April, 2019 
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Upcoming Events
Please feel welcome to join us at any of the events we have planned for this year,  or just come back to KHS for a visit. Contact Nanci on 01608 731 880 or n.austin@kinghamhill.org to make arrangements.
To sign up online for our events, please go to the alumni website page here
Chill on the Hill, 1 June
A summer party on the Hill.   Drive your classic car or bike, bring the family and enjoy a relaxed day reconnecting with old friends and staff. If you'd like to perform in our informal music tent or help with games on the day, please be in touch.  Be sure to book online so that we can cater and plan for numbers. 
Speech Day, 6 July
The annual day of celebration and tradition on the Hill. Tea and the old boys cricket match in the afternoon.
London Gathering, 21 November
Hold the date for something new - an pre-holiday evening gathering.  More details to follow. 
The First Pupils at KHS
Walter Balfour and his brother Sydney were two of the first pupils on the Hill. The granddaughter of Sydney came to visit us all the way from Australia in search of her family history and to view original documents written by our Founder.  Thanks to Hilary Mackenzie for sharing her story with us here.
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John Roser
Dear John turned 100 this year and remembers CEB Young from when he was on the Hill.   We went to visit John and record some of his stories on video. His memory is sharp and his love for KHS runs deep. This can be viewed here.  
Can you help?
Do you have time to help plan with upcoming events?  Hoping  to have more news for Alumni?  Interested in helping with the KHS Archives?   Do you have website development skills? We need your help!   Any of your time or support would be enthusiastically received.
RAF Meteor Crash Site in the 'Planny' from November 1953
In 1953 many of our boys remember hearing the sound of a plane crashing in the Planny during the middle of the day.  The son of one of the two pilots who sadly lost their lives contacted us for the first time last year.  He came to visit in June and was kindly joined by a few Hillians who remembered the accident. Since then we have moved a stone to the location and will be installing a brass plaque to pay our respects.  This will be complete by June 1.
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Social Media Links 
Both the school and Hillians have an active social media presence.  For the latest Hillian news, please 'like' our page on Facebook at Hillians Facebook News
Please also join the closed group for general banter and networking between alumni Hillian Private Facebook Group
Not on Facebook but use LinkedIn for business?  Join our private group there at Hillian LinkedIn
School General Updates
Find current school updates on Twitter @kinghamhillsch and and like us at Kingham Hill School page to keep up to date with all the current school news.
´╗┐Staff to join us at Chill
We are ever grateful for the involvement of current and former staff with alumni events.  Mr Fox, Mr Birnie and Mr Herringshaw are just a few that are looking forward to seeing you on June 1.
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Support Us
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To find out more about the projects and mission of KHS, please visit us at
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Dear Hillian Friend
I am writing to you from the Hill on the first day of Easter break.  Our pupils are now on holiday for 3 weeks.  You may imagine that the campus is quiet; it is not.  We hire out the facilities for camps, schools and retreats so that we can realize the greatest financial benefit from this beautiful place.  Our first 'let' arrived on Saturday, just a day after school broke up.
This break in our normal school routine gives me time to look at the bigger picture and to be thankful. My number one goal when I took this job was to build community - with our pupils, alumni, parents and beyond.  We have come a long way and with this community we can do great things. Thank you for supporting me, and KHS in the many ways that you do. I hope to see you at Chill on the Hill in June.
Nanci Austin
Development and Alumni Relations
01608 731 880
Founder's Day and Annual Hillian AGM meeting
A few weeks ago, 120 Hillians, former staff and sixth formers came together to celebrate Founder's Day.  We started with coffee in the new library and then headed to the Daylesford churchyard for a service of thanks next to the grave of CEB Young. From there we went on to the Kingham Church to dedicate a new memorial plaque which commemorates those who are buried in the churchyard with links to KHS.   It was a busy day with lunch served in the dining hall and our annual AGM meeting to wrap things up. Thanks to Tony Middleton and Robert Herringshaw for capturing these pictures from the day.
To view a copy of the Hillian 2018 Annual Reports and to see the many ways that our Hillians have supported KHS, please click here. 
Founder's Pupils Progress
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Over the past few months we have been reaching out to alumni to ask for your financial support for Founder's Pupils.   Many are unaware that the School actively seeks to fund and support children who have a need similar to those who were supported over many decades through the legacy of our Founder.  More on this initiative is here
Through your generous support we are currently able to fund 2 pupils who will be entering into Year 7 (age 11).  If you haven't had a chance to join us in this project, please do consider it so that we can expand this provision for further children in need here at KHS.  
"I was not a pupil at the school but my father Robert William Jenner was circa 1920/1928. He then went to Latimer House in London. He passed away aged 86 in 1997 and his ashes are spread in the field at the back of Bradford House where he spent most of his years on The Hill.  He would be delighted to know that the school is keeping up the tradition of welcoming less fortunate children to the school and retaining the Founders mission."
                                                                                                - Gerry Jenner
Video Stories from the Hill
stories from the hill
Your feedback and support for Video Stories from the Hill has been wonderful.  Be sure to view these Recent Videos when you have a moment.
New Sports Centre - Halfway Complete
With the roof now on, we are halfway through the building works for the new Sports Centre.  Thanks to Mel James for capturing this photograph from above in late March.  (Sheffield House is positioned to the left of the new build.)
For weekly updates on the progress of the build, please visit the school website at Sports Centre Blog
Life of a Houseparent
Durham in 1971
We recently heard from John Mann who stumbled on our online archive of old school magazines.   John is the son of Ralph, houseparent of Durham (1963-73).
"I was very interested to find the old Kingham Hill magazines on the website which enabled me to put a date to various events in my childhood.  I was particularly amused by the photo of the school buildings in the 1971 issue taken from the Durham House garden and showing some very long grass!  There is a story behind this, housemasters were expected to mow their house lawns but were only provided with ancient decrepit lawnmowers to do this. The mower frequently went wrong, and had to be taken to Mr McDowell in Chipping Norton for repair, which I believe had to be done at the housemaster's expense.  Eventually my father and others decided they would "go on strike" and refuse to mow the lawns. The result can be seen in the picture and the final outcome was that we were provided with a shiny new top-of-the-range Suffolk Punch mower!" 
(This is a great reminder for all to view old school magazines from 1914 onward by clicking here)

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