Dear Friend,
As we begin a new year I recall the words of the prophet Isaiah: Do not remember the former things, or consider the things of old. I am about to do a new thing (43:18-19). I find great hope in new beginnings. The new year is an opportunity for us to stop looking back and start looking forward with hope—the hope of becoming our best and truest selves before God. Change is only possible through self-awareness, a desire to change, and God’s grace. May God’s blessings abound for you and your loved ones in 2011.
Sr. Theresa Rickard, O.P., D.Min.
President & Executive Director 
Estimado/a Friend,
Comenzamos un nuevo año y recuerdo las palabras del profeta Isaías: Pero no se acuerden más de otros tiempos, ni sueñen ya más en las cosas del pasado. Pues yo voy a realizar una cosa nueva (43, 18-19). Los comienzos nuevos me dan una gran esperanza. El Año Nuevo es una oportunidad para que dejemos el pasado y comencemos a mirar hacia adelante con esperanza – con la esperanza de ser mejores y más sinceros ante Dios. El cambio solo es posible a través del reconocimiento de sí mismo, de tener deseos de cambiar, y de la gracia de Dios. Que en el 2011 la bendición de Dios sea abundante para usted y sus seres queridos.
Muchas bendiciones,
Hermana Theresa Rickard, O.P., D.Min.
Presidente y Directora Ejecutiva

RENEW in El Salvador and Honduras 
Sr. Marenid's Recent Visit
Sr. Marenid Fabre, O.P., presenter for RENEW, journeyed to Honduras and El Salvador to visit our RENEW communities in November. She met with Bishop José Adolfo Mojica Morales who is very connected to the youth and has made outreach to them a top priority. Currently 95 percent of the parishes in El Salvador are involved Jovenes Del Siglo XXI para Cristo (RENEW for youth).
Sr. Marenid meets with a small Christian community in Honduras.
The people in Honduras and El Salvador are in urgent need of even simple provisions like shoes, clothing, and food, not to mention copies of the Bible. Through the generosity of our donors and grants, RENEW has fostered spiritual renewal through the development of small Christian communities in Honduras at no charge to the people for eight years. If you would like to help us continue our efforts with youth in Honduras or El Salvador, please click here.
Sr. Marenid receives a blessing in Honduras.

Lifting Up Our Hearts 
Praying with the Third Edition of the Roman Missal
As you may know, beginning in Advent 2011 all parishes in the United States will begin using the new Third Edition of the Roman Missal in English. In preparing parishioners for this new Missal, Lifting Up Our Hearts takes advantage of this "teaching moment." Each session enhances participants' understanding of the liturgy with the result that they will experience more full, conscious, and active participation.
Through prayerful reflection on the changes to the people's parts of the Mass, this resource written by Dr. Peter J. Zografos emphasizes the role of the assembly and leads Catholics into a deeper understanding of the meaning of the Mass and its significance in their lives.
Pre-order your book and CD today for March 2011 delivery!   

Large-Print Resources 
Available Now!
Through funding from a grant from the Lavelle Fund for the Blind, RENEW provides Why Catholic? and ARISE Together in Christ books in large print. These resources have been instrumental in reaching low-vision individuals.

Renewing Family Faith 
Family Traditions
Traditions such as wearing green on St. Patrick's Day are all around us. From caroling on Christmas Eve to hosting a BBQ on the 4th of July, many of us participate in family traditions. As we begin another year, take a few moments to think about
  • Which family traditions have special meanings for you?
  • Which traditions would you like to keep?
  • What traditions would you like to add this year?
Children get their faces painted at the Annual RENEW Family Christmas Party.

 Your donations are vital to advancing our mission. As another year begins, we invite you to make a donation to continue the work of RENEW International. Thank you and God Bless!
In This Issue
Why Catholic? Impact 
"Being in a Why Catholic? small Christian community has opened my heart to want to learn more of the Catholic faith. I have experienced the joy of growing in faith with others in my group."
Judy in Decatur, Texas
RENEW Podcasts 
Being a parent is truly a blessing from God. Listen to this podcast on Parenting Children Faithfully for ways to encounter Christ through the eyes of children in the developing world. 
Pondering the Word 
"In the morning, while it was still very dark, he got up and went out to a deserted place, and there he prayed."
Mark 1:35 
As Jesus faces the beginning of his preaching journey, he prepares by praying. As you begin this new year, remember to take the time to go apart and raise your heart to God.
Table Talk: 
Family Discussion
Reflect on the following and how these impact your life:
1) Share an event in your life when you were moved to pray. 
2) How important is personal prayer in your daily life?
3) What helps you to pray? Do you set aside a special time?
2010 Annual Report 
RENEW's 2010 Annual Report is now available online! See what was accomplished in 2009-2010 and what is planned for 2011 and beyond.
Lenten Resources 
Make a six-week retreat by exploring the Sunday readings of Lent in Lenten Longings. Simple language and everyday metaphors steep you in the season’s promptings to surrender self, work for justice, and deepen your prayer life.
Two other great Lenten resources are Reflexiones en Cuaresma in Spanish and Reflexões na Quaresma in Portuguese.
These books and CD are available to order today!
Gala 2011 Save the Date! 
Keep June 2, 2011 open for the Annual RENEW Gala! Watch future issues for more details.
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