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Donor Spotlight: Ira A. Lipman
NCCD Board of Directors Chair Emeritus Ira A. Lipman has championed and promoted social justice throughout his private and professional life. As part of that commitment, Mr. Lipman has been one of NCCD’s most steadfast supporters. He joined the NCCD Board of Directors in 1975, became Chair Emeritus in 1996, and continues to hold the title of Honorary Chair. As he says, “I look at NCCD as an organization focused on trying to be America’s progressive conscience. It is critical for NCCD to succeed.”
To read Ira A. Lipman’s full donor spotlight, click here. To join Mr. Lipman in promoting just and equitable social systems with a gift to NCCD, click here.
Watch Now: Race, Equity, and Ethics in Child Welfare 
Dr. Jesse Russell, NCCD’s Chief Program Officer, presented the webinar “Race, Equity, and Ethics: Questions on Child Welfare and Predictive Analytics” on February 22. With Tashira Halyard of the Center for the Study of Social Policy, Russell discussed systemic inequities that lead families to child welfare services and the role of predictive analytics and machine learning in diminishing those inequities. If you would like to view the webinar click here. (Please note that technical difficulties precluded the recording of the last 15 minutes of the webinar). 
New Projects Close to Home and Around the World 
Workload Study in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Milwaukee County’s Delinquency and Court Services Division (DCSD) recently implemented several reforms to improve the effectiveness of services. To help ensure capacity, NCCD will provide a workload analysis of human service worker positions, estimating the number of workers needed by DCSD to provide required services to youth. The goal of the workload study is to help the agency use its staff resources effectively and ensure sufficient staff to promote positive outcomes for youth.
Intake Tool for Adult Protection Workers in Singapore
NCCD is working with Promoting Alternatives to Violence (PAVE), a family violence specialist center in Singapore, to develop an intake assessment tool. The tool will assist PAVE social workers with deciding when and how quickly to respond to reports of vulnerable adult and elder abuse. The project kicked off in January, when NCCD staff met with community stakeholders and the PAVE workgroup in Singapore. 
Recent Publications 
Risk Briefs
Chris Baird’s six-part series of briefs titled A Question of Evidence: Part Two is published in full on NCCD’s website. This series is a follow-up to A Question of Evidence: A Critique of Risk Assessment Models in the Justice System, a paper published in 2009. The new series discusses the current state of risk and needs assessment systems used in the juvenile and criminal justice systems. Read all the briefs in this series, written by the Chair of the NCCD Board of Directors and former Executive Vice President of NCCD, by clicking here.
SafeMeasures® Updates
A new blog post describes the latest updates to SafeMeasures, NCCD’s web-based analytical reporting service for child welfare and juvenile justice agencies. Find out what went into the mid-January release of SafeMeasures 5.1, and learn more about this service that turns human services data into accessible information agencies can use to monitor and improve performance.
NCCD Is Hiring: Join Us!
NCCD is working to fill several key job positions in its three offices. These positions include Director of Research, Senior Researcher, and Director of Child Welfare Programs. If you would like to join us in helping social systems improve outcomes for the children and families they serve, take a look at NCCD’s current employment opportunities here.
For more insight on what it’s like to work for NCCD, watch our new slideshow: NCCD at Work and at Play.
NCCD promotes just and equitable social systems for individuals, families, and communities through research, public policy, and practice.

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