May, 2018 
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Upcoming Events
Booking for all events is on our website at Hillian Events or feel free to ring 01608 731 880.
Saturday, 2 June, 11-4 pm
Chill on the Hill - it's here!
It's not too late to join.  Please book so that we can cater and plan accordingly.
Saturday, 30 June, all-day
A 50th (ish) Reunion
To add to the traditional Speech Day celebrations, please join a gathering of those who left the Hill around 50 years ago.  Based at the Churchill Village Hall and organised by Mike Tadman (1962-1968). Please help to spread the word and get in touch.
Saturday, 30 June, all-day
Speech Day
The traditional end of year celebration for pupils, staff, parents and alumni.  An old boys cricket match and tea at 3:15 in the afternoon.
Sunday, 23 September
Rohilla Memorial and Lunch
The annual service and lunch to remember those who were lost on the Rohilla sailing trip in 1959.
Thursday, 11 Oct (evening)
RAC Club London
Drinks Reception
Please join us for drinks and canapes and an update from the Hill.
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end of summer term, 1968
Founder's Pupils
Pilot Scheme
Through the generosity of our Founder,  there was a means of funding for all pupils who attended KHS until the 1970’s.  True to this heritage, we have launched a new programme to offer additional boarding places to those with less fortunate financial backgrounds. 
Kingham isn't a school with large endowments or legacy funds.  This project aims to engage the wider community of KHS so that we can fully fund ten new pupils from Year 7 (age 11).   
If 1000 members of our community felt able to make a gift of £25 per month, this would enable us to offer a new start in life to pupils who otherwise might never reach their full potential.  CEB Young could not have envisaged the enormity of his financial legacy all those years ago. We would be grateful if you could consider supporting this initiative.
Social Media Links 
Both the school and the Hillians have an active social media presence.  For the latest Hillian news, please 'like' our page on Facebook at Hillians Facebook News
Please also join the closed group for general banter and networking between alumni Hillian Private Facebook Group
Not on Facebook but connected on LinkedIn?  Join our private group there at Hillian LinkedIn
School General Updates
Find current school updates on Twitter @kinghamhillsch and and like us at Kingham Hill School page to keep up to date with all the current school news.
Dear Hillian Friend,
Greetings from a very sunny Kingham Hill.  Our pitches are impeccable, the fields toward Chipping Norton are bright yellow and our farm club is full of new arrivals.  Pupils are enjoying cricket, rounders, CCF camps, Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, Octagon debate, training for Sports Day and more importantly, The Mass.  While it feels like we are winding down for the year, the School is also zooming into exams. It's exhausting!
In the last few weeks I have been consumed with the new Data Protection rules and making sure that we remain in contact with you - our alumni and former staff. The good news is that if you are receiving this eNews update, we have you in our database.  The bad news is if you haven't replied to our recent consent request to validate your details,  this could be the last time you hear from us.
With that in mind could you please make sure that you respond within the week - by Friday - May 25th?  Here is the link again - GDPR FORM.
I look forward to completing this exercise so that we can move on to speak about more interesting things such as events and happenings on the Hill.  
The best part of my job is hearing from you. Please be in touch.
Nanci Austin
Development and Alumni Relations
01608 731 880 
Chill on the Hill Article Image
A current list of all those joining us on June 2 is HERE.  Spread the word, we'd love to have you with us.  A few of our musical Hillians (Alex Patterson,  Martin Glover and Guy Pratt) have kindly agreed to create a musical ambience for the gathering. Anyone is welcome to join in the entertainment on the day, so please welcome.  A few of our current pupils who are in the 'Kingham Pop' band will also be playing.    With a BBQ, bar, market stalls and kids entertainment it will be a fun day.  If you are keen to tour your old boarding house, please plan to do this from 11-12 as our current house parents will be on duty to show you around.  Word is that Hillian Libby Foley (1992-1998) is getting married the day before.  We wish her well and invite those driving home from her celebration to stop by on your way through.
Karting and STEM 
KartingIt is no secret that Headmaster Nick Seward is obsessed with Karting.  He's brought Design and Engineering to life for our  Year 7 pupils with his weekly lessons on a Friday afternoon. From a small yet enthusiastic start the School now has a four-kart team that competes on the weekends in the NatSKA championship.  Complementing this, at the top end of the School we also have a team that made it to the national finals of the British Schools Karting Championship on June 30. With all of this momentum,  we are currently seeking support to develop the program and enhance our STEM studies focus.   If you are able to help in the way of sponsorship or links to industry,  please let us know.  
1953 Meteor Accident on the Hill
Article Image
Recently we had an email from Dr. Geoff Mead who wrote:
"My father Raymont Geoffrey Mead and his co-pilot Richard Anthony Fox-Linton were killed when their RAF Meteor inverted in flight and crashed into trees at Kingham Hill School on 9 November, 1953.  I'm wondering if you have any reference to this event in your school archives?  I'd be very grateful for any information you can make available."
We sent an email to those who are in our database from around 1953 and received an overwhelming response.  Thank you for sharing your recollection of the event and for filling in the details from so long ago.  Dr. Mead was so touched by your responses that he is planning to join us on June 2 at Chill on the Hill.  This will be his first visit to KHS.
Welcome New Hillians
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Hillian Richard Huckle (1948-1955 of Plymouth and Clyde) wrote to us from South Africa and kindly sent a picture of the inside cover a family Bible.  Inscribed on June 28, 1918 from CEB Young we were gladly reminded of this school tradition from 100 years ago.  This year our Houseparents will be  continuing the tradition of presenting Bibles to our 36 Leavers.  (In days gone by we are told that Leavers also received £5 and sometimes even a business suit). Our Hillian committee is making sure that we stay immediately connected with this year's Leavers and will be presenting them a gift to welcome them to the community, effective July 1, 2018.

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