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Needham Community Council
May 2020

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The Needham Community Council is a private 501 (C)3 non-profit organization which supports people in Needham who have under-met health, educational or social needs and promotes volunteerism, community,and a sense of shared responsibility.
Thrift Shop 
The Council Thrift Shop continues to remain closed until further notice.
We are unable to accept any clothing, household or other donations at this time. Please hold onto your items until we can safely receive them again!
There is good news though -- you can shop online for some of our great Thrift Shop items on eBay!
All proceeds from the sales will go directly to helping our Needham neighbors. Our first items have all sold out; but, more inventory coming soon!

How Can You Help?

We've received a lot of phone calls and messages from people looking for ways to help the Council during this time. We are so grateful for our community wanting to step up and support us!
As of now, financial donations are the best way to help, and allow us to purchase the food/grocery items we need to keep our Food Pantry running.
Please visit our website for the most up-to-date information on how you can best contribute. 

Follow Us
Our website, Facebook and Instagram pages are the best way to stay up to date with all of the Council happenings.

Officers & Board of Directors


   Margie Margolis
Vice President
   Robert Dermody     
   John Frantz
    Deb Jacob
Lynn Alberding
Kathleen Berner
Bill Concannon
Priscilla Dasse
Diane DerMarderosian
Linda Farley
Mani Iyer
Jonathan Kappel
Eilene Kleiman
Andrew McCollum
Alrie McNiff Daniels
Javad Memarzadeh
Carrie Reddish
Diane Retzky
Mary Richman
How Our Community Is Giving Back
A lot has changed in the past several weeks -- more than most of us were prepared for and/or are comfortable with. One thing that hasn't changed is the resiliency of our organization and the generosity of this community. 
The Council continues to work tirelessly to adapt under the current circumstances to make sure that your neighbors are taken care of.  You, our community, have stepped up in a big way to support people in need during this pandemic. Whether that be creative, pay-it-forward projects or selfless, individual donations, these acts of kindness help ensure that every person in our community has access to food and groceries when they need them most.
"I’m a student and suddenly found myself with a lot of time on my hands and a pickup truck. I know I’m home eating a lot more and I didn’t want any kids in Needham to have to go hungry, so I thought I could help by doing some dump runs and have people donate to the Food Pantry in exchange. I’m glad I can help kids eat like champs."
- Mikey Fanning, Needham
"Like most Needham residents, our lives and routines reached a standstill in March. In shock that our days were changing fast, the idea to stay connected with our community through photographs emerged. It was clear from the onset that (what became) #TheFrontStepsProject should be a fundraiser and that the Needham Community Council was the organization to support. Our goal is to unite the entire Needham community -- something the Needham Community Council has done for 90 years. #TheFrontStepsProject is just one small effort during what we hope is a temporary crisis. But, the love, strength and selflessness that emanates from the Council is a constant resource for our town."
- Kristen Collins & Cara Soulia, Needham
Thank you to everyone for embodying the 'people helping people' spirit with commitment and compassion. Your efforts impact our community for the better!

Working Hard, Working From Home
While the Council building and programs (except the Food Pantry) may be closed/paused, our employees and Board members remain engaged and committed to the work! Here we are in a recent, virtual staff meeting checking in and making sure we are all doing everything we can, including working remotely and social distancing, to keep the Council running. 
We miss seeing you all and can't wait until our doors are open again! Until that day, stay safe and know that we're thinking of you and your families and are so grateful to be in community with you!

Food Pantry News 
Our Food Pantry remains open to Needham residents with financial challenges who need food/grocery assistance during this challenging time. 
We continue to offer pickup for pre-packaged boxes of food and household items twice a week, as well as delivery one day a week for those that aren't able to make it to the Food Pantry. Thanks to the generosity of our communtiy, and your donations, the Food Pantry continues to remain stocked for your neighbors in need. 
If you, or someone you know, is in need of food supplies due to financial challenges, please call us at 781-444-2415.
For more information about how we are currently operating, please click here.

Katsiroubas Cares Boxes
The Council has been purchasing boxes (a mixture of fruits, vegetables and greens) from Katsiroubas so that we can offer fresh produce to our Food Pantry families.
Want to help? Click here to purchase a box to donate to the Council's efforts!
The Council is so fortunate to have such amazing partners during this pandemic who are committed to serving and supporting our community just as much as we are. 

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