July, 2018 
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Upcoming Events
We are working on more ways for you to connect with the Hill, each other and our pupils. You are welcome to join us at any of the events listed or even just for a visit. Feel free to ring 01608 731 880 for more information.
Sunday, 23 September - 11 am
Rohilla Memorial and Lunch
The annual service and lunch to remember those who were lost on the Rohilla sailing trip of 1959. 
Thursday, 11 October - 6 pm
RAC Club London,  Reception
Drinks and canapes and an update from our Headmaster.
Saturday, 13 October
Alumni Careers Day for Sixth Form
Please help support our current pupils by providing your work experience as part of our Careers Day.  We need your help - all jobs and experience are relevant.
Saturday, 8 December - 11 am
Hillian Hockey match v KHS
'Old Girl' hockey match v KSH 1st Eleven team at  Kingham.
Tuesday, 5 February - 11 am
CCF Bi-Annual Inspection
The inspection of our troops and lunch at School.  
Saturday, 23 March
Founders Day Lunch and Hillian AGM
The annual reunion and lunch to remember our Founder and to gather as Hillians for the annual AGM.
Chill on the Hill, 1 June
Mark your calendar - we're doing it again!
It all started in photography club....
Article Image
Hillian Tony Middleton (1963-68) has quietly taken photos on the Hill for decades.  We are so grateful for his help with preserving memories, building our archive and keeping us all in touch. Thanks to Gideon Tozer (1973-80) for snapping this shot of Tony at Chill on the Hill.
The 200 Club Winners
For decades Simon Briggs (1945-55) has been passionately running the 200 Club to raise money for Bursaries through the Hillian CTF Fund.  He is proud to report that there were a total of 54 supporters for 2017-18, raising £324 for Bursaries. The winners were:
1st -   Mark Harris...... £129
2nd -  David Nock.........£81
3rd  -  Ben Penfold........£64
4th  -  Chris Stevens.....£32
5th   - Dan Dare............£18
Thanks to Simon for his enthusiasm and dedication to the cause.  Thanks also to  the 27 people who signed up and supported this at Chill on the Hill!

Bruce Arnold (1944-54), Simon Briggs and Bruce Kent (1938-41) at Speech Day
Social Media Links 
Both the school and the Hillians have an active social media presence.  For the latest Hillian news, please 'like' our page on Facebook at Hillians Facebook News
Please also join the closed group for general banter and networking between alumni Hillian Private Facebook Group
Not on Facebook but connected on LinkedIn?  Join our private group there at Hillian LinkedIn
School General Updates
Find current school updates on Twitter @kinghamhillsch and and like us at Kingham Hill School page to keep up to date with all the current school news.
Summer Renovations
Front Entrance and Reception 
Similar to 1966, this summer we are working on renovations to the admin block.   The front entrance will be restored back to the location of where it was in this picture and the reception area will have a notable facelift.
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Top School Window Restoration 
A design has been put together by our Art Department, glass has been chosen and the rest is now in the very capable hands of stained glass artist and Hillian Peter Berry. We look forward to the installation and to adding new life to the Hall.

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Dear Hillian friend,                                   
It has been a year since I started working at Kingham.  I'm sentimental looking back on it all - the events, the visits, the banter and the stories.    The best part of the job for me is hearing your stories and seeing you reconnect with old friends.    Thanks for being part of it all and for keeping KHS close.
Have a great summer and please be in touch.
Nanci Austin
Development and Alumni Relations
01608 731 880
Welcome New Hillians  
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At the end of term our Upper Sixth leavers were treated to a lunch and  celebration to officially welcome them as Hillians.   This was hosted by Mrs. Berkeley, the head of Sixth Form and supported by Hillian Committee member Ms. Alex Sandru (2011-13). In her speech Mrs. Berkeley encouraged pupils to stay connected with the Hillian community and to realise that there is a vast network of support as they leave.  Ms. Sandru spoke of her time at KHS and how important the links that she made at School and with alumni have been to her.  All new Hillians were given a Hillian pin to commemorate the event.
Alumni Careers Day
Mrs. Berkeley is planning her first Alumni Careers Day on Saturday, October 12 and would love to hear from anyone interested in supporting the Sixth Form in this way.  Feel free to contact her on h.berkeley@kinghamhill.org or Nanci Austin at n.austin@kinghamhill.org to get involved.
Speech Day and 50th Reunion 
Speech Day 2018
Speech Day was on Saturday, June 30 and welcomed 1000 pupils, parents, alumni and staff.  An excerpt from a note written by a Hillian who was with us described it well:  
"The school, its quality, and layout of buildings sitting in a beautifully sculptured green arena have always been stunning, but on a special day like this it is hard to beat wherever you are in the world. Even as I boy I can remember being in awe of how the buildings looked, and returning four times this year after over fifty years away, and having traveled and worked in tens of countries, I now truly appreciate its unique setting. 
Nick’s (Headmaster) speech was a reflection of the person, a great understanding of life and what is important, a sense of humor vital to someone in his position, and a humble Christian approach that few of us can match."  
A special gathering of those who were on the Hill 50 years ago took place at the Churchill Village Hall.  For more pictures of that reunion, please visit the alumni events page on our website by clicking here.
Chill on the Hill
The idea for Chill on the Hill was to gather on a sunny day in a relaxed setting with old friends.  We succeeded!  With alumni of all ages and their families, there was a great community feeling.  Thanks to our Hillian musicians who joined in and to those who arrived in classic cars and motorbikes to add to the day.   
Plans are underway for another Chill event next year on June 1, 2019. Hold the date!  To view more pictures please click here.
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Made at KHS, 50+ years ago!
In 1965/66 the Swinbank twins aged 14/15, Andrew (Sheffield) and Stephen (Clyde) made identical oak hymn boards under the expert guidance of Mr Ball.  These went to Holy Trinity Church, Hampstead where their father was the Vicar.  Andrew and Stephen left home and went their own ways in the early 1970’s and Holy Trinity church, a vast Victorian building, was sold off by the Church Commissioners and the land developed into a block of flats and a much smaller modern church.  It was not known what happened to the hymn boards.
In May 2018 Stephen visited the new church and mentioned to the current vicar that they had made hymn boards for the original church.  To his amazement he was told that, although they had not been used since about 2006, they were in the church store and as they were no longer used they could have them. 
Stephen collected them a few days before the Chill on the Hill event and was able to bring them back to KHS – some 53 years after they were made.  We wonder if there are others who have things that were made at School that they still have.  Send us pictures if so!

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