when we see rape culture occurring and understand the magnitude of the effect it has on people. If we can do that, then change can start to happen on an individual and societal level."
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Join our #everygirldeserves movement.
Help us show the girls and young women of our community how truly valued they are through joining our social media campaign. Three easy steps help spread the word of just how limitless a girl's life can be. 
1. Print this template, fill in the blank with what you think #everygirldeserves and snap a photo.
2. Post your photo and the message provided here on your
Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag the YWRC.
3. Encourage friends and family to do the same!
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