Every girl deserves a life of possibilities.                    ´╗┐November 2016
Spotlight: Girls & Young Women of our Coummunity
Article ImageThis month we are celebrating all of the girls and young women in our community. We continue to be inspired by their intelligence, compassion and drive. Unfortunately, many of them have been feeling the stress that comes along with public figures who speak negatively about female bodies and roles.
In hopes of combatting this, we're paying special attention to making sure we continue to reinforce how limitless their possibilities are, uplift their spirits and bolster their self-confidence.
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"We all have the power to ensure that every girl in our lives understands that she is valuable. We have the power to attack statements that value girls and women based on physical beauty or as sexual objects. We can raise our voices when girls and women in our lives are denied leadership opportunities solely due to their gender. We can find creative methods to unite to support girls and women in our community."
- Kristin, Executive Director
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Save the date to join us for our 18th Annual Sit On It! event!
Saturday, April 22, 2017
The Atrium at Capital Square
Co-chaired by: Georgia Van Gundy and Chad Kleppe
Hosted by: Mary and Don Coffin
Proceeds from this event will support programs for girls and young women to become strong, self-condent and successful.
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Join our #everygirldeserves movement.
Help us show the girls and young women of our community how truly valued they are through joining our social media campaign. Three easy steps help spread the word of just how limitless a girl's life can be. 
1. Print this template, fill in the blank with what you think #everygirldeserves and snap a photo.
2. Copy and paste the message provided here, challenge three friends to do the same and tag the YWRC.
3. Post your photo and message!
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