June 2019
Dear Friends of The Antioch Partners (TAP),
Real Business as Real Mission
Acronyms can sometimes shroud the real meaning behind the acronym – but that is not true with BAM – Business as Mission.  Every word behind the BAM acronym matters and the words mean exactly what they would mean if they were used alone.  Business as Mission is real business done on an equal footing with real mission.  Real business exists to meet defined goals, the first of which is almost always to make money for the owner and for the business to be sustainable.  Business in the modern era has evolved to include a dimension of care and responsibility to the communities and people served by the business. 
Beyond those, the spiritual goals of a BAM business are highlighted and amplified by the term “mission.” In the Business as Mission context, “mission” means being focused on the spiritual expansion of the Kingdom of God by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Sharing the Gospel might take the form of demonstrating Christian values in the workplace and might also include intentionally speaking of Christ and praying for employees in Christ’s name. The spiritual strategy for each BAM business is highly specific to the context where the business operates and the people and communities that it touches. 
However, unlike “secular” business which might only focus on the financial or even the societal and environmental aspects of the community, a BAM business is committed to transformation of communities and people in financial, environmental, social, and spiritual dimensions all while using the principles of multiplication of wealth to transform people and communities.

Biblical Models, Contemporary Application
Business as Mission is rooted in the biblical accounts of God’s people being placed in challenging situations where they can glorify God in positions of leadership and commerce.  Joseph, Esther, Daniel and his friends and others took positions of leadership and demonstrated exceptional management skills in government and the marketplace that were rooted in Godly principles. 
In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul built and sold tents to support himself so that he would not be a burden to those where he worked while Christian business people generously gave their wealth to build the Church.  While God’s people are always called to live out Christian principles in the workplace, whether as employees for another organization or as small business operators, BAM companies strive to economically transform communities by hiring local employees, paying taxes, using local suppliers, and enriching the economies and favorably representing the countries and communities where they operate. 
Incredible stories of transformed lives exist as a result of Business as Mission.  Many women and children have been given new lives of Christ-filled dignity outside of the sex industry as a result of freedom businesses that are working throughout Asia. 
High tech BAM companies are providing job skills and meaningful employment as suppliers to global aerospace companies while showing the love of Christ to employees who have never heard the name of Christ. 
Agriculture companies are bringing new fruits and their byproducts as well as valuable jobs to regions of the world where modeling Christian ethics in the workplace draws positive attention. There are a growing number of entrepreneurs that are using their business skills, abilities and training to operate thriving, healthy small and medium-sized businesses in the areas of the world which most need to know Christ. 
BAM Matters to TAP
Business as Mission is key focus of The Antioch Partners’ growth strategies.  Christians in the marketplaces of the world make a difference in building the Kingdom of God.  To learn how you can use your skills, talents or resources to support TAP’s effort in BAM contact BAM@TheAntiochPartners.org.
Connecting Mission Leaders Conference
Save October 17-19 to join Presbyterian mission leaders at Hope Church in Richfield, MN for the fifth Connecting Mission Leaders (CML) Conference. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn, meet other mission-minded people, network with friends, and “fill your cup.”
CML brings together mission leaders from ECO, EPC and PCUSA churches. This is a great opportunity for missiological reflection, worship and prayer, building relationships for new collaboration in mission, sharing best practices, and more. CML is an ideal gathering for local church mission leaders (staff, mission committee members, etc.) who are passionate about God’s mission in the world and who want to be more effective mission leaders and mission catalysts in their local church contexts. 
Here’s the link for more information and registration: https://www.theoutreachfoundation.org/connecting-mission-leaders
Serving Christ together,
Tim Dunn
Business as Mission Coordinator, The Antioch Partners


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