An update on progress and growth at CFC schools
~ January 2017 ~
WASH highlight: Water and Sanitation Hygiene
CFC's Health Education Program started with the basics and has evolved into a comprehensive program that reaches students, parents, and the wider community. A central component of this program is our WASH plan that assesses water, sanitation and hygiene needs across all campuses and implements solutions, including clean water, locally sourced bio-sand filters, and new hand-washing stations and gender-friendly toilet facilities at our schools.
Classroom education emphasizes the importance of good hygiene and hand-washing habits. Hand-washing stations and generous supply donations make it easy to put those teachings into practice. Clean drinking water is available for students and villagers every day. Monthly maintenance and cleaning as well as quarterly water quality assessments enforce strict oversight. As a result, our WASH program has contributed to a reduction in diarrhea, bronchitis, and other infectious diseases throughout our entire CFC community. And, equally important, fewer illnesses mean increased attendance and learning.
CFC Health Education Program Manager Own Nemoll notes the significance of our robust WASH program:
"All of this is really helpful to our students' and families' health for everyday living. And, we believe that students can only learning well if they are healthy."
Australia-based SoapAid recently donated over 30,000 bars of soap to support our WASH programs. SoapAid is a non-profit organization that works closely with partner hotels, to collect used and unused soap, reprocess and repackage it, and then redistribute to areas in need of better sanitation. We are incredibly grateful that they chose CFC as a recipient of their efforts. Thank you SoapAid!
TD Securities Visits Kravann Primary School
Last December, thirty-nine volunteers from Singapore-based TD Securities took a heartwarming and rewarding trip to Siem Reap where they worked on campus improvement projects at Kravaan Primary School. They spent the day laying paving stones for a new walkway, revitalizing the school’s garden, and playing basketball with the students. Volunteers also assembled ESL materials and participated in Food for Thought.
According to Director of Human Resources Cheryl Ford, who has traveled to Cambodia multiple times, "it was a great privilege to return with my colleagues, and, as a team, to make a difference." Chief Operating Officer Nikhil Bhambri agreed that the trip offered "all TD colleagues a chance to bond with each other and build friendships that go beyond the workplace."
Thank you TD Securities for making a difference at Kravaan!
Lehigh's Global Citizenship Program
visits Aranh Sakor and Kong Much
In December 2016, Dr. Sothy Eng of Lehigh University accompanied twenty-three undergraduate students to Cambodia with the school's Global Citizenship Program. This interdisciplinary program emphasizes traditional coursework and the value in applying one's knowledge toward the enhancement of a global community. Lehigh students spent time at various CFC campuses, working on campus improvement projects at Aranh Sakor High School and helping to paint a classroom mural at Kong Much Primary School (below). Their work contributed to the completion of the mural previously installed by Evolve Art instructor Jeni Louise Ayodel (see related story above).
Since the beginning of the CFC-Lehigh University partnership in 2010, more than 150 Lehigh students have traveled to Cambodia to work with CFC schools as volunteers, researchers, evaluators, and interns. Their time, energy and talents are valued greatly.
Thank you Lehigh!
Modeling volunteer service as a family affair
Many CFC supporters incorporate service in their family vacations, traveling to Cambodia to experience its rich culture and history while also looking for ways to give back to a country in need. These family volunteers leave our campus grounds more accessible, safer and more beautiful than before their arrival, and they offer memorable interactions for our student communities. Thank you all!
Sixth Annual Mother-Daughter Trip
In celebration of CFC Day in January, a group of fifteen women and children from Singapore (and one grandma from Florida!) joined forces for the sixth annual Mother-Daughter Service Trip. They laid paving stones for a new walkway at Kravann Primary School, painted flower beds, and assembled several hundred hygiene kits with donated supplies transported from Singapore. Friendships were made with young students eager to help and rekindled with older students on a Village Ramble scavenger hunt that ended with everyone singing songs in the new music room. It was another wonderful trip!
New Playground for Kong Much Primary School
In late December 2016, the Thornburg and Johnson Families traveled from Taiwan and Hong Kong to spend four days working together on a playground refurbishment project at Kong Much Primary School. Prior to their arrival, the Thornburg children organized a school bake sale to raise money to purchase the new playground materials.
ESL assistance at Kong Much Primary School
For two days in early January, the Levinson Family assisted in the ESL classrooms at Kong Much and Kravann Primary Schools. Dan and his wife made their first trip to Southeast Asia over twenty-four years ago on their honeymoon, and later adopted their two children from Vietnam. Having previously volunteered as ESL teachers in other countries, their children were "old hands" at incorporating games and other learning tools into the classroom lessons. They all enjoyed teaching English to CFC students: "We found the children warm, considerate and eager learners and received such a warm welcome during our visit."
Chatsworth International School
In conjunction with Year 8 Humanities lessons on Cambodia and helping those in need, students from Chatsworth International School in Singapore traveled to Siem Reap late last year for an international service project. The trip helped to strenghten bonds between Chatsworth and CFC in many ways. Students worked hard to lay new paving tiles and they forged new friendships with CFC peers that many hope will be revisited on future visits.
Some favorable reactions by Chatsworth students included the following:
"I've never been to Cambodia and I loved helping the school." ~ Nikita
"I really enjoyed socialising with kids who came from a different background
to me." ~ Meghna
"My favorite times were playing in the playground and making origami with
the CFC students. It was nice to meet new people." ~ Mihika
Thank you Chatsworth!

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