Unseen's Newsletter, January 2017
A small favour to ask...
Our fantastic Managing Director and Co-Founder Kate Garbers has been short-listed for a national award by the Directory for Social Change!
Kate is up for an Influencer Award, which is now down to a public vote. Please could we ask you to spend a minute of your time and vote for Kate here or log on to http://bit.ly/2fxYN3G 
She is second in the list, and there is a full description of why she's been nominated. 
Your vote could help us publicise our work to a wider audience and allow Kate to be recognised for all her hard work. She's pictured here playing ultimate frisbee, which she does in her spare time - for Great Britain... Thank you!
Truly gifted 
We were blessed with an amazing array of Christmas presents in 2016 – from food hampers, toiletries, chocolates, artwork and clothing – which were given to all the 40 survivors currently in our safe-houses and outreach projects.
So a huge thank you to everyone involved. Special mentions go to: River of Life Christian Centre, Clarke Willmott, Bristol Fawcett Society, Chineham Church and artist Angie Walsh, pictured above (centre) with a few head office staff.
All presents were joyfully received and treasured – one woman wrote,"Thank you for everything you do for all of us. Thank you for the love you show us, thank you for your care for all of us. You are all amazing. I have never met people like you in my life before."
Transforming lives at our women's safe-house 
The women’s safe-house has been busy and full for the past few months, with residents from Albania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Lithuania, Latvia and Vietnam.
One resident, who arrived in the summer, had been the victim of domestic servitude and physical violence for a long period of time and comes from a very underprivileged background. The House Manager says: “She has truly flourished since being with us. She arrived vary wary, unable to leave the house without support, and was very low emotionally because of what she'd been through." 
However, she soon developed in confidence, communicating more easily thanks to English lessons at the house. “She has discovered that she loves painting and sewing, has taken part in a local photography exhibition [pictured], and has decorated the house with beautiful canvases of flowers – she recently re-covered all the cushions in the lounge!”
MShed exhib
Men’s safe-house goes from strength to strength
Our men’s safe-house continues to be busy, and the subject of how to improve sleep is a hot topic right now, according to the House Manager. “Many of our clients suffer with disturbed sleep after their rescue, and suffer with nightmares and flashbacks. So staff are helping them establish a routine and providing techniques and coping strategies, such as breathing and relaxation exercises, to help them get the rest they need,” he says.
The service recently helped two male survivors country of originsurvivors to
return to their home countries in Europe, where they were met by local charities Caritas and International Organization for Migration. It’s important that Unseen teams up with local
services so that continuous support and care is available to each survivor.
These organisations then help survivors to
resettle and find accommodation to suit each individual's needs, help them link with local
support networks, and ultimately ensure they
are safe from being re-exploited or found by
their traffickers.
Let's Nail It! - campaign update
Let's Nail It! image
We’ve been running our Let’s Nail It! campaign since October, and Santa car wash
together with our ‘Unlike Santa, slavery is real’ appeal last Christmas, we’ve
raised just over £9,000!
The Christmas appeal was strongly supported and raised enough money
to provide 130 one-to-one life-skills sessions for survivors at our
safe-houses. These provide vital skills such as budgeting, 
learning about safe relationships, how to voice opinions 
and how to
stay safe.
Thank you very much indeed for your support!
Running with the TRIBE
Every hour - throughout the weekend of 10-11th December 2016, TRIBE Freedom Runs (a 10K run or 40K bike ride) set off across the UK to run for a world free from slavery.
The idea was put forward by specialist sports nutrition company TRIBE, which boasts a growing community of like-minded runners who regularly gather to, well, run, and also contribute to the society around them.

The Freedom Runs raised just under £5,000 for Unseen. A massive thank you to TRIBE and everyone who took part and literally put their best food forward to combat slavery on these shores. Tribe run
Need training to spot slavery?
Unseen runs a CPD accredited training programme for frontline staff, giving you the skills and knowledge to spot potential slavery indicators and know what action to take.
For prices and dates, 
please call Jessica on 0303 040 2888 or visit our training pages.
Paperchains with a difference
Aesop, one of London’s top creative agencies, ran a Christmas campaign for Unseen involving cleverly designed paperchains.
They looked like ordinary festive decorations, but on closer inspection featured four designs, depicting different types of exploitation and inspired by survivors’ stories. The chains were then sold in aid of Unseen and caught the eye of newspapers and social media.
Read an Unseen staff blog that inspired one of the designs, here.
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