Happy Pride Month Everyone!
It’s always our busiest month – June is filled with opportunities for our staff and board members to represent SCS as a variety of events all month long. Please look for our table/booth at Trans Pride June 23rd, Family Pride June 24th, and Pride Fest on June 25th at the Seattle Center.
I love the chance to see folks out there, celebrating and connecting as community. I’m always moved by stories individuals share with me about their experiences with SCS, many of which have changed or saved lives. It’s a wonderful time to recognize the value of cultural humility in doing this work.
I also want to urge you to keep an eye on the Decline to Sign /No on 1552 campaign – yet another possible ballot measure that would have a disastrous effect on the civil rights of our Transgender community members as well as erode the progress we have made as a State around LGBT civil rights. Please stay active and engaged out there!
                                                               With Gratitude and In Solidarity –

Ann McGettigan, Executive Director 
The following are SCS staff-led SCS Group Meetings -
For More Information: 206.323.1768
Art & Craft Lab: A space for creative expression, self-reflection, & building a supportive community of fellow creative individuals. Each Monday; 5pm – 7pm; Contact Shelby, ext. 137
Communit-T:   A support & resources Group for Trans, Non-Binary, and Gender Queer Young Adults; Drop-ins Welcome, Open to everyone. Every Tuesday; 7pm – 8.30pm; Contact Elizabeth, ext. 121 or Jacqui, ext. 139
Navigating Non-Monogamy: Building Emotional Intelligence & Communication Skills for a Thriving Relationship; Every Tuesday, 6pm 0 7.30pm; Open, drop-in format; Contact Inness, ext. 295 or Bethany, ext. 223.
Thriving and Resisting: We are building community to survive the political moment. Join us to care for ourselves & each other on the 1st Thursday of each month; 6.30pm – 8.30pm; Contact Shelby, ext. 137 or Peter, ext. 117
Voices, Visions, & Extraordinary States: A support group for people to create meaning and develop coping skills for voices, visions, special messages, unusual beliefs, and extreme states of consciousness. 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month; 6pm – 7.30pm. Contact Sage, ext.130
You probably know that your donation will help SCS continue to provide affordable mental health and addiction recovery counseling to the Seattle & King County LGBTQ community. But you may not know that SCS absorbs the cost of many other services such as providing crisis intervention, educational consultations & trainings, outreach and general community support. We are a safety net upon which our community relies when times are tough. 
The following are community-led groups meeting at SCS:
Ingersoll All Trans Support Group: A support group run by Ingersoll Gender Center to support transgender people, genderqueer, trans* and gender variant people and the people who support them; Wednesdays 7pm - 9pm; Call 206.849.7859 for more information.
Q-Law Glbt Legal Clinic The Q-LAW Foundation GLBT Legal Clinic offers a free 30-minute consultation with a volunteer attorney. Attorneys are specially trained to discuss legal issues commonly faced by members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, and welcome all clients regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Clients seeking appointments should call 206-267-7070; T/W/TH from 9:00am-12:00pm.  This is a scheduling line. It is the same line for all Neighborhood Legal Clinic scheduling.  Clients seeking an appointment at the QLAW clinic should specifically request this clinic when asked about their legal issue.
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PrideFest 2017!
Together We Rise Mark Your Calendars:
--  June 11 - National Pride March for Love, Equality & Solidarity @ Cal Anderson Park; Rally & march 11.00 - 4pm.
--  June 17 -- Women’s Pride @ Q Nightclub 1426 Broadway; Music Festival from 5.30 – 10pm.
--  June 23 - TransPride – June 23 @ Cal Anderson Park. Gathering at 5pm, March at 6pm
--  June 24 - Family & Queer Youth / PrideFest Capital Hill
Dyke’s March 5pm @ Seattle Com. College
Family Pride 1pm – 7pm for kids & parents, with activities like drag queen storytime & kids' entertainment.
Queer Youth Pride 4-7pm; activities, engagement, & talent produced by and for Queer Youth
PrideFest Capital Hill 12.00pm – 8pm; adult oriented; variety of performances, beer garden, etc.
-- June 25 - Parade & Pridefest @ Seattle Center; 11am – 8.30pm.
For more information on these events and others: seattlepride.org

Have you met the newest members of our team yet??
Starting from the left and going across the front row is:
  • Kevin Nooney, Project PEER
  • Gemma Collins, Mental Health Therapist/Case Manager
  • Kate Paige, Executive Assistant
  • Blair Hill - Mental Health Therapist/Case Manager
Moving again left to right in a jagged pattern is:
  • Terry Jones, Project PEER
  • Darrel Jernigan, Project PEER
  • Coleman Frostad, Mental Health Therapist/Case Manager
  • Mary Beth Lochnicht, Development Director
  • Brian Tacovelli, Project PEER
Project PEER 
Peer Education & Enrichment Resource
Project PEER is a brand new peer led non-medical case management HIV prevention program. PEER targets HIV negative individuals who are not currently connected to community health services. Project PEER is funded through the Washington State Department of Health with the goal of linking individuals to preventative treatment such as PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis). The consumers of PEER must be at a high risk for acquiring HIV through high risk activities such as intravenous drug use and/or having multiple anonymous hook up partners.
We are very excited for this new program and to have these amazing new staff members join our team. The four PEER Support Specialists who have been hired to help run this program are Brian Tacovelli, Terry Jones, Darrel Jernigan, and Kevin Nooney. The Specialists will work part-time in the community providing one-on-one street outreach and assisting Project NEON peer educators at high risk outreach venues. Lindsay Garske is our NEON Outreach Coordinator and will head the development and implementation with Project PEER.  Contact Lindsay at lindsayg@seattlecounseling.org for more information.
IRUO Update
The Immigrant, Refugee, and Undocumented Outreach (IRUO) Program at Seattle Counseling Service (SCS) continues to grow and serve. The mission of the IRUO Program is to understand the needs of individuals with intersectional identities - whether it be in cultural origin, documentation status, race, sexual orientation, or gender expression. We want to remove barriers to care and let everyone know there is a safe place in the community to talk. SCS, through IRUO, addresses linguistic and cultural barriers, provides mental health services, aids in finding housing, helps those wanting to learn English, enables people in how to traverse the city, connects individuals to obtain a job, provides essential supplies, and teaches program participants how to become self-sufficient. Services are free of charge and can be provided in Spanish.
We have an extensive list of community partners and invite other partners who are interested in understanding how to best serve this population. Please be an ally by becoming knowlegable of the issues and the resources available to assist immigrant, refugee and undocumented LGBTQ people. For more information visit www.seattlcounseling.org/iruo. More questions? Contact Ricardo at ricardog@seattlecounseling.org.
And Finally --
Dear Dr. Kang...
This is a new guest column to our SCS Newsletter – Dear Dr. Kang. It started out like this:
“Dear Dr. K, How did you get so awesome”?? Well, that answer could fill another newsletter. In short, and in her own words, she responded:
Since noticing that I’m incredibly talented at giving unsolicited advice, I was asked me to write a “Dear Dr. Kang” Advice Column. We all have moments of trying to make sense of what’s going on around us – and I’m am here to put in my two sense.
Send me your questions. Send them to info@seattlecounseling.org. No names will be used (unless they are creative pseudonyms). Keep in mind the following basic simple truths:
    • I’m no Dan Savage, so the column will probably not have fun pics and/or toy references. For the most part…
    • I’d like to keep it sincere and heartfelt, so no Trumpstyle hatred nor bold face lies. Also, for the most part…
  • Please, please always get a second and third opinion, my opinion is merely the truth, and probably not that helpful as a result.
 Let’s stick with discrete advice and counsel. I’m book smart, and sometimes even great with “common sense.” After attending so many years at the school of hard knocks (histrionic, but a propos) to earn all degrees… I’ll do my best to be helpful in this confusing, shifting land of behavioral health care.
So, ask me questions. I am ready to offer:
  • Discreet advice - This is offering recommendations for and against specific options regarding a single decision.
  • Counsel - This is providing guidelines or a framework for navigating complex or unfamiliar situations.
  • Wisdom - You’ll see!
  • Humor – To get us through the day…
         Signing off -
Dr. Supriya Kang, MD
Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
Seattle Counseling Service Mission Statement:
Seattle Counseling Service is a community resources that advocates, educates, and serves to advance the social well-being and mental health of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community. For more information check us out at http://www.seattlecounseling.org/.
Call us at: 206.323.1768
Or foot it over to: 1216 Pine St., Suite 300, Seattle WA

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