Top School Window Restoration
  August 2018 Project Update for donors
 From April, 2018
A dinner for pupils and parents in April shows one set of the windows that are currently boarded up.  At the heart of the school, our aim is to use the Hall more and more for special events as it was used in the past.
Colours Glass and Textures
The art department and pupils working with Peter to select colours and glass to compliment the design. 
Hillian Peter Berry (1972-1979) 
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After leaving Kingham, Peter studied architectural stained glass at Swansea College of Art.  
He established his design studio in the Wilshire countryside, based outside Caine near Chippenham.  He has been commissioned for traditional and contemporary stained glass windows in a wide local area encompassing Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham and Swindon.   His commissions can be found all over the country from Cornwall to Scotland.  Please feel free to view his work here at  Peter Berry Website
Dear KHS friend,
Greetings from Kingham Hill School.   While there are no pupils currently on site, the school is busy with a number of building improvements throughout the summer. 
Thank you for being a generous supporter of our Top School Window Project. 
Fundraising efforts for this began in 2017.  To date we have raised £5,400 from alumni, friends and parents of the school.   The overall project cost is £7,000 and is heavily subsidized by Hillian and stained glass artist Peter Berry who is doing the work.  While we haven't quite met the financial target, we have asked Peter to begin so that we can capitalise on school not being in session.
As inspiration, I recently uncovered a picture of a dinner that was held in 1937 which shows the Hall in all of it's glory.   The windows at that time were uncovered and a source of great light.
Work has begun and we look forward to restoring the Hall back to it's original glory.  Thank you for being part of this legacy project and for keeping KHS close at heart.  I will be in touch as things progress. 
Nanci Austin
Development Officer
01608 731 880
The Design
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Our art department worked with pupils and created a design that reflects the beauty of our setting and the ethos of the School. 
Working from the original  sketch concept drawing, Peter then created a pattern for cutting the lead and glass pieces.  Working from this It is then like a giant puzzle, making sure that the pieces and lead all fit together before finally soldering and cementing it together.
The design is spread across three windows and captures the feel of the site and also the spirit of KHS.
The panels will be leaded and strengthened with iron reinforcement bars.  There is additional work that needs to be done to the stone exterior and frames of the windows.  This work will be undertaken before installation and is budgeted into the overall project.

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