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December 2017
Summit 2017: Tackling Infectious Disease Threats - Prevent, Detect and Respond with a One Health Approach
Presentations now online
Article ImageUppsala Health Summit 2017 gathered delegates from a broad variety of disciplines and sectors with one strong common interest - a world better prepared to meet the threats of infectious diseases.
The presentations from Uppsala Health Summit 2017 are now online. Click here for videos of the presentations in plenum. Click here to access the powerpoint presentations, from plenum and the workshops.
Uppsala Castle, June 14-15, 2018
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How can we unlock the potential in data from medical records, registries, biobanks and patients’ own reports and experiences, or in already approved substances? How can such advances contribute to a more efficient and more equitable care?
Invitations will be sent out in February. Who should be there? Nominate your candidate, stay tuned for more details and prepare by learning about the theme for Uppsala Health Summit 2018!
"Why we must talk about cancer"
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"Knowledge and technology in cancer diagnosis and treatment rapidly moves forward, and paradoxically creates a dilemma: the potential to help the individual patient increases more rapidly than our resources, creating high demands on effective and equitable use of available resources"
Read about the public health perspective on cancer and expectations on the meeting in an interview with Professor Emeritus Lars Holmberg,Uppsala Health Summit Programme Committee, Uppsala University, Sweden and King’s College London, UK
Summit on Ending Childhood Obesity
One year on...
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Novo Nordisk was one of the sponsors of Uppsala Health Summit 2016 on the theme: Ending Childhood Obesity. We caught up with Dr Christina Östberg Lloyd, Clinical Medical Regulatory Director at Novo Nordisk, Sweden to ask her about developments on the issue a year after the summit. Read the interview
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