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Kresge Grant to Fund Data for Equity Pilot Program
A grant from The Kresge Foundation will help fund a pilot of NCCD’s new Data for Equity model. Data for Equity was developed to help human services agencies and community-based organizations work toward reducing racial and ethnic disparities by basing their programs and services on data.  

The need for help with data collection and analysis is especially critical for human services organizations that aim to keep people out of the child welfare or juvenile and criminal justice systems. Structural racial disparities pervade these systems, leading to tragic effects on communities of color. In the long term, NCCD believes Data for Equity will help organizations build their own data-driven cultures, ultimately benefitting the organizations, their funders, and the people they serve.
Data for Impact Conference Coming Up
Both NCCD CEO Kathy Park and researcher Colleen Kerwin are slated to speak at the Data for Impact Conference 2018. This annual event, held in Madison, Wisconsin, explores how to collect, use, and visualize data.

Park will present her session, "Can Artificial Intelligence Be Fair?," with Egor Korneev of Ordinal Science. In addition, Kerwin will present a workshop titled “Ethical Analytics: The Good, the Bad, and the Data.” Learn more about the Data for Impact Conference—open to nonprofits, businesses, government organizations, philanthropic organizations with data scientists, social entrepreneurs, civic hackers, and community members—here. This year’s conference takes place August 20. 
NCCD Partners on Project to Study Girls’ Detention Data
NCCD is partnering with the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center in Jacksonville, Florida, to conduct analyses of Florida Department of Juvenile Justice detention data on girls. Results will be used to drive an education campaign for candidates running for statewide office in an effort to make justice-involved girls part of their policy agendas.

The project, which is supported by the Jessie Ball duPont Fund and began in May, will include site visits to juvenile assessment centers to interview staff and girls, analysis of detention data, meetings with candidates, community briefings, and media outreach. After Florida’s statewide election in November, more meetings will take place with newly elected officials, and their policy platforms will be monitored regarding juvenile justice reform. The project will wrap up with a brief based on data analysis and the sharing of findings in multiple formats.
NCCD Blog Features Voices of Youth
Visit NCCD’s website for our new blog series titled “Youth Voices.” As summer internship season winds down, we are featuring blog posts from several NCCD interns, along with a post about judging for this year’s youth media category for NCCD’s Media for a Just Society Awards. Learn more about the series here, and read the first post in the series here. Check back every week for the next month to hear more from the youth who brought energy and fresh perspective to NCCD over the last several months.

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