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Update from Tony Twist, President and CEO
´╗┐April 20, 2020
Dear Christian Friends
In the April 15, 2020 meeting of TCM’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT) we had focused discussions concerning COVID-19 and the health and well-being of our staff, faculty, students, and volunteers and the ongoing uncertainty regarding travel and public gatherings in both the United States and Austria.
TCM will honor the wishes of the various governments in which we work regarding the restrictions established. Therefore, TCM leadership is extending the decision of providing total online delivery of courses to include Session 5 (June 28, 2020 – July 10, 2020) at Haus Edelweiss as we have done for Sessions 1-4 (March 22, 2020 – June 12, 2020. We will continue to monitor the information provided by Austria and other countries related to our mission and will make future decisions regarding Graduation and Sessions 6 – 9 in a timely manner.
We believe Austria is doing an excellent job with protecting the public.  As the country considers a re-opening plan, leadership there will continue to publish guidelines for re-entry.  It is anticipated that those guidelines will be updated by the end of April. Since it is unknown at this time what those guidelines will look like, moving Session 5 to online completion is the best way to deal with the uncertainty.
Session 5 will be completed via 100% distance education.  This decision will also affect sessions at other mentoring centers however, individual decisions must be made for those centers (i.e. some will need to be delivered 100% on-line, others may proceed as normal, still others rescheduled).
TCM is approved and accredited for 100% of its curriculum to be delivered via distance education.  We have experience with this mode of teaching in our response to other national emergencies.  This is not new to us.  Additionally, we have found that the quality of the education provided is not diminished.
TCM leadership will continue to evaluate the need to continue this distance delivery alternative for future sessions at Haus Edelweiss as well as other mentoring centers.  We understand this decision may cause inconvenience to our students, faculty, staff, and volunteers as well as create additional expense.  However, TCM is committed to serving Christ and His Kingdom no matter the roadblocks that are placed before us.
We are grateful for each of you and thank you for your continued partnership through these uncertain and challenging times.
Yours in Him,
Tony Twist, President & CEO
TCM International Institute

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