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May Is Foster Care Month 
During the month of May, join NCCD in recognizing Foster Care Month. Established in 1988, Foster Care Month brings awareness to the more than 400,000 children and youth in the foster care system in the United States and the thousands of individuals who work to provide them with safe and happy futures. Much of NCCD’s child welfare work is aimed at improving outcomes for young people in foster care. To read about that work, click here.
Raelene Freitag to Present at International Conference
NCCD’s manager of international and special projects, Raelene Freitag, PhD, will present at the International Conference on New Perspectives for Outcome-Based Evaluation and Research on Family and Children’s Services in Hong Kong in September. Her abstract proposal titled “Actuarial Risk Assessment in Child Protection: What It Can Contribute and What It Needs to Be Effective” was recently accepted for the conference. Freitag will be presenting with two colleagues from the field: Eleonora De Michele, a human services consultant from Sydney, Australia, and Tabitha Ong, deputy director in child protection for the Singapore Ministry of Social and Family Development.
New Project Supports Child Welfare Supervisors in New Mexico
NCCD is partnering with Casey Family Programs to develop a framework for supervisors in the New Mexico Children, Youth, and Families Department (CYFD). This framework will help supervisors support staff in their day-to-day work and encourage rigorous, balanced assessment of danger and safety with families.
The project began with a pilot training of the supervisory practice framework in February. Pilot training participants included Cabinet Secretary Monique Jacobson, who leads CYFD. Division Director Francine L. Anaya of CYFD also attended.
In addition, NCCD is working with CYFD to update their Structured Decision Making® safety and risk assessments, including a local risk validation. Together, these strategies are designed to help improve outcomes for vulnerable children and their families in New Mexico.
Pilot training participants are pictured above, along with NCCD project staff Lynnā McPhatter-Harris, Catherine Paradisin, Jess Haven, and Phil Decter.
NCCD promotes just and equitable social systems for individuals, families, and communities through research, public policy, and practice.

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