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Kathy Park
Better Alternatives to Building New Prisons
In a new blog post on the NCCD website, CEO Kathy Park responds to a proposal by Wisconsin’s Department of Corrections secretary to build more prison units for the state’s growing prison population. Park suggests a number of alternatives to building costly facilities without compromising safety. These alternatives may also lead to better outcomes for system-involved individuals and their families. Read the full blog post here.
MJS Awards
Announcement of Award Winners Coming Soon
NCCD will announce the winners of the 2017 Media for a Just Society Awards mid-November. Check the NCCD website and Twitter for the announcement on Monday, November 13. Every year, NCCD is proud to honor media that shine a spotlight on the darkest areas of our social systems. Additionally, be sure to keep up with NCCD’s blog series, written by Media for a Just Society Award finalists, here.
NCCD Staff Presenting in California and Georgia
NCCD researchers Miguel Becerra, Laya Cooperman, and Liz Harris will be presenting at the California Well-Being Project Annual Meeting on November 14 in Sacramento, California. They will give an overview of data and findings based on the focus groups they facilitated over the summer as part of the Title IV-E Waiver Demonstration California Well-Being Project process evaluation, in which NCCD is a partner.
In December, Kathy Park will be part of the “’First, Do No Harm’ – Applying Predictive Analytics to Human Services” panel at the MetroLab Network Annual Summit in Atlanta, Georgia. The summit, hosted by the City of Atlanta and Georgia Tech, features several sessions focusing on how data science can be used to advance human services. Register for the summit here.

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