The Clearwater Camp Burgee
(n. a swallow-tailed flag used especially by ships for signals or identification)
Oct. 2017
Clearwater on a fall day
Letter from the Executive Director 
Dear Friends of the Clearwater Trail,
For me, summertime is the most wonderful time of the year (are you singing the song yet?). Just like it is for some during the holiday season who live all year long for it. There's anticipation leading up to camp, as well as the determined and mission-centered work that the board, staff, volunteers and myself do to make the summer magic happen. And then while camp is in season, we know it's a major endeavor that is very much worth it. I feel this joy and am aware of the many accomplishments each day. To be able to share the day’s adventures with the campers and simply experience camp life in action is a true gift. And camp can be like the end of the holiday season; you are ready to undecorate the tree and pack the ornaments away, but at the same time you really wish that the season wasn't over. I do miss each and every camper that made their home along the shores of Tomahawk Lake this summer.
The heart of camp is the camper. As I write this to you, I am filled with visions of the first days at camp where uncertainty and caution were in the campers’ eyes. To hear of the “firsts” being announced in the dining hall and seeing friends, old and new, becoming solidified – and knowing that exploration and resilience were being discovered. By the end of each girl’s time at camp, I have seen confident strides and grateful reflections of the venture they journeyed. Campers have a brilliant self-awareness of how they have triumphed in a community that supports them in mind, body and spirit.
When camp season has passed, I have a file that I turn to. It’s filled with notes, emails, artwork and other tokens that tell of the many precious individual stories of the summer. It gives me inspiration, motivation and a way to give me a little bit of camp to hold onto when I’m not there. I’d like to think that whether you are a camper, alumna or faithful supporter of camp, that you too draw upon your memories and experiences of camp that brings you back to your time at Clearwater.
As you read through this volume of the Burgee you will hear about our 2017 summer, as well as happenings around camp. You can also stay in tune with camp by checking out our website or our social media outlets (Facebook and Instagram). We want you to continue to be part of the fabric of Clearwater.
Wishing you a spectacular Fall season!

Cabins and Fireplaces Receive Upgrades 
Building and Grounds Happenings
By Emily Jolly, Cape Unit Head
Jibs'lAfter a year of hard work, planning, and anticipation, Clearwater Camp opened its 2017 summer season with updates to several aspects of the facilities. Out on the island the second stage of the flap project has been completed, with every Cape and Point cabin proudly displaying clean, paprika colored flaps through rain and shine. Walking throughout camp, you probably noticed several changes to the landscape as well, with plants around the flagpole and welcome sign. In addition, due to the hard work of the staff, brand new cabin signs hung on the buildings to welcome campers to their summer homes.
Cunningham FireplacePerhaps some of the most exciting changes came in the form of updates to fireplaces and cabins on both the mainland and the island. All of the fire pits were re-done during Memeorial Day Work Weekend. Campers and counselors were able to enjoy cabin or unit nights arund a campfire located outside of Four Winds and Genoa. Cunningham (the room inbetween Tops'l and Skys'l) held a special surprise thanks to a Fireplace Fund started by the Boles family. Now the ladies on the Point have the opportunity to gather 'round a fireplace sheltered to share the tales of their day. But it is not just the fireplaces that were updated. Boom, Foc’s’le and Four Winds had their roofs raised. These higher roofs allow more campers to safely fit in the cabins and fall asleep to the cry of the loon and clanking of the halyards out in the bay.
With all these spledid changes, as well as many more subtle preparations, camp was able to have another season of love, laughter, and friendship in the Northwoods.

Summer 2017 Highlights  
Written by Ellen King, Associate Director  
Is it just me, or did this summer fly by? I feel like one moment I was picking up staff from the airport and getting them settled into staff training, and the next moment I was watching the end of summer Horse Show. I have to admit: I’m in denial that the season has changed and it’s officially fall. We certainly enjoyed our time on the shores of Tomahawk Lake this summer! I will remember fondly how much the 7th graders enjoyed hanging out on the “grassy knoll” near their cabins. I will remember the cry of the loon and the screech of the bald eagles flying above us. I will remember the Cape enthusiastically singing (screaming?) the good night song to each other. It is those tiny moments that often pass us by without some sort of reflection. I encourage each of you to take some time to think through your summer memories. Were there any highlights? Below are a few from our summer at Clearwater. 
View from High Ropes CourseWe participated in so many different and fun activities and it started out with a bang with a successful staff training. Alumnae Hannah Garrett and Lauren Seno came to help us rig our sailboats, while Melanie Smith White provided rousing presentations on True Colors and Conflict Management. Board member Stephanie Cotherman also came to lead a session on Marketing and how summer staff can convey thier impressive and dyamic skills on a resume or during an interview. Other highlights included participating in the high ropes course at Red Arrow Camp, a staff canoe trip on the Willow Flowage, and a packout to Torpy Park.
First session kicked off on June 21st, where our staff welcomed 89 campers. When I think about first session, the first thing that comes to mind is the fun the campers had, but I also have to acknowledge that we had some cold days. Somehow the campers didn’t seem to mind. Highlights of the session definitely included a soccer tournament at Camp Nicolet, the Isle Royale and Sailing trips, the All camp-play Brave, and packout days. Packouts this session included paddleboarding, fishing, a field trip to the Northwoods Wildlife Center, and a trip to Cathedral Point. And of course we had our traditional special events such as a visit from the Tajar for Christmas as well as Olympic Banquet. Hey campers - do you remember what your medal said?
Girls in the gym KhanaSecond session was filled with just as much fun. We welcomed even more campers (119 total) and the dining hall was filled to the brim! The Cape and Point campers are sure to remember our trip to Red Arrow Camp for Carnival. The prior day they visisted us for the gymKhana. We sent out a total of 14 trips, plus 4 participated in an Amazing Race trip edition. We brought back the Canadian trip as a honor trip and four very deserving girls were part of that. Other long trips included the Sailing and Isle Royale hiking trip, and we even introduced our first riding trip.

A Successful 2017 Memorial Day Work Weekend  
Operation Open Up Camp a Success!  
Putting in the RaftThe 7th annual Memorial Day Work Weekend came off with out a hitch! A big THANK YOU to our volunteers for their hard work and dedication to opening up camp for the summer. We would not be ready for the 2017 season without their tenacious love of camp, muscle and grit!
We accomplished so much. We removed leaves out of the riding ring; opened up the barn; painted the sailing cabinet, sunfish racks, and adirondack chairs; power washed the steps and docks on the island; opened up camp and buildings; cleaned all outdoor fire rings on property; set up the waterfront; planted beautiful flowers around the Hold; and set up mountain biking and kayaking program areas (to name a few).
Breezy and Ruben
This weekend would not have been a hit without the delicious meals prepared by Reuben and Breezy Melero. It was their efforts that kept spirits high among all of the volunteers. Meals included chili and cornbread, roasted vegetable soup, a traditional cookout meal with watermelon and cilantro, and much more.  The food alone is worth coming to Work Weekend!
We were able to find some time to enjoy Clearwater, too. A pontoon adventure led to a loon, bald eagle, and beaver sighting all in one trip! We managed our annual dip in the lake, where four brave members found the water to be exceedingly "refreshing". Not to mention our evenings spent reminiscing around a fire in the deck, and people who chose to participate reflected on their own personal listening point as well as how much camp means to them during Sunday service.
Clearwater would like toGroup Photo sing the Cheer song and “Put on the soft, soft, sh-sh, pedal” to the following work weekend participants extraordinaire: Jess Platt, John Neil Thompson, Nick Stanley, Angie Maciorowski, Bill Otto, Ellen King, Caleb Klima, Liz Baker, Susie Tweed, Polly Larned, Kate Dignan, Mary Willerscheidt, Breezy Melero, Ruben Melero, Eliza Winkler,  The Prybell Family (Kim, Brian, Shelby, Paxton)

85th Reunion 
Save the Date
You never grow out of camp: 85 years of camp traditions, friendships, trip sparks & adventures.
August 11- August 14, 2018
Calling all alumnae! Gather your cabin mates, leaderships, or counselors and relive your camp days of sailing, riding, canoeing, skiing, and walking the paths with other Clearwater daughters.
 85th Save the Date
Please note this year’s reunion will be Alumnae only. Information about registration will be published after the first of the year.

$400* for lodging, meals and fun activities
$250* for meals and fun activities (lodging off-campus)
*All costs are a flat rate and will not be pro-rated based on length of your stay.
Questions & Inquiries to Volunteer
Please contact our Reunion Co-chairs or the Camp Office with any questions or if you would like to help in any way!

Sarah (Stocks) Wagoner,
Carol Altorfer Vance,
Clearwater Camp,
Table of Contents
Registration Open for 85th Summer of Adventure! 
We're gearing up for an incredible 85th season of adventure and outrageous fun at Clearwater, and we invite you to jump in on the fun with us! Registration is open now for girls ages 8 - 16.
Camper Registration now Open
Full Session: June 20 - August 9
1st Session: June 20 - July 14
Introductory 1A Session: June 20 - July 5
2nd Session: July 16 - August 9
Introductory 2A Session: July 16 - July 30th
See our website for complete registration information. We promise an unforgettable summer of adventure, lifelong friends, and lasting values.
2017 Trip Highlights Told Through Photos and Camper ObservationsWillow Flowage Trip Photo 
Tripping Quote 1
Isle Royale
Tripping Quote 2
Five lucky campers spent part of their trip trail building on the Ice Age Trail for the Lake 11 Segment. They helped with a trail re route and footbridge replacement.
An Introduction to Clearwater Vocabulary
Are you a current parent whose daughter came home talking about the Tajar? Or did she mention something about an apple crapple? We're here to help! 
Tajar- An animal that is a cross between a tiger, a jaguar, and a badger. The Tajar visits camp and wreaks havoc before Christmas and birthday. 
Apple Crapple- How you carry your personal items on a canoe trip and is wrapped in your rain coat
Special Note to Campers: 
 2017 Banquet Book Cover
Don't forget to keep in touch with your summer friends using your banquet book addresses. It's just as exciting to get snail mail at home as it is at camp! 
Coming Soon to a Mailbox Near You: The 2017 Voyageur 
If you have not been receiving previous issues of the Voyageur, please contact the office at 715-356-5030 or 
Have you recently moved? Please send us your latest address so that we can be sure that the latest information (including the Voyageur) gets to you!

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