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June 2017
Meet Professor Paul Richards, keynote speaker at Uppsala Health Summit in October 2017.
Article ImageWith some forty years of fieldwork experience in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Liberia, Professor Paul Richards, an anthropologist from University College London and Wageningen University in the Netherlands, helps us to understand the development of the Ebola crisis in West Africa, and how to draw together and understand local and international responses.
Professor Paul Richards will participate as keynote speaker in plenum, and as inspirational speaker in the workshop Empowered and Resilient Communities, organized by Dr. Mats Målqvist, Uppsala University.

Article Image Meet Dr. Mats Målqvist,researcher at Uppsala University’s department of Women's and Children's Health. Dr. Målqvist's research focuses on interventions for improved maternal and child health in low and middle-income settings, and has rich experience of efforts to develop resilient communities capable of responding to disease outbreaks.
Funding available for delegates from OECD's list of ODA-countries
We are happy to announce that the Swedish Institute has decided to fund a limited number of scholarships covering costs for travel, hotel and meals for up to ten delegates from countries eligible for official development assistance, according to the OECD list of ODA-countries
Applications must be sent in no later than 30 July 2017.
Article Image Uppsala Health Summit has decided to offer four travel grants for journalists who would not otherwise be able to attend the summit on 9–11 October 2017 at Uppsala Castle, Sweden.
The media play an important role in driving change today, but too few journalists have an opportunity to build in-depth insights into complex societal challenges, such as today’s infectious disease threats and the many drivers behind them.
The last day for applications is 31 July 2017.
Centre for Food Policy’s forthcoming Food Thinkers seminar in London:
With guest speaker Professor Renato Maluf,
from the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Visiting Professor, Centre for Food Policy.
Taking place on Tuesday 27 June 2017, 4.30pm – 6pm, A130 College Building, City, University of London. 
This Food Thinkers will be an opportunity to learn from the Brazilian experience of building a National Plan for Food and Nutrition Security, focusing on its intersectoral approach.
Professor Renato Maluf (CPDA/UFRRJ), former President of the National Council on Food and Nutrition Security (CONSEA) in Brazil, will describe how the intersectoral and participatory approach to food and nutrition security in Brazil was built. He will focus on the processes that enhanced civil society participation (through CONSEA) and intergovernmental working (through the Inter-Ministerial Chamber for Food and Nutrition, CAISAN), the challenges of political coherence, and provide insights into the guidelines orienting the national plan and the performance of its main programmes. He will assess the current situation in the context of the dramatic political changes in Brazil in 2016 and provide learnings for the UK context. The discussion will then be opened to the audience for Q&A.
The seminar is free to attend, tickets are allocated on a first come first served basis so please do register here to secure your space. Please also feel free to forward this invitation onto colleagues.
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