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Dear Friends & Supporters,

I hope you and your friends and family are keeping well. Whilst we have all missed seeing you face-to-face over the last weeks we want to stay in touch and share how we continue to support families through the current COVID-19 crisis.

We are especially concerned for parents and children trapped in abusive relationships where current restrictions heighten domestic tensions and make accessing support difficult. Welcare staff are in regular contact with all the parents and children we have been working with especially those who attended our MySpace domestic abuse treatment and recovery groups. We remain open for new referrals and continue to work with individual parents and children, albeit through regular phone contact, email and digital channels. 

We are also working to support families struggling financially and emotionally including children in poverty whose home lives are unsettled and filled with anxiety. Welcare staff have distributed supermarket vouchers previously donated by church and community supporters to families known to us and we are now able to purchase more vouchers thanks to the generous response to our appeal.

In the initial phase of the crisis we distributed 39 supermarket vouchers to the value of £820, 14 bags of food and 2 foodbank vouchers and we have increased distribution in the subsequent weeks as we co-ordinate with other local organisations to enable us to target support.

With your help we can buy more vouchers to help families in need. 

Send a letter of hope to a family in need

Please help us provide daily essentials for vulnerable families by forwarding this request to your friends and families through digital channels. Donations can be made directly on the website as well.

We have also set up a dedicated fundraising page on Facebook. 

Facebook Fundraiser

We have collated resources to help families cope with COVID-19 including a range of teaching resources, timetable suggestions, recipes, arts and crafts for children, well-being advice and other helpful websites. Please share with parents or anyone who will find them helpful.

As the Easter season approaches and as a charity proud of our Christian heritage and continuing identity I include a prayer which I hope you will find helpful at this time of challenge and uncertainty.

Loving God,
source of healing and comfort,
fill us with your grace,
that the sick may be made whole,
that those who care for us may be strengthened,
that the anxious may be calmed,
and those most vulnerable be protected
in the power of Spirit
in the faith of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Finally, a big thank you for your continued support. Without you we would not be able to serve families in need in our local community. 

With very best wishes from all the staff and trustees.

Anna Khan, Welcare 
Chief Executive Officer

For those of you who prefer a printable version of our newsletter, you can access this here

Our East Surrey Centre Manager on her way to distribute food parcels to families in need. 
You can help children and young people stay #positive and learn to be #resilient amidst the crisis of our world by sharing our virtual Campaign with parents.
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