An update on progress and growth at CFC schools
~ September 2016 ~
Cambodian schools have remained in session during these summer months. Our classrooms have been bustling with robust and engaging lesson plans. Our staff has been diligently working on development and delivery of key programs. Our campuses have benefited from the work of many enthusiastic volunteers, and our entire community enjoyed a visit from our founder Jamie Amelio. As schools in Cambodia enter their final month of this academic year, we proudly share some highlights from the third quarter.
Thank you for your continued support!
Summer visit from Founder Jamie Amelio
CFC Founder and CEO Jamie Amelio returned to Siem Reap in July. During her stay, she met with administrators, teachers and student groups of all ages, and joined in the team's review of successes and challenges of the 2015-2016 academic year and areas of renewed focus for next year.
In the photographs below, Jamie greets students at a local public school, congratulates former Amelio School students who earned their teacher training certificates, and shares a moment with Country Director & School Superintendent Ung Savy.
A primary objective of Jamie's trip was to assess what physical improvements are needed at our schools in an effort to get 'back to the basics'. For the past few years, CFC has focused on building our human capital and delivering 21st-century skills to our students and staff members. We have achieved significant success and growth in both of these areas, however, after almost fourteen years in operation, it is time to revisit the quality of our infrastructure so that it matches the quality of our curriculum and teaching. During her visit, Jamie and the in-country team assessed the state of our facilities and developed a long-term plan to fully outfit our campuses through clean-up, repairs, and new equipment.
Jamie was joined by three of her children and several longtime CFC supporters from Singapore and Austin, Texas ~ Channy Seour, Alex Tan, and Savy and Kang Buoy. Traveling with the group was Steve Adler, the mayor of Austin, Texas, and his wife, Diane Land, who toured CFC schools for the very first time. (At left, the group poses with administrators and students in front of the Aranh Sakor High School.)
On her departure, Jamie reflected "it is always great to share what's happening afar with your own neighbors, particularly those so supportive of CFC. I remain incredibly proud of the commitment of our CFC team and the excellent education delivered at our schools".
Until next time Jamie!
Health screenings span five schools
CFC's Health Education Committee completed a record number of screenings during their August trip with over 1700 students assessed for vision and nutrition (BMI) at five different school campuses. Nineteen students were recommended for additional vision examinations, and ten students required follow-up for nutrition needs. Committee Chair Barbara Levy was joined by CFC nursing staff and four volunteers from the International Medical Clinic (IMC) in Singapore, including General Manager Elizabeth Cowle.
Screening results are required to be immediately input into our health record system to ensure consistent monitoring of student health levels. During this trip, the Cambodian staff members demonstrated a new ability to work with the spreadsheet, resulting in an even more productive trip for all involved. Well done, team!
The group's visit concluded at Aranh Primary School with an informative community presentation on dengue fever and distribution of donated hygiene items to community attendees.
 Thank you Health Team and IMC!

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