September 2016
MPS high school requires introduction to agricultural sciences course  
                                            photo and article by Jim Massey

Milwaukee school officials and state agricultural and university leaders have high expectations and hopes for what an expanding agricultural program could mean at Milwaukee Vincent High School.
About 50 people gathered at the school Aug. 10 to commit their ongoing support for the school as it is transformed into Milwaukee Vincent High School of Agricultural Sciences.

The school will not focus exclusively on agriculture — it will still have a broad-based curriculum — but beginning with this school year, every ninth-grade student will take an introduction to agricultural sciences course connecting students to one of four agriculture pathways in the high school. Courses in animal systems, plant systems, food products and processing systems, and environmental service systems will be designed to help students build the skills needed for success in college and agricultural careers, if they so choose.
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 Glenn Linder
Glenn was inducted into the Wisconsin Association of FFA
Hall of Fame at the 2015 Wisconsin FFA Convention.
My association with FFA began in September 1953 when I entered Mr. Holman's classroom. My first project was a Duroc gilt, and then I expanded to beef and dairy. Speaking and leadership skills were two major things I gained as an early FFA member. I was fortunate to be on the 1954 Fat Stock judging team. We won the state contest, which meant we were going to the national contest in Kansas City. It was my first experience at the National FFA level. 
After six years in the U.S. Navy, I attended Wisconsin State College - River Falls and graduated with a degree in Agricultural Education. My first teaching job was at Blanchardville High School, where I hoped to give FFA members opportunities to help them in their chosen careers. I then spent another 23 years as the ag instructor and FFA advisor at Pecatonica. I always tried to impress upon them how important a good education is and how FFA can help. 

I became an FFA Alumni member in 1971 to work with other local members in improving our chapter. In 2007, my wife and I joined the Wisconsin FFA Foundation's Blue and Gold Society as another way to assist FFA members in achieving their goals. 
The Wisconsin FFA organization is a great way to assist young people in setting goals and becoming the best they can be. It provides an opportunity for all students to follow their dreams. They can learn speaking and leadership skills, financial awareness and travel all over. That is why I support Wisconsin FFA. How about you do too? 
Dear Friend of the Wisconsin FFA Foundation,
Does it amaze you what can change in a year? It amazes me. I tear up just thinking of my little nephew now in full-day kindergarten when it seems just yesterday I was rocking him to sleep. I feel optimistic about the world he will influence as an adult for many reasons, but mainly because I know there are people like you that continue to support his future. 
The past year has been one of many milestones and change. While we've welcomed new donors to our ranks and honored those who have given selflessly to FFA for years, even said final goodbyes to longtime friends, one thing has remained the same: our collective dedication to agriculture and those that will carry the industry long after our days have passed. 
This month also marks a new beginning for our more than 250 Wisconsin FFA chapters, which I find very fitting for the first anniversary of this eNewsletter. Brand-new FFA members are joining the ranks, picking out projects to work on and will be wearing the blue and gold for the first time. What an exciting adventure it will take them on! I can't wait to see what these students will do! 
Thank you for supporting them for another year, supporting our goals and together, making Wisconsin FFA stronger than ever! 
Sara Schoenborn
Executive Director, Wisconsin FFA Foundation
The FFA community says goodbye to a friend and lifetime agricultural advocate
Virgil Martinson, an inaugural Wisconsin FFA Foundation Blue and Gold Society member, past Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction educationaI consultant, as well as long-time Marshfield FFA instructor, passed away on Aug. 22. The Wisconsin FFA Foundation extends its deepest sympathy to his family, as well as extreme appreciation for Virgil's committment to agricultural education through his lifetime.
"After two years in Auburndale teaching vocational agriculture, they moved to Marshfield where Virgil taught Vo-Ag and advised the FFA for the next 22 years. In 1955 he received a Master of Science degree. Vocational agriculture would remain his calling and career until his retirement in 1986. A Doctor of Philosophy was added to his vitae in 1970; and he spent 13 years as an educational consultant in the Department of Public Instruction. In 1972, this entailed a move to Stoughton, the only place for a proud Norwegian-American. Virgil and Ann were active members of First Lutheran Church and he was a member of many professional, civic and cultural organizations in addition to the FFA Alumni." 
Read Virgil's full obituary here. 
The first induction of Blue and Gold Society members in 2007 with the Wisconsin FFA Foundation Board. Virgil Martinson is in the back row, second from left. 
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Rylee Black
2016-17 State FFA Treasurer
Home Chapter: Amery FFA
College: University of Minnesota
Major: Animal Science
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
Food Service 
I grew up on my family's small hobby farm just outside of Deer Park. I showed my Arabian mare named Amber, and we raised and showed Charolais and crossbreed beef cattle.  I absolutely love beef cattle and have been slowly building up my herd. I now own two brood cows, three steers and three calves.
My Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) is Food Service.  I work for Pizza Man in Amery approximately 15-20 hours per week prepping ingredients,stocking pizza toppings and making pizzas. Throughout my SAE, I have earned more than $6,000.
I hail from the Amery FFA chapter, and my advisor is Mr. Derrick Meyer.  While in FFA, I participated in just about every activity I possibly could at the chapter level, competing in all speaking contests except one and three other Career Development Events (CDEs).  I also was given the opportunity to compete nationally and attend the Washington Leadership Conference. The FFA has allowed me to grow as an individual and opened so many doors for me. 
My home chapter recently received a grant which allowed it to plant a pumpkin patch, buy new greenhouse tables, and install a brand new aquaponics system in the ag room. These new facilities have created so many new options for Mr. Meyer to teach his students various other subjects in his classes and provide a more well-rounded education that we need in the agriculture industry.
The Wisconsin FFA Foundation's partners make so many things possible for students in the FFA and help lay the foundation for the next generation of agriculturists.  As a person who has benefitted from Wisconsin FFA, agriculture education and now a state representative of many others, I can't thank our partners enough for their generosity and support.
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