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Do you enjoy walking your dog or running around Memorial Park but run in the street to avoid tripping and falling? Do you like to take your child in a baby jogger around the park to get exercise but have to dodge the parked cars? If so, then you are familiar with the eroded paths and trails pictured above. With a $50,000 matching Legacy Grant from Park Pride, AMPC is underway with the Memorial Park Walkways Project to explore options to improve connectivity and pedestrian safety within this area of the park.  
AMPC is half way towards its fundraising goal but we need your help. To date, we have raised $25,000 of the $50,000 needed to fully fund the challenge grant from Park Pride.  
Please consider a donation to this important project by clicking here. A donation at any level is appreciated.  If 25 donors contribute $1,000, we will reach our goal. If 50 donors give $500, we will claim victory. 250 donors contributing $100 will also get us to the finish line. 
To learn more about the Memorial Park Walkways Project, please visit AMPC's Parklands page. Refer to the FAQs page, Trails, Paths and the Passive Park (west of Northside Drive), for additional information on the project, including the recent surveying and tagging of the 871 trees in Memorial Park.  
Help us reach our goal today! Click here to donate. Together, we can enhance connectivity in Memorial Park and make it safer for all park users to enjoy.
Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy's mission is to make Atlanta Memorial Park a beautiful, environmentally sensitive and sustainable park, accessible and connected to the neighborhoods and the City, by enhancing the Park, tennis and golf experiences through a collaborative process of renovation, restoration and preservation.

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