December, 2018 
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Upcoming Events
We are keen for you to connect with each other, the Hill, and our pupils. Please feel welcome to join us at any of the events we have planned for this year,  or just come by for a visit. Contact Nanci on 01608 731 880 for more information or to make arrangements.
You can sign up for events on our website here
Tuesday, 5 February - 11 am
CCF Bi-Annual Inspection
Remember the days of marching around campus and going away on CCF trips?  Join us for the inspection of our troops and lunch at School.  
Saturday, 23 March - 11 am
Founders Day Lunch and Hillian AGM
The annual reunion and lunch to remember the history of  Kingham Hill and pay respects to our Founder. 
Chill on the Hill, 1 June
A summer party on the Hill.   Drive your classic car or bike, bring the family and enjoy a relaxed day with old friends.
Speech Day, 6 July
The annual day of celebration and tradition on the Hill.  
New Sports Centre Progress
Building work on the sports facility has finally started to rise out of the ground. The first steels were lifted into place this week.  The water connection has also been made.  At the same time the astroturf lights are being upgraded to LED and new cricket nets are being installed in January.  Target completion for the build is November, 2019.  The view below is from Swansea House facing the admin building, with Sheffield to the left.
For update on the progress of this project, please follow our online updates from: Sports Centre Blog
Happy 100th Birthday
Old boy John Roser (of Bradford and Sheffield 1927-1932) has been in touch recently to share news of his time on the Hill and also the fact that he turned 100 in September.  John and his brother Dennis were brought to KHS by CEB Young and went on to Latimer House in London.  John remembers our Founder well - and also learning to swim in very cold outdoor conditions at the pool on the farm. 
Can you help?
Do you have time to help plan with upcoming events?  Hoping  to have more news for Alumni?  Interested in helping with the KHS Archives?   We need your help!  If you have time, please get in touch with the Development Office  Any of your time or support would be enthusiastically received. Please email Nanci on
Social Media Links 
Both the school and the Hillians have an active social media presence.  For the latest Hillian news, please 'like' our page on Facebook at Hillians Facebook News
Please also join the closed group for general banter and networking between alumni Hillian Private Facebook Group
Not on Facebook but connected on LinkedIn?  Join our private group there at Hillian LinkedIn
School General Updates
Find current school updates on Twitter @kinghamhillsch and and like us at Kingham Hill School page to keep up to date with all the current school news.
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Dear Hillian friend
Warm wishes to you this holiday season.   Our lucky pupils are enjoying a break until January 6.  With record numbers, our classrooms have been stretched to the limit.  Sport was focused on rugby and hockey and when we move into the Lent term this will transition to football and netball.  On the academic front, our pupils will return to mock exams for GCSE and Sixth Form beginning in January. 
It was great to see so many of you for our autumn reunion and the RAC event in London. I look forward to seeing you in the New Year and thank you for all that you do to stay connected to KHS.  Please be in touch.
Nanci Austin
Development and Alumni Relations
01608 731 880 
Old Girls Hockey
In early December, the KHS 1st XI team played a team of Hillian Old Girls. Thanks to everyone who came out to support the event and share a few laughs on the Astro.  More pictures are here.
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Founder's Pupils
Article ImageIt would be easy for Kingham to 'just' operate as a fee paying Independent School.   Our pupil numbers are at a record high;  academic results, financial status and reputation are good.
Headmaster Nick Seward wants more for the School than just that.  With the recently launched Founder's Pupils initiative he has set the ambitious goal to raise funds to fully support 15 pupils from backgrounds of a boarding need.  While this is a huge financial goal, Founder's Pupils reflects the core of who we are as a School and what CEB Young intended for it to be.  
More on this programme and how to support it is here
Stories from the Hill
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Mark Huckle started his teaching career at Kingham in 1979 with a one-year post.  Forty years later we are fortunate to have him helping the school document our history through stories on video.  This all started with Mark's original piece "A Year in the Life of Kingham Hill"  that we shared last year.  To follow his work and Stories from the Hill, Mark's blog can be viewed from this link.
If you would like to get involved with this project and share memories from your time at Kingham, please contact Mark on
Christmas Recordings from 1955 and 1970s
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For beautiful audio recordings of our chapel services from decades ago, please click here
Top School Window Project
Alumnus Peter Berry has shared these recent pictures of his progress with creating the Top School stained glass window installation.  The design was a collaboration between Peter and our art department and reflects the ethos of the school and the beauty of the setting.  We look forward to installation of the  windows in the spring.
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In 1982, Elizabeth Fuller (the daughter of K.R. Bowman) arranged for a Fathers Day surprise by tracking down six  'boys' who boarded in Clyde House during her parents time on the Hill (1948-1956).  Over the years the group has met annually, with sometimes as many as 15 Old Boys coming together, even after Mr and Mrs Bowman passed away.  Elizabeth writes; "It is incredible really that these staunch friends still come long distances to meet up for a few hours! As I am sure Leo (Smith) has told you - the atmosphere in Clyde was really special and my parents were truly “in loco parentis” for our boys.  We, and they, have remained a real family ever since."

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