February 2016
Career Show to be held at Wisconsin FFA Convention - call for exhibitors
There may still be snow on the ground, but preparations are in full swing for the 87th Wisconsin FFA Convention this summer in Madison! 
A highlight of the event is the Career Show, which will be held on Wednesday, June 15, 2016, at the Alliant Energy Center's Exhibition Hall. Show hours are from 9:30 a.m - 2 p.m. 
Booths are $300 each, and those reserved before March 30 will receive a $25 discount. Any registrations after April 30 will have a late fee added of $50 per booth.
For the many parents, visitors, advisors and thousands of FFA members from around the state, the annual Wisconsin FFA Convention is an exciting time. The Career Show offers businesses and organizations the ability to showcase their services to this wide audience of potential, current or future customers or even employees. 
To register your booth, or learn more about the event, even see a list of 2015 exhibitors, visit this Web page
It's time to apply for chapter grants
The Wisconsin FFA Foundation is accepting applications for the 2016 Chapter Grant Program, available in two categories: Cooperative Education and Food for America.
Chapter grants encourage Wisconsin FFA chapters to develop individual and cooperative activities which will enhance their communities.
Some examples of Cooperative Education Grant projects include: establishing mini cooperative business models that FFA members put into practice, leadership qualities training, or working with a local cooperative in teaching local members about the group's culture. Food for America Grant activities have been or could be: hosting events done in cooperation with another organization to promote healthy foods or eating, or establishing a community garden.
The Cooperative Education Grant is sponsored by Cooperative Network and The Food for America Grant is funded by Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative, Inc.
To learn more about the grants and how to apply, click here
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Leaders' Legacy 
Leaders Legacy'- A Forever Opportunity
"While serving a six-year term on the Wisconsin FFA Foundation Board, I was challenged to think about new opportunities not yet explored to raise money for our FFA members," says Julie Larson, past-president. "When you review the impact FFA had on the lives of past Wisconsin Association of FFA Officers, how could we not look to engage that group more? State FFA officers are examples of paying back and paying forward during their year of service. Many past state officers reflect on that experience and say it had one of the greatest impacts on their lives. I can definitely agree to that, although my term was 30 years ago."
"There has been a lot of life lived in those 30 years, however I use my state FFA officer skill set every single day of my life," she continues. "Every. Single. Day."
The Leaders' Legacy fund was spearheaded by Larson, committee co-chair and current board member Jon Anderson, and Nicole Nelson along with the support of the Wisconsin FFA Foundation staff. Larson says this special fund was established in 2015 as a way for these now past state officers to pay it back and pay it forward to the next generation through a financial gift.
"This fund just doesn’t help state officers," Larson explains. "It includes leaders at all levels because anyone will tell you state officers don’t become leaders overnight. Leadership starts with serving their local communities and local chapters in involvement, serving as chairs of committees and as chapter FFA officers."
In the first year, the Leaders' Legacy fund reached its goal of more than $10,000, raising a total of $12,178.57. Larson says the plan is not to stop there, and the fund will continue to grow as long as past state officers keep on giving.
"Past state officers believe it’s important to give back and provide opportunities for others," Larson concludes. "I can’t speak for the officers that served before or after me, however I can say with all my heart serving as a Wisconsin Association of FFA officer will be part of my legacy. When I am no longer on this earth, the legacy I leave behind will too have been impacted by FFA because I was. The Leaders' Legacy Fund will be a part of that legacy."
Dear Friend of the Wisconsin FFA Foundation,
Happy National FFA Week! 
As many of you already know, National FFA Week is an opportunity for FFA members, alumni and sponsors to advocate for agricultural education and FFA. It's a time to share with local, state and national audiences what FFA is and the impact it has on members every day.
This week, I have had the privilege of traveling with our State FFA President, Sally Albers, and National FFA President, Taylor McNeel, as they spread the message of the impact of FFA in Wisconsin.
Taylor has highlighted the importance of living life “palms up” – or in other words, living a life beyond oneself – one of generosity.
I’ve seen this in so many of our Wisconsin FFA Foundation partners – thank you for continually believing in our members, their dreams and their future successes!
Sara Schoenborn
Executive Director, Wisconsin FFA Foundation
Deadline approaching for 2016 golf outing sponsorships - support FFA today!
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Join us in 2016 for the Wisconsin FFA Foundation Golf Outings. 
We are excited for another successful fundraising event, our biggest of the year. In 2015, sponsors and golfers generously gave more than $26,500 to the Foundation! 
Now, we are looking for sponsorship support. The deadline to be included in the event brochure as a sponsor is February 28, 2016. 
To learn more about sponsorship levels and opportunities, visit this page or donate online here
2016 Scholarships Available
The Wisconsin FFA Foundation is now accepting applications for its 2016 post-secondary scholarships.
The application is available on the Wisconsin FFA website under the “programs” tab (www.wisconsinffa.org). All applications are due to be postmarked by March 16, 2016, to the Wisconsin FFA Foundation office.
Applicants must be a senior in high school, or enrolled in a university or technical school and have maintained a satisfactory scholastic record in school. FFA members need to only fill out one application to be considered for all scholarships for which the applicant qualifies. A listing of additional criteria for all scholarships is available on the Wisconsin FFA website.
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Brenna Bays - Section 6
Wisconsin FFA Parliamentarian
Home Chapter: Adams-Friendship FFA
College: University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Major: Agricultural Education
Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE): 
Dairy Production and Diversified Livestock
   I grew up on my family’s small dairy farm outside of Adams, Wisconsin. I always had enjoyed working outside on the farm, especially with the animals. I developed a strong worth ethic on the farm, helping my grandfather and father milk our cows, which is now my Dairy Production Supervised Agricultural Experience Project, or SAE.
On the ownership side, I developed a Diversified Livestock SAE as well. Through this project, I purchased my first Holstein heifer in 2010. I have been working on expanding my herd since then, which currently is at one cow, one bred heifer, and one calf. Annually, I purchase two market hogs and two market beef that I raise to show and sell at the Adams County Fair.
   My experience in FFA as a member, chapter officer and currently a State FFA Officer has been irreplaceable. Every experience I have had, from attending the Washington Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. or playing Bingo with the elderly on Monday nights has developed a stronger self confidence. 
   FFA grants all students the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone, try something new and be successful. Between the diversity of speaking contests and applications, no student can go wrong by participating. The skills all FFA members develop follow them throughout their lives to ensure they have “premier leadership, personal growth, and career success,” which is stated in the FFA Mission Statement. 
   As a donor to the Wisconsin FFA Foundation, you trust that Wisconsin FFA is preparing students to be the leaders of tomorrow. You can rest assured it is. Wisconsin FFA is able to grant its members more opportunities to better prepare them for their future endeavors, because of your support! 
   Personally, the Wisconsin FFA Foundation donors have given me the extra support I needed to grow my SAEs and pursue education after high school. I, along with all Wisconsin FFA Members, thank you for everything you do. We wouldn’t be the largest student-led organization in the country without you! 
 Thank you for believing in us!

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