Sarvey Wildlife Care Center
February 2017

Barred Owl with a broken beak
Prepping for Spring

It is the last day of February, and while we expect our “baby season” to start any day now – snow continues to fall from the sky all around the sound. There are buds on the trees, but there is at least an inch of snow and ice on the ground at the center today.
Our patient load is picking up and we continue to have calls for animals in need of rescue. In the past few weeks, injured raccoons, Bald eagles, swans, and several owls have found their way to our facility. Thank you to our volunteers and intern (Katie) for helping with rescues this month. Our mission – Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release – begins with rescuing animals that are too big or too dangerous for citizens to transport themselves. Every person that brings us an animal in distress is a rescuer! Thanks to those of you who have taken the time to bring us patients. (Be sure to check out the photo at the bottom showing a coyote rescue from 20 years ago!)
1. This Barred owl was found on the entrance to the Boeing freeway. He had been hit by a car. There is trauma to both eyes, and he had a fractured lower beak. 2. The owl has surgery to stabilize his beak. The purple light is helping bond the splint to the beak.
Kitchen Rehab

Just in time for “baby season” – we have finished the remodel/rehab of our prep kitchen. New cabinets and sinks have been installed. Thank you to the Tulalip Tribes for the grant funding needed to make this possible. We also have new flooring in the kitchen area, thanks to funding from a grant from Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Thank you to Scott for installing the cabinets and sinks, and to Katie for staying late to help!


Patient Updates
1. We highlighted this Northern Flying Squirrel as Patient of the Week on our blog page  recently. He was found in someone's house, not acting quite right. He is making great progress and we hope he will be released soon. 2. This Rock dove had string entangled on one foot. He had lost sensation in two toes and we had to have them amputated. 3. The foot is healing nicely now and he should be ready for release in a few weeks.
Tails of "Crazy Bob"
We had a phone call recently from a reporter who was doing a story about urban coyotes. He had found reference to a rescue Sarvey had done a long time ago and someone named "Crazy Bob", but could not locate the actual article. "Oh, the elevator coyote? Yeah! we have that clipping here." He was grateful to get the details and photo above. 20 years ago, our ambulance driver, Bob Jones (affectionately nicknamed "Crazy Bob" because he'd go anywhere, anytime!) saved this poor guy. The coyote had wandered into the Federal Building in downtown Seattle. He made it out safely and was released into a wooded area.
Thank you all again for your continued support, following our FaceBook page and sharing our stories with your friends, bringing us animals in need of help, sending us items from our wishlist, and donating to help our efforts to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Release area wildlife. We are ready for 2017 and look forward to another successful year making a difference one animal at a time!
Don't Miss Out
Education Presentations
We do not have any scheduled open public presentations of our non-releasable raptors in March, but you can attend a program about BATS!
Go batty with Barb Ogaard - our Board member and bat rehabilitator. She will educate the attendees about these amazing winged creatures. There is nothing to fear, because BATS are here! Learn why they are so important and develop a new appreciation for an often misunderstood species.
March 25, 2017
10 am to noon
Edmonds Floretum Garden Club
Tales from the Bat Lady
Location: Chase Lake Elementary School Edmonds, WA

 Butter and Scotch need a home!
These two bunnies were brought to us recently because they had been dumped. There had been three, but one was found dead. Sadly, people often abandon their pets and it doesn’t end well. We are looking for someone to give these bunnies a forever home. There is one male, one female, and they will be spayed and neutered before they are placed.
They are bonded and we want to place them together. If you are interested in adopting these two, please email us at: 

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