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November 2016

 #GiveWild Today
Tuesday, November 29 marks a Global Day of Giving. Non-profits reach out to their supporters in an effort to help raise awareness and funds for their mission. Many people may opt out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday – but, we really hope that you will join us this Tuesday for our #GivingTuesday special #GiveWild campaign.
Sarvey Wildlife has been helping orphaned and injured wildlife patients since 1981. We care for all species of birds and mammals, and this year we have seen an increase of 30% in our patient load. Over 1850 wild animals – BIG and small have made their way to our facility. While we depend solely on public donations, not everyone can contribute to the care of the animal they find. We never turn away any animal, and at times even domestic animals have been brought to us. Sadly, domestic rabbits and ducks get dumped and mistaken for hurt wildlife. We help these patients too, and then find them suitable forever homes.
Even if you are a regular contributor, we hope you will consider making a one time donation in honor of #GiveWild Day – give locally to help your neighborhood songbirds, eagles, deer, chipmunks, coyotes, squirrels, geese, and so many more…
As a Thank YOU for your donation of $25 or more – we will send you a special gift. You can use our secure credit card process on our DONATE PAGE, or if you prefer use our PayPal page.
Recently we shared an image of a Tundra swan that came to us because she had been shot in the head. She was lucky as the shot passed through without any permanent damage to vital organs. She arrived covered in blood and was featured on our website and FaceBook page as a Patient of the Week (10/31/16). Our staff treated her wounds and a bad respiratory infection. We are happy to report she made a full recovery and was released this week. You can watch the video of her release here. She was SO happy to fly and fly and fly. Eventually, the other swans joined her. Turn up the sound and you can hear her vocalizing and lots of swans talking back.
 1. Tundra swan upon intake. 2. Ready to GO! at release site. 3. Rehabbing swan with a "friend".

Spruce grouse - these two came in separately, but within a day of one another. The one in the front of the photo was found in someone's yard and was unable to move or stand up. Unfortunately, it took 2 days before they could get her to us and she was suffering from capture myopathy. Sadly, after 4 days with us she was still not improving and we had to euthanize her.
The other one was brought to us after she hit a window. She has head trauma, but is improving. We are hopeful that she will recover to be released.
It is possible that even if she came in immediately, the same outcome may have occurred with the first Spruce grouse. Capture myopathy is caused by stress and is usually non-reversible. (Definition: Capture Myopathy, or Shock Disease, is a little-studied condition observed in wild animals such as hares and birds that have been captured or handled. The condition is usually lethal and stress has been identified as the single most determining factor, exacerbated by muscle exertion.)
We always tell people to not handle wildlife that is orphaned or injured. Just quickly place them in a box, covered, quiet, safe and warm. It is tempting to hold hurt or small animals, but it does not provide them comfort. They don't understand you are trying to help.
(Note: We are not saying the presenter did anything wrong with this grouse. We are simply using this as an opportunity to remind people about proper handling of patients for transport and to do so ASAP. Sometimes circumstances delay an animal getting to us. Her capture myopathy was likely caused by escaping a predator.)

This little Northern Saw-whet owl had a really BAD day. First, he was hit by a car - then, a hawk started to attack him on the side of the road. He was rescued and brought to us. He is suffering from head trauma and a serious injury to one eye. We are doing all we can to help him.

November has been a busy month. Our staff and volunteers have rescued eagles, released gulls, owls, rabbits, squirrels, and even a swan. We have had very injured and ill animals pass away or need to be humanely euthanized to end their suffering. We have placed domestic ducks in a forever home after they were dumped and abandoned.
 1. Our Clinic Manager, Jessica Paolello rescues a young Bald eagle. 2. A young cottontail survived a cat attack and was recently released. 3. Adult porcupine enjoying some treats. She is recovering from head trauma and will be with us all winter.
Our center is open 365 days a year. Even on holidays our staff must treat and feed the patients in our care. As we approach the end of 2016, we are Thankful to you all for your support. Saving our local wildlife is a community effort and we could not do this without you.
Holiday Gifts Support
Our Mission
Do your holiday shopping with us! Your gift purchases help our patients. Pick up one of our unique 2016 Patient of the Year Ornaments.
(Pictured below)
These metal ornaments have a snowflake motif and feature the Baby American Beaver. Each ornament comes with a holiday greeting card that tells the story of this patient and includes more photos of his rehab and release.
$25 per ornament - we can mail to you or directly to your receipent with a special note.
Only $15 each and each month features a different patient (birds and mammals), wildlife tips, and an inspiration quote.
Supplies are limited. Get yours today.
Order directly from our website, or call us 360-435-4817 to place a phone order.

AMAZON SMILES: Shopping online for the holidays? Did you know that when shopping on Amazon, if you make Sarvey Wildlife your charity of choice - Amazon will donate directly to us? Register here today - and you will be giving an added gift to our wildlife patients every time you shop.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please be advised that ALL FRED MEYER rewards cards MUST be re-registered for our facility to continue to receive funds from the Community Rewards benefits.
Even if you had us as your charity of choice in the past, you are required to re-register for the next year to continue to support our organization. We receive about $500 a quarter from this program. If you have never registered your rewards card, you can do it today. CLICK HERE to get started. Our # is: 91530

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