Summer is in full swing, and we in Seattle are enjoying the final arrival of several days in a row with beautiful sunshine, flowers in bloom, stunning views of mountains and ocean around us. I joke about the Seattle-ite response to sunshine, where we see office workers downtown flocking to street corners in the middle of the day, to stand with their faces up to the sky in an attempt to capture those precious rays of sunshine. Well this year I have joined them and take every opportunity to raise my face to the sun too!
This summer has also brought some much-needed political victories - locally the most recent "bathroom bill" that attempted again to restrict access to facilities based on assigned gender at birth failed to gain sufficient signatures to make it onto the ballot. What a huge amount of work that resistance required. Thank you to all of you who participated in this very important effort to ensure equitable access to the basic tasks of daily life by all of the members of our LGBTQ community.
Another huge political victory occurred last week as the Senate failed to pass an attempt to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This is also a tremendous relief for all of us at SCS.  We serve hundreds of LGBTQ community members who have gained access to coverage and care directaly because of the benefits afforded by the ACA.  As I've said publicly several times, SCS received the largest number of crisis calls and walk in crisis clients in our history, on the day after the election. A huge part of that crisis, were clients who were very scared that they were about to lose their coverage. Although I'm sure it's not entirely secure at this point, we can breathe more easily that this important law will not be dismantled anytime soon. And again, it was due to grassroots political organizing that ensured that Senators heard concerns about the proposed new law and its debilitating impact on the lives of millions of community members across the country.
So, now it's time to take a deep breath, go outside if we can, enjoy the beauty of nature around us, practice our self care strategies and enjoy the rest of summer. Rest up, so we are ready for the next struggles ahead!
With Gratitude and Solidarity
Ann McGettigan
Executive Director
The following are group meetings hosted by SCS.
For More Information: 206.323.1768
Art Craft Lab: A space for creative expression, self-reflection, & building a supportive community of fellow creative individuals. Each Monday; 5pm – 7pm; Contact Shelby, ext. 137
Communit-T:   A support & resources Group for Trans, Non-Binary, and Gender Queer Young Adults; Drop-ins Welcome, Open to everyone. Every Tuesday; 7pm – 8.30pm; Contact Elizabeth, ext. 121 or Jacqui, ext. 139
Navigating Non-Monogamy: Building Emotional Intelligence & Communication Skills for a Thriving Relationship; Every Tuesday, 6pm 0 7.30pm; Open, drop-in format; Contact Inness, ext. 295 or Bethany, ext. 223.
Thriving and Resisting: We are building community to survive the political moment. Join us to care for ourselves & each other on the 1st Thursday of each month; 6.30pm – 8.30pm; Contact Shelby, ext. 137 or Peter, ext. 117
Voices, Visions, & Extraordinary States: A support group for people to create meaning and develop coping skills for voices, visions, special messages, unusual beliefs, and extreme states of consciousness. 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month; 6pm – 7.30pm. Contact Sage, ext.130

You probably know that your donation will help SCS continue to provide affordable mental health and addiction recovery counseling to the Seattle & King County LGBTQ community. But you may not know that SCS absorbs the cost of many other services such as providing crisis intervention, educational consultations & trainings, outreach and general community support. We are a safety net upon which our community relies when times are tough. 
The following are community-led groups meeting at SCS:
Ingersoll All Trans Support Group: A support group run by Ingersoll Gender Center to support transgender people, genderqueer, trans* and gender variant people and the people who support them; Wednesdays 7pm - 9pm; Call 206.849.7859 for more information.
Q-Law Glbt Legal Clinic The Q-LAW Foundation GLBT Legal Clinic offers a free 30-minute consultation with a volunteer attorney. Attorneys are specially trained to discuss legal issues commonly faced by members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, and welcome all clients regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Clients seeking appointments should call 206-267-7070; T/W/TH from 9:00am-12:00pm.  This is a scheduling line. It is the same line for all Neighborhood Legal Clinic scheduling.  Clients seeking an appointment at the QLAW clinic should specifically request this clinic when asked about their legal issue.
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Transitions At SCS
SCS has to bid a bittersweet farewell to two of our staff members:  Ricardo Gonzalez and Elizabeth Antoon-Walsh.  Ricardo is moving on to Consejo Counseling and Referral Service and Elizabeth is continuing her work in Olympia, WA.  Both have left these thoughts behind:
Seattle Counseling Service has given me immense opportunity to succeed and serve the LGBTQ community! The Immigrant, Refugee, and Undocumented Outreach (IRUO) Program spoke loudly to my own intersectional identity and narrative. I have learned to be proud of who I am through SCS, and how important each and everyone’s voice is.  I am taking with me a deeper commitment to serve the most vulnerable; teach those who want to improve their understandings; and learn from loved ones surrounding my life who have provided generosity and kindness. Thank you SCS --  
After two years and eight months of working as a mental health therapist for SCS, I will be leaving the agency at the end of July.  Working within my community as a mental health therapist was a dream job and felt so aligned with my values of fighting for social justice and engaging in anti-oppression work. I’m thankful to have gotten this job as a new therapist. I’ve learned an incredible amount from my clients and fellow clinicians, SUD staff, peers, and all the hardworking, passionate folks who keep us going. I’ll sincerely miss everyone here at SCS!  
Elizabeth Antoon-Walsh, MSW, LSWAIC
Therapist/Case Manager


Congratulations to our 2016-2017 mental health Interns!!  From the left -- Erica Bacon, Brandon Gibs, Boya Hua, Alexandra Woollcott, [Ann McGettigan], Bethany Cole, Rina Herring, Andrea Johnson, Inness Pryor. We are proud to have had the opportunity to contribute to the growth and accomplishments of these Masters-level students while they have been with us. And we are deeply grateful to them for the therapeutic services they’ve conducted in their individual work with SCS clients and through co-facilitating support groups. Some of the hardest to reach people in our LGBTQ community were served because of the extended reach our Interns made possible. SCS maintains rigorous placement requirements in graduating interns from our program. Our 2016-2017 class has fulfilled these requirements in stellar style.  
Internship placements for the 2017-2018 academic year have been completed.  More information on SCS' Internship Program can be found at
This year proceeds from the Leo Party will aid both SCS and the Imperial Sovereign Court Of Seattle. SCS has been providing the Seattle LGBTQ community with culturally competent behavioral health services for 48 years. We believe that a person’s ability to pay should not prevent them from receiving the care they clinically require. Fund raised at the Leo Party will contribute to the continuity of care we offer. Please come and join us for an evening of fun, laughter, and comradery as we raise funds to benefit the health and welness of the LGBTQ community. 
Tickets are now available online at a discounted pre-event rate of $14.00 for general admission and $38 VIP tickets. VIP tickets include a performer meet and greet, buffet style dinner and surprise gift.  Tickets can be purchased online through Stranger Tickets (linked here) or through the Seattle Counseling Service website here. 
SCS Spotlight on The Art Craft Lab
SCS hosts the Art Craft Lab every Monday evening between 5 and 7pm. We offer a non-judgmental and safe space in which SCS clients can explore their creativity. The Lab is a low-stress environment that invites participants to share, at their comfort level, what their art craft means to them, and to use the making of their art craft as another way to grow self-awareness. Art becomes the vehicle to self-explore and create social relationships. Participants don’t have to be an SCS client to attend. Non- friends are welcomed! The Art Craft Lab is facilitated by SCS therapists with backgrounds and/or credentialing in art therapy. Each meeting has a therapist present to ease the discussion, guide exploration, and provide technical support. Participants often help set the format -- sometimes it is a structured art workshop with participants all working under a uniting theme; other times it is a self-directed journey. For more information on the Lab, contact Shelby at 206.323.1768, ext. 137.
Mike Fitzpatrick, LMFT
Seattle Counseling Service would like to congratulate Mike Fitzpatrick for being selected as the recipient of this year's AAMFT Divisional Contribution Award!  Mike was nominated by the Board of Directors of the Washington Association for Marriage and Family Therapy for this prestigious award.  Mike has a long-standing history of contributing to the supervision and education of MFTs -- he has worked as an adjunct faculty member at Seattle Pacific University, at Pacific Lutheran University, amd in the certification program at Presbyterian Counseling Services. Mike is a long-time supporter of SCS; he served on the Board of Directors between 1997 and 2004 as a member, and a completed term as the Board President. Mike currently provides supervision to SCS clinicians working on becoming licensed. Mike's supervisory contributions while at the Children's Home Society (1991 - 2015) earned him the WAMFT Supervisory of the Year Award in 2005. More recently, Mike has worked with the WAMFT board to define legislative priorities and guide legislative strategy. Mike will receive his award at the AAMFT Annual Conference in Atlanta Georgia in October.  Congratulations Mike!!!
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