March 2018

In This Issue:
Sharing the history of KF and SI: First Person with Amelia Chow
June through August application windows
UC Berkeley's KF Lecture on Buddhism and Divination

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Recordings from Rinpoche's February and March talks are available online.
Vajrayana Buddhism in the Modern World: The Challenges of Maintaining an Authentic Tradition, Berlin
Vajrayana Buddhism in the West: The Challenges and Misunderstandings of Our Times, Lerab Ling Buddhist Centre, France
Buddhism in the West: The Challenges and Misunderstandings of Our Times, Paris
The Future of Buddhism: Challenges and Opportunities in Modern Society, London
New Delhi, India
New Delhi, India

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KF Social Media Updates
Here are a few of the stories we posted this month:
 Take another look at the Tara Altar, which we shared on Chötrul Düchen, the Day of Miracles 
 The KF Story video is now available in Polish 
 Pola’s Flower, a 2016 Akosha Grant recipient, won the 2018 Family Choice Award
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First Person: Amelia Chow 
A Founder of  Siddhartha's Intent and Khyentse Foundation Shares Her Thoughts on the Future of KF and SI

Amelia Chow reflects on her history of service for Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche’s mandala before she enters a long retreat.
As a founder of both Siddhartha’s Intent and Khyentse Foundation, and balancing being an active volunteer in both organizations, Amelia's reflections on the past and aspirations can ground and inspire all of us as we create plans for the future.
All of the essential components to support and promote study and practice in our sangha are done by a small group of volunteers, who offer their talents and time consistently, year after year. This is the spirit of generosity I want to see continued. —Amelia Chow 
KF: How do you think KF and SI could work even better together?
Amelia: With a clear understanding of the vision and mission of the two organizations, people should know that they can wear two hats. I have been in that dual position, I think, the longest. 
KF started because of the need for monastic support. I was the main person working on this following Rinpoche’s directive to bring the monasteries into the 21st century. When we started, the monasteries didn’t have the word "budget" in their vocabulary. They would have a bag of cash, and when it was getting to the bottom, they would inform Rinpoche, “we are running out of money.” They had no idea how they spent it, and had no idea how much they would need in the next year. Somehow, Rinpoche thought an investment banker like me would know how to deal with these things.
Photo: Monk inputs texts.
Important Grant and Scholarship Deadlines
Timing for June Through August Application Windows

KF offers a number of opportunities for individuals and groups to receive funds to further their dharma studies, practice, and activities. 
Each of our grants and scholarships has a one-month application window, twice a year. To help applicants prepare their documentation and plans, we’d like to share the upcoming June through August application windows:
People working to increase dharma activity around the world in creative and long-lasting ways are encouraged to apply. Tell us why your idea would help the dharma flourish. Next grant application window: July 15 – August 15
Support for individuals who wish to practice dharma on retreat, at public teachings, or in other practice environments. Next grant application window: June 15 – July 15
Support for individuals who wish to study the dharma. Next grant application window: June 15 – July 15
UC Berkeley KF Lecture Available
Buddhism and Divination Lecture Online for Streaming 

For the first time, the 2018 KF Lecture is available online. Brandon Dotson, associate professor at Georgetown University, presented "Buddhism and Divination in Tibet," on dice divination.
Dotson presents divination texts found on the Silk Road to show how Buddhism absorbed various divination techniques practiced in 8th to 10th centuries and are still practiced up to the present day. 
Dotson explains how Buddhism is ambivalent toward divination, "sometimes barely tolerating it, and other times making full use of divination as a medium for Buddhist messages." Watch the full lecture, available free, here
 Photo: Professor Brandon Dotson presenting the 2018 UC Berkeley KF Lecture.
 Stay tuned for an overview of the 2017 Khyentse Foundation
annual report.
Grant recipient shares the challenges of recieving 
The biography of Sudatta Anatapindika
Advice from Rinpoche for scholarship and grant applicants 
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