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NCCD Partners to Keep Youth Out of Jail
NCCD is partnering in a project to find and support students in St. Paul, Minnesota, who are at high risk for delinquency. These students will receive interventions designed to keep them out of the juvenile and criminal justice systems. Individuals and communities both benefit when young people stay out of these systems—and so do taxpayers. The cost of educating a child for one year is $10,258, while the cost to “lock that same child up” is $48,877 per year. Read more about the project in the Star Tribune. For another article on the same topic, click here.

Staff Meet With Makers of Milwaukee 53206
Each year, NCCD presents the Media for a Just Society Awards to authors, filmmakers, and journalists who share compelling stories that further public understanding of complex issues within the criminal justice, juvenile justice, child welfare, and adult protection systems. In April, NCCD staff were honored to meet with Keith McQuirter, director of Milwaukee 53206, and Beverly Walker, who appears in the documentary. Milwaukee 53206 received a 2017 Media for a Just Society Award in the film category. Over dinner, NCCD CEO Kathy Park (left, in photo) recognized McQuirter (center) for his work in drawing attention to the exceptionally high incarceration rate for Black men in one Milwaukee neighborhood. The small group of staff also heard from Walker (right), whose husband is in prison, about her passion to end mass incarceration. Milwaukee 53206 is currently available for viewing at as part of the America ReFramed series.  
Adult Protection Is NCCD Blog Focus
May was designated Older Americans Month by the Administration on Aging 55 years ago to recognize the ways our country’s older adults enrich the lives of others. NCCD is using this month to draw attention to those older adults who are unable to live up to their potential due to abuse, neglect, self-neglect, and financial exploitation and may benefit from adult protective services (APS). Through the rest of the month, we are featuring blog posts that look at the role of APS in keeping older adults safe and how NCCD’s Structured Decision Making® system contributes to those efforts. Visit our website in the coming weeks to read these blog posts; the first blog post is available now.

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