Update on progress and growth at CFC schools
September 2015
Introducing our newest team member
We are pleased to introduce Elaine Park who joined our team in Siem Reap to collaborate with our Information Communication Technology (ICT) team to develop a comprehensive three-year IT curriculum. After an extensive and impressive career, Elaine recently relocated from Korea along with her Great Dane who is making quite a name for himself in Siem Reap!
Elaine received her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. She worked as an applied research and quality engineer for companies such as Motorola, Inc., Dupont Photomask, and Boston Scientific. She also gained experience in technical writing for patent applications before finding her way into education where she has worked for the past ten years.
Elaine has honed her skills in developing curriculum with inquiry and project­-based units throughout her teaching career. Her teaching methodologies include establishing an environment where students have voice and choice. She believes that students should experience a process of investigating and inquiry to answer an essential question that would bring about a 'real world' application. She is looking forward to another exciting academic year with CFC.
Welcome to the team, Elaine!
Continued progress with vision and health screenings
In August, Health Education Chairperson Barbara Levy led another team of volunteers from the International Medical Clinic in Singapore on another successful health screening trip. Working with CFC's in-country staff and volunteers from Angkor Hospital for Children, a total of 650 students were screened for vision, height, weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) measurements. Fifteen were identified in need of follow-up referrals so that they will no longer need to struggle to see and learn.
The team held a community presentation at Aranh Primary School for 150 families and students each of whom received hygiene packages that included soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes generously donated from Unilever and SmileFocus, a Singapore dentist practice. The community talk focused on dental hygiene and dengue fever prevention.
As Barbara Levy commented, "In addition to helping CFC students, our volunteers came together as an international team, laughing and learning from each other."
Grant from Moneygram Foundation solidifies ESL program
CFC has been awarded a $46,000 grant from Moneygram Foundation to bolster our ESL teaching and programs. CFC's long-term goal is ESL-immersion across a number of subjects. This would be a first for Cambodia, a country that is poised for active ASEAN membership in 2015 but that still desperately needs English language and job skills to participate in the 21st century economy.
Developed in collaboration with Lehigh University’s School of Education, CFC's ESL program is brand new. One of our steepest hurdles is that our dedicated teachers are, themselves, just learning the English they need to practice 21st century skills. Moneygram Foundation support would enable us to implement our first year of project-based ESL learning. This pilot initiative will run from August 2015 through June 2016.
The goal is to develop of cohort of 20 bilingual ESL immersion teachers at CFC schools, with potential to replicate their teaching methods throughout Cambodia, through this initial investment. In addition, giving 600 Cambodian students an ESL foundation along with 21st century STEM skills to increase their prospects of employment in the growing national and regional economies.
With this financial help and vote of confidence, CFC's ESL program and our students and teachers are poised for great success. Thank you Moneygram!
Funding received for purchase of IT equipment
CFC's computer resources received a significant endowment in the past few months thanks to two generous benefactors. CFC Director, Cuong Do generously provided twenty laptops which were shipped to Siem Reap compliments of United Parcel Service. In addition, Microsoft executive Hong Choing and his team of Microsoft employees raised USD$22,500 enabling the purchase of thirty-two laptops as well as projectors and computer lab equipment and furniture. Our students are even more ready now for internet access and technology learning! Thank you!
Generous benefactors fund new building at Bakong Primary
The Cernosia Family Foundation is supporting the construction of a new building for the Bakong Primary School. Construction has begun and classrooms will be ready to use when school opens in November 2015. The new structure will replace a building that CFC inherited eleven years ago. Over time, repairs proved insufficient and the building became unsafe with faulty electricity and a decomposing roof that was especially problematic during rainy season. Bakong Primary School currently houses fifteen teachers and 856 students. The new building will no doubt provide a safe and modern learning environment for years to come.
Thank you Cernosia Family - we are forever grateful for your continued generosity.
Update on Lehigh University Partnership
The five summer interns returned to Lehigh University after eight weeks of hard work in Siem Reap. Students worked alongside CFC staff on the ground to help develop some key resources and program development. Completed projects included:
  • compiling resources for the Gender Equity program that will help students and their families identify local facilities and organizations to help them in areas where they need support
  • training teachers on the database program and working to secure their collaboration to get the database even closer to full implementation
  • developing more ESL lessons for the new program that will be implemented this fall
  • working with the volunteer team to reach out to the local community in Siem Reap to build relationships for future fundraising events
As always, CFC appreciates the time, energies and ideas from the talented pool of Lehigh summer interns. Thank you!
Summer volunteer service trips
In June, students from Libertyville High School in Libertyville, Illinois traveled across the globe to Siem Reap with their chaperone Keyne Monson to participate in a service project. The group built a study hut at Bakong Motwani Junior High School and painted several sets of tables and stools. Well done, Libertyville!
The most recent Make A Difference (M.A.D.) service trip in July brought supporters from Singapore and the United States together to work on building a brick wall to secure parts of the Aranh campus. The funds raised by this group also supported a water project for a well and holding tank to support bathrooms at Aranh Cuthbert Junior High School. Thank you all for your hard work!
Employees from Credit Suisse AP spent two days in July working on the Kravaan Primary School campus on a paving stone project. They also purchased and painted thirty desk sets helping us to outfit safe and functional classrooms. Thank you Credit Suisse!
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