"It's all right letting yourself go,
as long as you can get yourself back . . ."
on the dial and listen to Radio K.
- Mick Jagger (Wish him a happy Birthday on Thursday (7/26)
The Radio K Email Release
July 2018
There's Music Everywhere
Yep - Mick Jagger is turning 75 this week, living proof - well - living proof of a lot of things.  Draw your own conclusions people. But one thing is certain, you only have 1 more month to catch Exhibitionism - a massive touring collection of Stones costumes, press clippings, memorabilia, guitars, original art and I don't know what: all celebrating 50+ years of the Rolling Stones. Its last US stop is in Nashville, TN at the Musician's Hall of Fame Museum.  You can tell because this is out front:
The Wall Street Journal calls it "Art, Fashion, Satisfaction".
 The Hit List
What's hot on Radio K
1.  MORMOR - Whatever Comes To Mind
2. HANA VU - Crying on the Subway
3. THE OPHELIAS - General Electric
4. COURTSHIP - Sunroof
5. EARLY EYES - Penelope
6. GORILLAZ - Tranz
7. SNAIL MAIL - Pristine
What's New on
Radio K!?!?
Amazing in-studio performances, that's what.  
Check it out:  https://youtu.be/SHG2AHvr1e4
1,000+ Artists
15 Venues
10 Days
1 Phenomenal Festival
The Fringe:  It's the original binge-watching experience. Except, instead of reruns of 90210, you get actual entertainment and tons of it: laugh, dance, cry, get mad, get silly, agree, disagree, clap, boo and be inspired again and again. 
This is why we live in a city with great art. 
And if you're raising kids in this here city, check out
the brand-new family-fringe stage for amazing theater without an R rating.
Music-ish News:
So - I don't know if you've noticed, but there certainly has been a lot of amazing music played lately and we saw most of it outside.  From Soundset to Northside Festival to Summerfest to Eaux Claires to Pitchfork - we have been dancing and rocking all summer long.  If you missed any of it - like if you have a job or something lame like that - go to www.radiok.org and get caught up -
because Moses Somney does not want you to miss a thing.
Actual NEWS:
Here at the K we get a lot of phone calls: listeners wondering where they can get their Saint Paul Saints tickets, salespeople hawking printer ink, wrong numbers, reporters from the Economist Magazine . .  . oh wait.  That never happens.  Except it did!    Turns out, we here in Minneapolis/Saint Paul aren't the only ones who love REAL college radio, Radio K and the back of former DJ/Studio K Engineer and U of MN Grad Jack's head!  
More Music, More Road Trips
So, Pitchfork is in the rear view and you've already been to Nashville . . . where's a music lover to go? Here are a few music pilgrimages that might not be on your radar.  (If we scrunch up, the K can fit in the overhead)
1.  John Lennon in Havana, Cuba 

     Why it's there:  The Beatles were banned in Cuba in 
     the 60's and 70s, but at some point - Castro decided
     they both he and Lennon were dreamers, and the           statue went up in the year 2000.
2.  Freddie Mercury in Montreux, Switzerland
     Why it's there:  known for its low taxes, Lake
     Geneva location and annual jazz festival, Montreux
     is also home to Mountain Studios where the band             recorded numerous albums.  Today, you can tour it         and double-down on a soft eleven.  There's a casino         on the ground floor.  
3.  Frank Zappa in Vilnius, Lithuania
    Why it's there:  They took down a bust of Lenin and        had to replace it with something.  This is true.  There      was a Frank Zappa fan club and one thing lead to            another - and next thing you know a military band it        playing Frank Zappa hits at the unveiling.
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