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February 2015
May The Force Be With You!
 Wildlife Hospital 2016
It feels like little time has passed since we were writing about Baby Season 2015, and making final preparations for last year. Somehow these “baby seasons” seem to be lasting longer and longer each year. There is little down time in between and our PNW winters have been milder and shorter – just a couple of days ago the temperatures were in the 60’s! Very unseasonably warm for early February.
However, the most frightening part for us is the phone calls that are starting to trickle in – questions and concerns about a batch of “baby bunnies” hoping around in a patch of grass and shrubs near a local business, reports of nests filled with baby birds in a kitchen stove vent, young baby squirrels squawking in a tree – we assess these situations and determine if things are “normal” or help the caller problem solve, so the babies can stay with mom. We know if won’t be long until the first batches of orphans arrive. Last year, it was February 24 – maybe we should start taking bets about the first baby of the year for 2016.
    Silver-haired bat hanging out, new floor in duckling nursery, injured Bald eagle, Shot Snow goose
    undergoes surgery.
Our fall and winter months flew by too quickly. We had almost twice as many patients this January compared to the same time last year. Our ICU area was filled to capacity with sick and injured raptors, waterfowl, and we had three bald eagles in our care. Many young first year raptors often have a hard time navigating the world around them. Injuries from window and car strikes are the most common, and others succumb to various infections. Sadly we even had 3 patients the first week that had all been shot.
We are working hard and quickly right now on a few important projects to be ready for 2016. You may recall that we needed to replace the floors in our clinic hospital building. Yesterday, the baby bird and baby mammal rooms were completed. We hope that by the end of the month most of the remaining areas will also be done. Our old flooring was worn out and damaged in places. This new flooring is a thicker medical grade quality and is much more durable. The smooth surface will also allow for easier cleaning and sanitation.
  Baby bird room - Before              New flooring getting installed          Base moulding is installed

Thank you to everyone who has helped by donating funds or supplies to help us prepare for 2016.
We treated a total of 1489 wildlife patients in 2015, and January 2016 has already proven to be busy, so we expect that trend to continue. Rehabilitating orphaned, sick, and injured wild animals is challenging in many respects – so, we are quite proud of our 72% release rate for 2015.
If you missed it before, we are continuing our $100,000 challenge. Visit our Go Fund Me page – or our website for more information on how you can help.
Share our video on the page –
Donations can also be made online on our website. Please go see our new Blog feature on the website too! We have our Patients of the Week archived with their story updates, and will continue to share stories all year.

Be sure to follow us on FaceBook for regular updates about our patients and also visit our website for links to videos, news and updates, and announcements about upcoming educational opportunities.
Thank you for your ongoing support. Wildlife rehabilitation is a community effort. Your donations are an investment in the future the future of our facility and for future generations of wildlife born in our area.
Please consider making a one time or monthly contribution to support the work we do all year. Visit our website and DONATE today. 
Educational Opportunities
Have you seen our non-releasable raptors? Hawks, owls, eagles, and a turkey vulture ... coming to a venue near you! Learn more about these amazing birds of prey and the work we do at Sarvey caring for orphaned and injured wildlife.
Saturday, February 27, 2016
Port Susan Snow Goose Festival
Time: 3:00
Masonic Temple
27205 - 102nd Ave NW
Stanwood, WA


Our Education Team is available for school presentations, special events at libraries or youth clubs, festivals, and more. Contact us to arrange a private or public presentation or see more information on our website under Education.
There are lots of ways you can help support our mission. Many local employers have gift matching programs. Does yours? Sarvey is registered with Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks to name a few – and these companies match $ for $ their employee contributions. Does your employer match donations to non-profits? It is wonderful to have these companies helping to support our efforts too!
Another easy way to donate is to simply register your store rewards cards with FRED MEYER (register through their website Community Rewards program – our number is 91530) or BARTELL DRUGS. More information is on our website home page.
Sarvey Wildlife Eco Friendly Tote bags are available for sale on our website. These make a great gift – or us as a gift bag – a gift within a gift!
Do you shop AMAZON? Use AmazonSmile and register Sarvey Wildlife and we will receive a donation from Amazon!
Contact us at with any questions. Thank you for making 2015 a BIG SUCCESS.
Patient of the Week
Here are a few highlights of some of the Patients of the Week that we profiled recently. Our new website BLOG feature in up now!
You can see our archived stories and find updates on the final dispostion of the patients we profiled. 
If you are not following us on FaceBook, this will be a good way to stay connected with our updates and rescue stories.

1/11/16 - One of the many patients we have received so far this year is this guy - a beautiful and elegant Great Blue heron. It arrived suffering from head trauma and was emaciated. It is eating well now and improved enough today to be moved to a large flight area to gain strength and acclimate to the weather. We hope it continues to improve so we can release it soon. Check out those long legs and knobby knees!
Status – released.
1/25/16 - Northern flying squirrel - this little one was found in Marysville after someone watched it fall from a tree yesterday. It was not responding normally so she brought it to us for care. We are treating it for head trauma. Watch the cute video of it foraging for food, you can find it here on our FaceBook page under videos.
Status – pending.

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