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October 2016
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 October Highlights
Things are finally slowing down a bit, and we were able to move the last of our "babies" out of the mammal nursery and close it down for the season. Baby season is officially over, but now the injured young juveniles are making their way to us. Young hawks and owls out on their own for the first time are hurt while hunting. Generally, they are hit by cars. We see these types of cases annually. They can have wing injuries, head trauma, and eye issues. Both of the birds pictured below have eye injuries from blunt force trauma caused by the car strikes. These cases are tricky and take time to resolve.
1. Juvenile Red-tail hawk recovering from an eye injury after being hit by a car. 2.Young Barred owl also recovering from a car strike. She has a serious injury to her eye as well. Our vet, Dr. Lahner is closely monitoring their healing and our staff administer eye medications daily.
This time of year we also get a rise in gunshot cases. While it is legal at different times to hunt various species - sometimes the birds are shot and not retrieved, or they are shot erroneously. This Canada goose had surgery to pin the broken wing. There was also some shot found in one leg. She is doing well and we hope will be able to fly again one day.
1. Dr. Lahner removed this piece of shot from her leg. 2. After the surgery, her pinned wing is wrapped. 3. The bandages are being changed regularly, while we monitor the healing.
Be sure to follow updates to our weekly blog – Patient of the Week on our website. We share other things, videos, and photos on our FaceBook page as well. Our DONATE page can be found here.
Our 2017 calendars have arrived! Get yours today. Supplies are limited and we can even mail one directly to a friend or family member as a gift. See details and photos below for more information and links to order your today. Or you can email us at with any questions. 

1. The big box was labeled LARGE. What could be inside? 2. It was a little Rock dove. This young bird was not able to fly yet and was displaced during some construction work on a building. 3. The emaciated coyote pup continues to improve. He should be ready to go soon.
Holiday Gifts Support
Our Mission
Do your holiday shopping with us! Your gift purchases help our patients. Pick up one of our unique 2016 Patient of the Year Ornaments.
(Pictured below)
These metal ornaments have a snowflake motif and feature the Baby American Beaver. Each ornament comes with a holiday greeting card that tells the story of this patient and includes more photos of his rehab and release.
$25 per ornament - we can mail to you or directly to your receipent with a special note.
Only $15 each and each month features a different patient (birds and mammals), wildlife tips, and an inspiration quote.
Supplies are limited. Get yours today.
Order directly from our website, or call us 360-435-4817 to place a phone order.

This Tundra swan was shot through the head. Read her story on our Patient of the Week blog.
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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please be advised that ALL FRED MEYER rewards cards MUST be re-registered for our facility to continue to receive funds from the Community Rewards benefits.
Even if you had us as your charity of choice in the past, you are required to re-register for the next year to continue to support our organization. We receive about $500 a quarter from this program. If you have never registered your rewards card, you can do it today. CLICK HERE to get started. Our # is: 91530

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