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December 2017
Happy Holidays. . . Once Upon A Time/The Stories Behind the Numbers. . .
What Did They Do with $100K? . . . A Look Ahead at 2018. . .
You Fuel New Growth and Extraordinary Excitement. . .
Happy Holidays
Our staff wishes you, your family and your staff a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks to your support and loyalty, we look toward 2018 with gratitude and anticipation.
Kathleen, Elisha, Kathy, Claudia and Marsha
Annual Report Now Available
annual reportRead the stories behind the numbers
Once upon a time not long ago in 2016-17, there were students whose lives greatly benefitted from economic and personal finance education in their PreK-12 classroom.
Read their stories in our most recent Annual Report, now available on our website
Thank you for your gifts and advocacy that made these stories possible. And special thanks to Eric, Rob & Isaac Advertising Agency for gathering them all into this terrific illustrated storybook. 
Enjoy and share!
Fall 2017 Stock Market Game Winners
Article Image
"What would you do with $100,000?" That's the quintessential question of the Stock Market Game, and more than 1,600 Arkansas students rose to the challenge by investing a hypothetical $100K portfolio "live" in the Stock Market over 10 weeks during the fall 2017 semester. How did they do? 
Find the names of the first- and second-place champs here, as well as our generous SMG sponsors.
They will be honored during an awards luncheon at Verizon Arena in Little Rock on Jan. 10.
A limited number of tickets is available, so please call our office at 501-682-4230 if you would like to attend. 
What Lies Ahead?
Our staff and program partners are finalizing the 2018 Professional Development training schedule as well as several new educational initiatives and projects, and we hope to announce them all by early February.
Key elements will include training sessions for high school teachers to comply with the new Act 480, including the development of a new Train the Trainer Model in coordination with our six university-based Centers for Economic Education. 
Stay tuned.
You Inspire Us
Thank you for your support and friendship
We are deeply grateful for your support and friendship in 2017.
Your gifts and involvement are fueling new growth opportunities and extraordinary excitement about a future Arkansas whose citizens possess the economic and personal finance savvy of how to prosper in our free-market economy.
Let's continue to work toward this transformation. 
More News on Our Website
You can find more news at our websiteFacebook page and Twitter handle. We always welcome your thoughts and input.
Your support is making our work possible and we are truly grateful.
If you'd like to make a year-end donation, you can do so online or by mailing your contribution to Economics Arkansas, P.O. Box 3447, Little Rock, AR 72203. Thank you. 

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