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Tammuz 5778 | June 2018  

Wow, What a year!  B"H, FTI had a successful school year on so many fronts. Ultimately, success is truly measured by our Creator based solely upon our efforts; nevertheless it is extremely gratifying to see such tangible results as our talmidim grow and develop in learning, scholastics and middos each year. Suffice it to say, we are extremely proud of all of our talmidim who have put in the requisite effort needed to make tremendous strides this year.
In this newsletter, please find some important announcements and updates that include:
  • FTI hires new General Studies Principal.
  • A very special 12th grade graduating class.
  • FTI Bais Medrash is off to Tucson, AZ, for summer z'man.
  • Yeshiva camping trip highlights.
  • Academic and middos awards ceremony.
  • FTI's building expansion developments.
We wish you a great summer, and we look forward to an even better next year.

D'var Torah Corner
Parshas Balak
In this week's parsha we read of Balaam's attempted curses-turned-brachos toward the Jewish people. In the second "brachoh" that Hashem put into his mouth, he exclaims "ki lo nachash b'Yaakov..." meaning there is no divination in Jewry. Rashi explains that this attribute was the reason why the Jewish people were worthy of these brachos. In other words, by not using the very method that Balak and Balaam were employing to try to inflict damage on the jews was why they were worthy of brachos. 
In every generation there are distractions, and they are not always purely physical. It’s very easy to be enamored with all types of cultural, political and even spiritual distractions. Obviously, our job is to stay true to Hashem and have bitachon in Him and not follow after those ideologies which take us away from serving Hashem and are to be avoided as we see above.
It is possible to understand the next pasuk to be continuing this theme and it then teaches us how to serve Hashem properly. The Torah says "Hen am k'lavie yakum..." Rashi comments "when they get up from their morning learning seder, they strengthen like lions to grab more mitzvos and they don tzitzis and tefilin and they say Shema." But aren't there so many other examples of more glorious, perhaps more original, ways to serve Hashem that the Jews could be compared to lions about?
We learn an important message from the theme of these pesukim as the midrash quoted by Rashi understands them. That in general and even when specifically looking for ways to serve Him it is critical not to try to innovate more interesting, novel, and attractive methods to serve Hashem, but rather to use the tried and true, "simple" means, ie. to learn, daven, work on our middos and emes, shmiras halashon, etc. as the Torah in fact directs us Tamim tehiyeh im Hashem elokecha. We don't need divination and we do need to do what Hashem asks of us day in day out, purely and simply, and if we do, we will be zocheh to the wondrous brachos of Balaam enumerated in this week's Parsha.
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Photo Gallery
FTI mesivta participating in a country-wide Tefilla Improvement Initiative.
Summer was in the air, many schools were already out, but our shiurim kept going strong until bein hazmanim B"H. 
New modular building arrives expanding our current Bais Medrash and to be used for additional classrooms for the 2018-2020 school years during construction phases of our permanent new building Be"H.
Rosh Chodesh Tammuz Breakfast
FTI Awards Ceremony
End of the Year BBQ and Pool Party
Graduation Photos
Partial view of the crowd at graduation held at the Cherry Hill Public Library
Chayim Glantz, Valedictorian, giving his address
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Mazel Tov to FTI's 14th Graduating Class
10 New Graduates...Well-Prepared to Begin a New Chapter
FTI is proud to present its 14th mesivta graduating class.  ALL of the graduating students are planning to continue learning in bais medrash programs, whether it be here at FTI, or at other yeshivas in Eretz Yisrael or North America.  The graduates have grown and accomplished so much this year and in their previous years at FTI. We are so very proud of ALL of our graduates:
Chayim Glantz (Lakewood) Valedictorian,
Dov Sokolin (Cherry Hill) Salutatorian,  
Dovid Gelberman (Detroit) Gershon Weider Memorial Derech Eretz Award.
Dovid Max (Cherry Hill) Iris Frankel Memorial Zrizus B’Mitzvos Award,
Moshe Abrahamson (Rochester)
Yom Tov Becher (Bayswater)
Chaim Eli Blumberg (Queens)
Eitan Chamish (Monsey)
Zeke Cohen (Cherry Hill)
Aaron Avigdor Siegelman (Philadelphia)

FTI Welcomes Rabbi Yisrael Meir Hoffman M. Ed., as New General Studies Principal
Wishing Mr. Fred Brockman the Very Best Upon his Retirement
FTI wishes Mr. Fred Brockman, M.Ed., FTI's general studies principal, mazel tov  and hatzlacha in his retirement. Mr. Brockman will be sorely missed here at FTI. Upon his retirement, the hanhala presented him with a beautiful painting thanking him for his 8 years of service to the Yeshiva. The effects he had on our institution will always be with us. 
After an intensive search for qualified candidates, FTI named Rabbi Yisroel Meir Hoffman as its new general studies principal. Rabbi Hoffman brings his expertise, passion, and  professionalism to FTI to propel its general studies program to even higher levels (read his full bio below.)
Rabbi Hoffman related “I am very excited to be a part of the FTI team. As General Studies Principal, I plan to ensure that FTI students will be challenged appropriately, preparing them for life beyond FTI. In university, we had a class devoted to creating and maintaining what’s called a Professional Learning Community (PLC). Fortunately, FTI already has one! The Rebbeim and administration have created an environment where students feel very comfortable collaborating, critiquing, and growing together! It is rare to actually see that in a school, and when it does exist, the synergy is amazing. 
I am confident that this upcoming year will be one that provides our students with incredible opportunity for learning and growth, and I look forward to contributing my part to improve it in any way possible!"
Rabbi Yisroel Meir Hoffman received his Master's Degree in Education from Loyola University in Chicago, with a specialization in Education Administration and Supervision. He received Jewish Day School/ Yeshiva Principal Certification from the Jewish Education Leadership Institute in 2011.  In his previous role as a teacher in the Mathematics Department of Yeshiva Siach Yitzchok, Rabbi Hoffman developed curricula for both secular and Jewish studies. Rabbi Hoffman’s wide range of experiences include teaching at all levels, adults, high school, junior high as well as primary.  
Rabbi Hoffman is both a third generation student of the Rabbinical Seminary of America and a fourth generation educator.  His great-grandfather received an award in Teaching Excellence from President Lyndon Johnson. 

FTI Bais Medrash Heads to Tucson, Arizona, for Summer Zman
Hands-On Chinuch... of Chinuch
The FTI Bais Medrash left this week for Tucson, Arizona, on an outreach program called The Connection to learn and teach Torah.  For three weeks, FTI Roshei Yeshiva Rabbi Shimon Max and, separately, Rabbi Chaim Juni, as well as the Bais Medrash bachurim, will learn with local Jewish people thirsting for Torah study in small group settings, and in one-on-one chavrusas. Many special events and exciting programs have been peppered in to their agenda as well. The goal of the free, three-week program is “to help the Jewish community of Tucson build, strengthen, and explore their connection with Judaism.”
This program exemplifies an important element of FTI's mission, that Torah is not just for ourselves, but Torah is to be shared with others. FTI is excited to be a part of such an incredible program, and sincerely thanks our hosts Rabbi Yisrael Becker and the entire Tucson Orthodox community for the opportunity to share our nation's Torah! 

FTI Goes Camping
Lots of Fun, Great Achdus, Lasting Memories
The entire FTI Yeshiva went on its annual spring camping trip to Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania. Both the Bais Medrash and high school talmidim had a fantastic time together along with their rebbeim. Highlights included skirmish, whitewater rafting, a bonfire with kumzitz, swimming, music and dancing, sports on the beach, and a sumptuous BBQ. This year the yeshiva rented out a full camp which made for many conveniences and even more memories. The feelings of achdus and simcha permeated the air and were felt by all. The students walked away with an uplifted ruach and were re-energized to make the most of the end of the z'man. 

Annual Awards Ceremony
30 Students Received Awards for Excellence in Academics and Middos 
FTI held its annual end-of-the-year awards ceremony where students received both academic and middos awards from the faculty. This year, 18 middos awards were given in categories including Respect, Perseverance, Gratitude, Courage, Self-Control, Honesty, Cooperation, Patience, Service, Goal Setting, Caring, Integrity, Humanity, Responsibility, and Self-Esteem. There were 12 Academic awards were given to students with a high GPA, and for exceptional achievement in Science/Technology (N.E.S.T. Award). Mazel Tov to all of the awardees and to all of our students on completing another very successful year.

FTI seeks to engage the intellect and emotion of every student and produce talmidim distinguished by their dedication to ongoing Torah study, commitment to personal character development, and responsibility to Klal Yisrael.

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