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Sivan 5777 | May 2017

We are so thankful to the Ribono Shel Olam for the continued hatzlocha of the Yeshiva. As we approach Shavuos, and we culminate a great year of Torah learning, we are reaching a creciendo of excitement for Kabalas Hatorah, k'nesinasa b'sinai. With this in mind, the theme of FTI's upcoming dinner, RAISING THE BANNER OF TORAH, becomes more relevant and palpabale.
This year we are honoring three outstanding honorees and our first full bais medrash graduating class of nine students. Reflecting on the significance and benefit of having an institution of higher-level learning in our midst, where post-high school students toil in Torah from morning until late at night, we will no doubt renew our commitment to chashivus Hatorah, learning Torah, and supporting Torah this coming Shavous.
We are excited to share with you some recent events including FTI's overnight camping trip, our Lag ba'Omer activity, and a special visit from guest speaker Mr. Bernie Platt. Additionally, many FTI students experienced maseches Yevamos first hand at a live chalitza event locally in Philadelphia, and an FTI Bais Medrash talmid teamed up with Rabbi Harris to make improvements to the FTI campus. 
From our yeshiva family to yours, have a meaningful and inspiring Shavuos

D'var Torah Corner
By Rabbi Baruch Gore
On the second day of Shavuos, the Torah reading begins with the mitzvah of maaser sheini. Every farmer is supposed to bring the ma'aser of his crop to eat in Yerushalayim "in order to teach you to fear Hashem all your days." The S'forno explains that by coming to Yerushalayim, each person will be exposed to the Sanhedrin, who teach Torah to the people and enable them to understand it on a deeper level. 
This explanation is both shocking and amazing. Despite the fact that there were batei dinim and Torah leaders outside of Yerushalayim, Hashem commands us to make the trip to Yerushalayim so we can see and learn from the greatest leaders of the generation; that is the reason behind the mitzvah. Secondly, the S'forno is teaching us that in order to "fear Hashem all of our days" we must understand the Torah as clearly as possible. 
 As we celebrate the giving of the Torah this Shavuos, not only should we renew our commitment to Torah study, but we should renew our commitment to put in maximum effort to better understand the Torah we learn. Be"H we will all use the wonderful opportunity of Kabalas Hatorah this Shavuos to reach tremendous levels of limud hatorah and yiras shomayim and through that be zocheh to binyan bais hamikdash bimheirah veyameinu.
Upcoming Events
  • June 18       - Graduation
  • June 21       - Annual Dinner
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Photo Gallery
Mr. Brockman, General Studies Principal, delivers a PowerPoint presentation to the
high school.
Rebbe-Talmid Basketball Game
Rabbi Mechel Rottenberg, from Mayan HaChinuch, meets with FTI Rebbeim to discuss best practices in the classroom.
A Glimpse of Dissection in 9th Grade Biology
FTI Mesivta Ski Trip to the Poconos
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Wednesday, June 21st Is FTI's 17th Annual Dinner
On Wednesday evening, June 21st, FTI will be "Raising the Banner of Torah" and celebrating the tremendous growth of the yeshiva.  We are thrilled to be celebrating the accomplishments of the entire school by honoring our General Studies Principal, Mr. Fred Brockman and his wife Mrs. Fran Brockman, with the Lifetime Educational Achievement Award; Dr. and Mrs. Abe and Inna Vaynberg, as Parents of the Year; and Dr. David Gindi as FTI Alumnus of the Year.  Additionally, we are honoring FTI's first bais medrash graduating class, a total of 9 talmidim.

Please join friends for an enjoyable evening, pay tribute to our esteemed honorees, and do your part in helping to Raise the Banner of Torah at the Collingswood Grand Ballroom in Collingswood, NJ, on June 21st starting at 5:30 p.m. For more information, to reserve seats, or to place ads, click here or contact the FTI office at 856.482.8230 or email

The Entire Yeshiva Goes Camping in the Poconos

On May 10th -11th, the entire FTI Yeshiva went on its annual spring camping trip. The trip was an incredible display of achdus from start to finish.  All talmidim from 9th grade through bais medrash helped set up tents, prepare food, and coordinate the activities. Rebbeim and talmidim bonded through sports, a BBQ, hiking, and volleyball at our private beach.  After a great meal and an inspirational outdoor maariv, the entire yeshiva had a kumzitz by the light of a huge bonfire. Rabbi Davidowitz, Rosh Yeshiva, rounded out the evening with an incredible holocaust story about how Hashem saved Klal Yisrael even during the darkest times, and how people were able to do such tremendous chesed even during those times. The FTI talmidim came back energized and motivated to delve back in to the light of the Torah.

FTI Students Attend a Real Live Chalitza   
Written by Boaz Edinger:
Our shiur was zoche to be able to peer in on an actual chalitzah service recently in Philadelphia. This was a very educational experience for us as we were able to see one of the most obscure and intricate parts of Mesechtas Yibum. Typically, in our in-depth shiurim we focus on the lomdos of the conceptual parts of the mesechta, and not usually the practical. Even in the faster-paced afternoon seder bekius, the perek that discusses the chalitza process is at the end of the mesechta, something we have not gotten to yet.  So beforehand all we really knew was bits and pieces of the process. It was nice to see an actual chalitza in its true form to have a fuller understanding of this unique mitzvah.
Afterwards, using a video recording of the service, Rabbi Harris reviewed the entire process slowly with explanation to the other shiurim that did not attend the actual chalitza.
To read my full article about how the chalitza was performed, click here.

Mr. Bernie Platt, Former Mayor of Cherry Hill, Addresses FTI 
On Tuesday, May 23rd, Mr. Bernie Platt visited and addressed the Yeshiva. Mr. Platt clearly impressed upon the high school students, bais medrash boys, and  faculty what it means to be a true baal chesed and baal tzedakah. Mr. Platt is well-known for having been the mayor of Cherry Hill, NJ, twice, and for his unconditional tzedakah, as well as assisting many Jewish and community organizations, and achieving business successes. The boys and faculty hung onto his every word as he spoke humbly of his journey through life, starting off as a young man without any money who lost his father at a young age.
To see the full press release click here

First Annual FTI Lag Ba'Omer Baseball and BBQ

On Lag Ba'Omer this year, FTI started a new tradition. After a morning of intense learning, the entire FTI yeshiva went to a nearby park and played a multitude of sports, had a BBQ, and celebrated the upsherins of two of our Rebbeim's children, Shmuel Mordechai Max and Shmuel Kramer. The day centered around a student organized baseball tournament where the winning team got the chance to play the Rebbeim. The FTI talmidim were excited to spend the day with their Rebbeim and the Rebbeim's families. This day was definitely a highlight for everyone, and an event FTI plans to have annually.

Rebbe and Talmid Team Up to Improve FTI Campus
Azriel Zaimen (center talmid), a first-year Bais Medrash student from Queens, and Rabbi Harris, FTI's Bais Medrash Mashgiach, have teamed up to improve the FTI building and campus. Over the past few months they have made many improvements, including: improving the look of the dining room and outdoor paths, organizing storage areas, re-organizing of laundry facilities, increasing sefarim shelves in the bais medrash, building a traveling Aron Kodesh, and creating space for a teacher's lounge.
When he is not learning, Ozzy spends his free time using his carpentry and buidling skills to improve the campus. FTI is very proud of all of Ozzy's accomplishments both in and out of the bais medrash!

School Stats
  • 12th grade CHUMASH examined how tzaras is actually about becoming pure through obtaining atonement from aveiros.
  • 11th grade PHYSICS studied waves and sound.
  • 11th grade US HISTORY learned about D-Day, the Battle of Stalingrad, Germany surrounding and freeing Asia, and victory for the USA.
  • 10th grade ENGLISH evaluated educational articles in the context of A Tale of Two Cities.
  • 10th grade CHEMISTRY studied thermochemistry (the study of heat with chemicals) including endothermic or exothermic phenomenon.
  • 9th grade IYUN began the 10th perek of Yevamos "Ha'isha Rabba."
  • 11th grade ENGLISH is reading and analyzing Lord of The Flies.
  • 10th grade CHUMASH extrapolated lessons from Yaakov Avinu's decent to Mitzrayim.
  • 12th grade ECONOMICS studied different types of investments.
  • 10th grade IYUN discussed the fascinating opinion of Beis Shamai permitting a tzaras ervah.
  • 9th grade HALACHA thoroughly explored the parameters and meaning of mashiv haruach u'morid hageshem after Pesach.   
  • 12th grade ENGLISH IV continued their practice for all SAT assessments including reading comprehension, sentence structure, basic usage, and standard grammar.  
  • Bais Medrash IYUN delved into the vast sugya of yesh zika o ein zika.
  • 10th grade US HISTORY learned about Gettysburg and The Union turning point, Grant and the Chattanooga Campaign, and Sherman’s March to the Sea.
  • 9th grade HALACHA is studying the halachos of tefila b'tzibur.
  • 10th grade IYUN has increased chavrusa study and is focusing on each talmid saying over the steps of the gemara with clarity. 
  • 9th grade BIOLOGY analyzed pedigrees to track inheritance patterns through families.
  • 12th grade IYUN learned the difficult sugya of tzaras sotah, and got clarity in the three distinct ways tosfos suggests for how to set up and learn the gemara.
  • 9th grade WORLD HISTORY explored British India. 
FTI seeks to engage the intellect and emotion of every student and produce talmidim distinguished by their dedication to ongoing Torah study, commitment to personal character development, and responsibility to Klal Yisrael.

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