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March 2017
9 - 11 OCTOBER 2017
We are happy to announce that Dr. Peter Daszak, Director of EcoHealth Alliance, has confirmed his attendance as keynote speaker at Uppsala Health Summit 10 – 11 October 2017.
Dr. Daszak’s research has been instrumental in identifying and predicting the impact of emerging diseases across the globe. His achievements include the identification of the bat origin of SARS, the underlying drivers of Nipah and Hendra virus emergence, and the production of the first ever global emerging disease ‘hotspots’ map.
Dr. Daszak's broad understanding of the complex system of drivers behind infectious disease threats will provide a solid background to the discussions that will follow in the workshops

As always Uppsala Health Summit is dedicated to establish a dialogue on how to implement knowledge gained from research and innovations.
In eight workshops, we will explore different aspects of methods and tools to prevent, detect and respond to infectious disease threats, the dilemmas associated with their implementation and how to overcome them. Read a short description here and check our website for programme updates and confirmed inspirational speakers!
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Uppsala Health Summit’s programme committee chair is one of Europe’s most experienced policy advisors when it comes to prevention and detection of zoonotic infections. Meet Professor Marianne Elvander.
Professor Elvander left her position as state epizootiologist this summer after eleven years at the National Veterinary Institute, a position that involved intense dialogues and efforts to bridge the animal health and the human health communities, as well as connecting research with policymaking.
"There has been no overall strategy how to join forces and use competences!"
In this interview, Professor Elvander shares her thoughts on the urgency to implement a One Health perspective to tackle the threats from infectious diseases.

Have we underestimated the role of animal health for reaching the Sustainable Development Goals? Yes, probably, would be the answer from the authors of the recently published report Animal Health in Development, by Professors Jonathan Rushton, University of Liverpool; Arvid Uggla and Ulf Magnusson both from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Article ImageAs a reaction to the conclusions from Uppsala Health Summit’s meeting in October 2016 on Ending Childhood Obesity, the Uppsala Region decided on March 1st, 2017 to launch the first Swedish ECHO zone, a multi-sectorial collaboration to create sound, salutogenic environments for children. 
New Partners to Uppsala Health Centre
We are happy to welcome two new partners to Uppsala Health Summit – Uppsala Monitoring
Centre and the research council Forte.
Forte is one of Sweden’s research councils, with a special focus on financing research
on health, working life and welfare. Forte has a strong interest in implementing research
results in society, thus contributing to a healthy and equitable society.
Uppsala Monitoring Centre has world leading expertise within safer use of medicines for patients everywhere, also known as pharmacovigilance. To many, the Centre is known as one of four WHO Collaborating Centres for International Drug Monitoring. UMC collects and analyses reports on adverse effects from drugs in a global pharmacovigilance database, VigiBase, which the Centre has developed since 1978. As per September 2016, over 14 million reports of suspected adverse effects had been reported into VigiBase, where the data is recorded and structured for analysis. Today, over 110 countries report their data to VigiBase, and can thus also retrieve information from the system better patient safety.

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