Hopefully by now we all agree: research and evaluation are critical to understanding the efficacy of efforts to reform how we regulate the delivery of legal services. Data will tell us whether we are achieving our goals. It is the bedrock of evidence-based reform.

That said, these data-gathering efforts are not without their difficulties. One challenge we encountered early on with our evaluation in Utah is coordination across the several research teams all working to answer vital questions about the implemented regulatory reforms. To address this challenge, the separate research teams have formed a formal collaboratory: the Law of Law Center, housed at the University of Utah. As our mission states, the Law of Law Center "seeks to promote research and programmatic output that is accessible and valuable to policymakers, courts, bar associations, and other stakeholders." The center will operate as the hub for research and evaluation efforts in Utah and beyond—and will facilitate connection and coordination across research teams, which is proving to be crucial to the success of our evidence-gathering efforts.
Logan Cornett, Director of Research
August 2021
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As regular readers of this newsletter will know, regulatory reform is gaining momentum in the U.S. and Canada, somewhat following the lead—at least I like to think so!—from my side of the Atlantic. As the pace picks up, here are some 'anchor points' for moving forward: reconnect regulation to Law's Purpose (serving the public interest); in regulating legal services, make sure the focus is on how those who are served are affected rather than on those who are servingotherwise we are looking through the wrong end of the telescope; don't forget the potential of law tech to change things for the better (for everyone); and don't make improved access to justice a precondition of success in regulatory reform (it's a consequence, not a purpose).
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    in the Future of the American Legal System

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