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September 2016
Injured Porcupine 
 Squirrels and Coyotes and Porcupines... oh my... 
While it is nearly October – tomorrow to be exact – we are still entrenched in “Baby Season”. The influx of patients has slowed down a bit, but we still have a packed baby mammal nursery. Just yesterday, a batch of baby cottontails arrived. They were too small to survive without mom and their nest was disturbed at a pumpkin patch. It was not an ideal situation for them to stay there, and it was clear that mom would not return due to all the activity that happening on top of her nest. So, more babies it is…  
1. Eastern gray squirrel is checked out by our vet (he has a very full belly). 2. Northern Flying squirrels eating their mush bowl 3. Townsend's Chipmunk after an exam - he came in with parasites embedded in his skin, but is doing much better.
We have been steadily releasing many of our summer babies, which does help lighten some of the workload. Our six fawns have all been released and you can see some great video of the release on our FaceBook page. We also were able to release our coyote pups, including the one that had surgery for the broken leg. It healed beautifully and he ran off into the wild once again. We do have one lone coyote pup that came in a few weeks ago. It was a juvenile that had been discovered alone and was clearly starving and suffering from a terrible case of mange. It is improving and was recently able to be moved outside.
Most of our raccoons have been released. We still have some that were born later in the season that will be ready to go soon. Lots of squirrels (Eastern grays, Douglas’s, Northern Flying), chipmunks, and opossums have also been released. This year we have seen a total increase in our patient load of 30% - that is over 400 more animals this year, than last. No wonder everyone is tired!
                            1. Mallards released on our pond. 2. Clark's Grebe found stranded in a parking lot after a rain storm. (released) 3. Barred owl recovering after being hit by a car. (pending, still in ICU)
We currently have two porcupines in our care. One is a baby that was born this year. It would have spent the winter with mom, so it will need to winter over with us instead. This little one lost most of his quills during an encounter with a dog, and so it also needs time to heal and grow them back before it can be released. An adult porcupine arrived this past week as well. It has severe head trauma, but it is showing some signs of improving. (See photo at top of page)
Thankfully, we have had some wonderful interns helping us out this summer. We could not have saved so many lives, had it not been for the extra help. This month, two more will be leaving us and we will miss them and wish them much success with their future plans. We will have two interns with us through the fall and early winter season. If you know of a student that would like to learn more about wildlife rehabilitation, check out our website for more details. We will start accepting applications in January for 2017 Baby Season.

Be sure to follow updates to our weekly blog – Patient of the Week on our website. We share other things, videos, and photos on our FaceBook page as well. Our DONATE page can be found here.
Thank you for your continued support. We could not do this without you. Watch for announcements about our limited edition 2016 Sarvey Wildlife ornament. We can ship to you or send to a friend directly as a gift. Sales will begin soon. Our 2017 calendars are here now, see details below to order one today. Supplies are limited.
Our 2017 calendars have arrived! Get yours today. Supplies are limited and we can even mail one directly to a friend or family member as a gift. Email us at for details and to place your order.

Patient of the Week 9/6/16 -This coyote was found alone and starving, suffering from mange down near Olympia. He was found near the firing range at Ft. Lewis. No one down in the Olympia area was able to take him, so he was brought up to us for care. He was severely malnourished and his skin was raw from the mange. He is doing so much better, fur is growing back, he has gained weight and is now in an outdoor enclosure with room to run and move around.
The emaciated pup (center) when it first arrived, is looking so much healthier and is now outside getting stronger each day. Once it is of a healthy weight, with a nice coat it will be released.

It is always fun when Amazon deliveries show up. Thank you to everyone who has shopped our wish list recently. We have received some much need supplies and enrichment items for our patients.
If you are interested in sending us supplies for our center - use AmazonSmile and we also get a donation from Amazon! Our wish list can be found here:

Educational Opportunities
Have you seen our non-releasable raptors? Hawks, owls, eagles, and a turkey vulture ... coming to a venue near you! Learn more about these amazing birds of prey and the work we do at Sarvey caring for orphaned and injured wildlife.
Mukilteo Library
 Saturday, October 8
4675 Harbour Pointe Blvd NE
Mukilteo, WA
2:00 - 3:00
 Sultan Library
Saturday, October 22
319 Main St
Sultan, WA
10:00 -11:00
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please be advised that ALL FRED MEYER rewards cards MUST be re-registered for our facility to continue to receive funds from the Community Rewards benefits.
Even if you had us as your charity of choice in the past, you are required to re-register for the next year to continue to support our organization. We receive about $500 a quarter from this program. If you have never registered your rewards card, you can do it today. CLICK HERE to get started. Our # is: 91530

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