An update on progress and growth at CFC schools
~ May 2016 ~
Please read on for some highlights from the second quarter of 2016 and stay connected with CFC to continue to hear stories of our impact and progress!
Fond farewell to a valued contributor of
CFC's robust Health Education Program
In May, CFC bid a farewell to Health Program Manager Im Uom (pictured at right with Superintendent & Country Director Ung Savy and Deputy Country Director Christin Spoolstra), a driving force behind the growth of our Health Education Program since 2012 when he joined our team. From our early days, CFC realized that we could only make a sustainable difference in our classrooms once our students were healthy. Efforts to address community health have since developed into a robust Health Education Program that is administered across all CFC schools through the leadership of Im Uom and three full-time school nurses. Together with our volunteer-powered health committee and valuable resources from International Medical Clinic and Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap, this incredible team provides quality health education services to our entire community.
Uom was hired in 2012 through a partnership with Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) where he had worked for ten years, and he now returns to AHC in a different capacity. CFC's three full-time nurses -- Loan Ratha, Sok Phy and Oun Nemoll (pictured at right) -- are ready and able to take the reins and continue to develop and enhance our health education curriculum.
"After I started with CFC, I saw that everyone was curious and wanted to learn about health lessons because they know that good health is important for their studies and their communities. This makes me really proud of myself that I have changed their mindset on taking care of their health."  ~ Im Uom
Uom has worked diligently with CFC staff and the Department of School Health, and he leaves a legacy that highlights the strengths of our health program: broadened health education and resources across all grade levels; increased health screenings (vision, growth and dental); improved WASH facilities at all campuses; engaged teachers and Student Council members; and new programs, like first aid training. In addition to three full-time nurses, CFC employs cooks who are trained in safe food preparation, and staff members who clean our water filters and ensure that supplies of soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes are readily available. Uom and his team have led regular community presentations to disseminate teachings to our school family communities.
Uom says he is most proud of his efforts involving first aid training which now extends throughout the entire CFC school network using real life scenarios and first aid skills to educate teachers, staff and students. To date, over 1100 participants have been trained in basic first aid response (pre-school training at left). The impact has been both powerful and immediate as exemplified by stories of a pre-school mother who saved a child from drowning, a teacher who stabilized a child for transport to the hospital after a snakebite, and a student who now knows to clean a simple abrasion with soap and water.
"Uom has many qualities that has made the Health Education Program successful; intelligence, patience, determination, professionalism and dedication. Plus he is just one of the nicest people I know. He cares deeply about the mission of CFC and knows that the Health Team is now strong and ready to carry on without him. He will be missed, of course, but he has done his job well. Our ongoing success will be the proof." ~  Barbara Levy, Health Education Chair
 Best of luck Im Uom - you will be missed but not forgotten!
Celebrating CFC's teacher scholarship program
Since its inception in 2013, the Cuong Do Scholarship Program has offered all CFC teachers the support needed to obtain a University degree and study English in return for a future commitment to teaching at CFC schools. For the 2015 academic year, the program graduated an impressive twenty-three teachers!
In late March, CFC Board Member Cuong Do and his family traveled to visit our schools in Siem Reap. They hosted a reception celebrating the graduates (pictured above), Mr. Do spoke to the audience and shared his feelings of pride in how hard the teachers have worked towards their advanced degrees. He encouraged them to keep learning and sharing their knowledge with their students and others in their communities. During their time in Siem Reap, the Do Family also spent time engaging with students at Kravaan Primary School during ESL lessons.
CFC is profoundly grateful for the continued support and guidance given by Cuong Do whose generosity over the years has provided CFC schools with enhanced technology resources, innovative programs, and needed campus improvements.
Thank you Do Family!

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