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Kathy ParkA Message From Kathy Park, CEO
I want to wish you and yours the very best of holiday seasons. This has been a turbulent year for this country—and for so many families and communities. I feel privileged and grateful to lead NCCD and more committed than ever to our mission. We cannot take justice for granted. We have to fight for it and for each other.

As 2017 draws to a close, I wish you peace, joy, rest, and renewed spirit to work together toward our common goals of fairness, equity, and justice for all.
Advancing Diversity and Inclusion at NCCD
With support from the Jessie Ball duPont Fund, in 2018 NCCD will work with expert consultants to train management and HR staff in understanding systemic racial injustice and establishing human resources strategies for supporting diversity and inclusion. In addition to helping NCCD take concrete steps toward building an inclusive workplace, the project aims to increase equity in and the effectiveness of NCCD’s work with social service partner agencies—many of which function within or alongside systems with dramatic racial disparities. NCCD instituted an internal Diversity and Inclusion Committee early in 2017. To read NCCD’s series of staff-written blog posts on the topic, click here.
Chris Scharenbroch
Researching System Crossover
Those who work in social services know that clients often are involved in multiple systems. Better and more data are making this system “crossover” clearer, with research demonstrating the connections between these systems. With this information, those working to improve social systems can better understand, for example, how and why children move from the child welfare system to the juvenile justice system. To learn how NCCD uses cross-systems research to, among other things, support the decision-making processes that agencies undertake before they implement programs or intervene with families, visit the NCCD blog. In a recent post, Associate Director of Research Analytics Chris Scharenbroch writes on the topic of social services system crossover.
MJS Awards
Call for Entries: 2018 Media for a Just Society Awards
NCCD is accepting submissions and nominations through the end of this month for its 2018 Media for a Just Society Awards. These awards are the only national recognition of media that further public understanding of criminal justice, juvenile justice, child welfare, and adult protection. We seek stories that illustrate current realities or the promise of reform, especially those that help people understand the complex issues surrounding the nation’s social systems. For more information, click here. To read NCCD’s recent blog series written by 2017 Media for a Just Society Award winners and finalists, click here.

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