Last week, IAALS and HiiL released the results of our US Justice Needs study, a groundbreaking effort to assess the justice needs of all Americans—of all backgrounds, income levels, and across all regions of the country. This landmark report has been years in the making, and the wealth of data will be used for targeted reforms to improve access to justice nationwide.

We’ve already seen incredible enthusiasm around this research, and we invite you to learn more in the newsletter below. We also hope you’ll join us on September 15 for a special webinar with experts from key justice institutions and perspectives to speak about the study results and its crucial implications for access-to-justice policy in the United States. Our work with the US Justice Needs data is ongoing, with more information and resources coming soon.

David Yellen, CEO
September 2021
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Please note: The Rebuilding Justice Award Dinner has been postponed until Thursday, April 28, 2022.

September 9: Paths to Justice: Learning from this Nationwide Pilot Project—Reducing the Costs and Delays of Civil Litigation

September 15: The US Justice Needs Study: Policy Implications for Access to Justice

October 7: Paths to Justice: Learning from this Nationwide Pilot Project—Ensuring Access to Justice in High-Volume Cases

November 3: Paths to Justice: The Justice Crisis in the United States

November 10: Paths to Justice: The Justice Crisis in the United States—From Data to System Reform

December 15: Paths to Justice: Identifying Barriers to Equity in the Justice System

January 26, 2022: Paths to Justice: The Intersection of Racial Justice and Public Trust and Confidence
Speaking Engagements
Logan Cornett will speak at the Nebraska State Bar Association Diversity Summit on September 22.

Logan Cornett and Zack DeMeola will speak at the 10th Annual International Conference of Legal Regulators on September 28. 
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